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(18:04:08) lauram: Hi Paula. Welcome. You are signed up for the tapped in session for 6 to 6:30
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(18:08:17) lhouf: Hi everyone
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(19:17:28) sgatz: Tonight--we need to take a look at the rubric that was created for the Journal.
(19:18:50) sgatz: As I was saying, we need to look at the rubric for the journals you are writing.
(19:19:00) sgatz: Go to the homepage for the class. Let me know when you are there.
(19:19:12) kmorrow: there
(19:19:15) lhouf: I'm there
(19:19:59) sgatz: Look on the left side of the page and you will see a link for the Project Journal Rubic.
(19:20:16) kmorrow: got it
(19:20:20) sgatz: Click on it and take a look at the rubric. Read through it and then we will talk about it.
(19:20:32) ppeterso: there
(19:21:49) sgatz: Notice that not all of the category descriptors are completed. Some of the items just couldn't be sliced any thinner.
(19:22:04) kmorrow: yes
(19:22:19) ppeterso: okay
(19:22:23) lhouf: ok
(19:22:54) sgatz: How does the rubric look to you? Is there any category that doesn't make sense or that you feel needs to be changed?
(19:23:08) lhouf: I think it looks great
(19:23:18) ppeterso: It tells you what you need
(19:23:21) kmorrow: fine with me
(19:24:47) sgatz: Ok--then I am going to let you do a task that the others will do at the end of the night tonight. Go to the bulletin board option in the navigation bar on our home page. Click on it and you will get to the bulleting board. Go to the reflections section and you will be asked to make a reflection about Tapped In. You can do that now wh
(19:25:01) sgatz: You can do that now while we are waiting for the others to have their tour.
(19:25:24) sgatz: You will see the spot to put your reflection.
(19:25:36) ppeterso: did that this afternoon
(19:25:44) ppeterso: do you want me to add moe
(19:25:50) sgatz: The reflection for Tapped In?
(19:25:53) ppeterso: re
(19:26:20) ppeterso: Yes, because I surfed it quite a bit this past week after I signed up for it.
(19:26:51) sgatz: Great, then you will get a chance to read some of the responses of your peers.
(19:26:54) ppeterso: I even found some information on brain development that I shared with a class member
(19:27:21) ppeterso: I think Tapped in has a lot of information
(19:27:36) kmorrow: after we click bboard what do we click next?
(19:27:50) sgatz: Reflections
(19:28:08) sgatz: Then scroll down to the bottom of the choices and you will see a reflection about Tapped In
(19:28:26) kmorrow: got it
(19:28:30) lhouf: Are there prompts we are supposed to answer? Mine is blank where it looks like prompts might be.
(19:29:13) sgatz: How might you use it? How might it help you with your projects? How. . .
(19:29:21) sgatz: might you use this tool as a professional?
(19:29:30) lhouf: ok
(19:29:43) sgatz: What were your reactions to it?
(19:31:04) ppeterso: There are lots of people out there sharing lots of information about a great deal of topics that we are teaching. The trick is to find the people who have suggestions to help us with out units of study
(19:31:42) sgatz: sometimes the suggestions they have are generic enough to match your needs.
(19:31:56) sgatz: The ideas can be tailored to meet your needs.
(19:32:37) ppeterso: With school during the day and many of us doing classes at night we don't always get a chance to speak with colleagues this forum makes that possible
(19:33:32) sgatz: Yes it does. It does so conveniently too as some of us are night owls --some of us like early morning sessions.
(19:33:49) ppeterso: There is always something going--even if it isn't a topic you are teaching there is plenty to learn from others. I like sharing ideas with other teachers
(19:34:20) sgatz: The joy in that Paula, is that you can do it when you want to. . . not when you have to.
(19:34:43) sgatz: Are you finished with your reflections Kristin and Lynn?
(19:34:47) kmorrow: yes
(19:35:06) lhouf: just finished
(19:35:26) ppeterso: I used to be skitterish of chat rooms, but linc and tapped in have made me much less reticent
(19:35:38) sgatz: I want to remind you all of a couple of things. Next week you have to have your journal entries up to date because, during class, we all will be looking at them and postings some WOWs.
(19:36:05) lhouf: ok
(19:36:08) kmorrow: ok
(19:36:25) sgatz: For the Nov. 21st session you will be posting the artifacts you have from your students in the bulletin board as well . . .
(19:36:30) sgatz: so keep collecting them.
(19:36:47) sgatz: Do you have any questions for me?
(19:36:55) kmorrow: how do we post them the artifacts?
(19:37:44) sgatz: Good question. Let me get the specifics on that and email them to you this week. . .
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(19:37:58) lhouf: I know I am behind on my journal reflections. Sometimes we are doing the exact same thing day to day. Students are working in their groups and researching. I don't have many successes or challenges. Do I need to do reflections every day still?
(19:38:03) ppeterso: Could you send me the info too
(19:38:35) lhouf: Overall I have successes and failures, but not new each day at this point in the project.
(19:38:42) sgatz: Lynn--you can talk about the comments the kids are making, the questions they try to answer to guide their learning, . .
(19:39:04) sgatz: the probing or redirecting you might need to do as the facilitator.
(19:39:07) sgatz: Does that help?
(19:39:21) lhouf: yes.
(19:39:49) sgatz: Maybe it will be about something you might change next time. . . or something that worked better than you thought it would.
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(19:40:08) sgatz: Remember, the journal entries will help with the Future Action Plan. They are your notes.
(19:40:18) sgatz: Go ahead and move to your breakout group.
(19:40:29) lhouf: ok, it just is sometimes hard to come up with a whole reflection that answers the prompts when they are doing the same things every day.
(19:40:29) sgatz: If you don't know where to go let me know.
(19:40:33) lhouf: Thanks for the help
(19:40:47) sgatz: Anytime--I will email you the answer to Krisitin's question.
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(19:42:06) sgatz: Hi everyone. Do you feel like you are floating in cyber space tonight?
(19:42:23) lhopkins: Yes, but that was very cool
(19:42:35) Pam: Agreed
(19:42:38) sgatz: I hope you saw lots of potential
(19:42:39) ppeterso: lost in space for me
(19:42:44) jschwarz: look at all we can tal;k to from home
(19:42:49) sgatz: It will get better, Paula.
(19:42:58) sgatz: Right, Justine.
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(19:43:16) ppeterso: Thank goodness I spent so much time before on Tapped in or I wouldn't know about it
(19:43:20) sgatz: Tonight we need to focus on scaffolding, facilitating, and time management.
(19:43:40) lhopkins: time management...there's a topic
(19:43:42) sgatz: I would like to start with any questions that you have first. So--what's on your minds?
(19:44:02) ppeterso: Time management
(19:44:09) jschwarz: i never know how much time to allow
(19:44:32) ppeterso: I'm with you on that one
(19:44:35) efishman: My topic is taking so long to get to the solution, some kids are excited others overwhelmed
(19:44:47) sgatz: Are you asking about Teacher Time Management, Student Time Management, or Pacing?
(19:45:01) jschwarz: pacing and student
(19:45:09) ppeterso: same with me
(19:46:07) sgatz: Go to this link and let me know when you are there.
(19:46:20) lhopkins: there
(19:46:22) ppeterso: there
(19:46:22) Pam: There
(19:46:32) jschwarz: there
(19:46:57) efishman: there
(19:47:24) sgatz: Read through some of the ideas presented here and see if there is something that will help you.
(19:48:24) ppeterso: 'The design idea book sounds like an interesting way to help students organize their info
(19:49:55) jschwarz: there seems to be lots.. now comes teachers management-time to read
(19:50:14) sgatz: Pay particular attention to the student reflections. How can they be 'the key' to helping you with the pacing?
(19:50:17) ppeterso: There sure are a lot of guides from the lessons to technology
(19:50:38) sgatz: Yes--resources are numerous.
(19:51:01) jschwarz: oooh i like those questions
(19:51:20) lhopkins: Where do you see student reflections?
(19:52:01) efishman: i like d that one
(19:52:01) sgatz: In the assessment section.
(19:53:12) sgatz: When students are reflecting on what they did, how they did it, and what they need to do next it not only paces them but gives you a clue as to what they need next. . . as far as a mini lesson or small group lesson to keep them learning and not feel overwhelmed.
(19:53:53) jschwarz: you are right and that is one reason that reflection is important...
(19:54:09) jschwarz: it keeps the students toward the goal and the steps to get there
(19:54:28) sgatz: Notice how they break the reflections down into categories--student direction, collaboration, audience, etc.
(19:55:07) ppeterso: That was helpful
(19:55:13) sgatz: How do you see this kind of tool helping with your class management?
(19:56:00) jschwarz: it keeps he students accountable
(19:56:13) Pam: It gives me a much better tool for tracking student progress
(19:56:20) sgatz: Yes, it does Justine.
(19:56:23) efishman: Looks good
(19:56:27) sgatz: Pam--right on!
(19:56:49) sgatz: Do you have a tool in place now that will let you know when your students are lost or need help?
(19:57:00) Pam: absolutely
(19:57:20) efishman: a tool- no just conferencing
(19:57:28) sgatz: Take a look at this website Let me know when you are there.
(19:57:39) ppeterso: I rethere
(19:57:44) jschwarz: reflections, but i need more detailed info like the one provided
(19:57:57) lhopkins: there
(19:58:01) jschwarz: there
(19:58:06) Pam: there
(19:58:12) efishman: there
(19:58:37) sgatz: Read through this site written by Jamie Mackenzie and think about what he is saying about scaffolding.
(20:01:32) sgatz: Are you finding anything that you might use in your project now or the next time you use it?
(20:01:58) jschwarz: i found things to confirm how i teach
(20:02:12) Pam: Jamie presents a great argument. I need time to go over the links.
(20:02:47) ppeterso: This is excellent way to help limit digressions
(20:02:51) efishman: I wento one of the links and it semed like a choice is available but not an engaged learning project
(20:03:09) sgatz: Good--on both of your comments. He has lots of ways to provide that "just in time" helpfor kids to keep them fueled and progressing.
(20:03:38) sgatz: As with all sites, you will have to pick and choose based on your needs. Ellen you are right. . .some sites will be too directed.
(20:03:47) sgatz: But, some of his ideas will help you , too.
(20:03:58) efishman: okay
(20:04:14) ppeterso: I like the hook in the explorers unit
(20:04:36) sgatz: Does it allow for student direction?
(20:05:40) efishman: two of the links are gone
(20:06:05) efishman: technology doesn't seem to be my friend tonight
(20:06:22) sgatz: Look at how that example is broken down. It kind of 'chunks' the project for the kids. Some groups of learners need that tool.
(20:06:52) ppeterso: yes, they get to decide where they want to go on their trip-
(20:07:20) sgatz: Ellen--sometimes projects have links that are outdated. Don't think it is you. The second project on the list is no longer posted to see.
(20:07:57) sgatz: There is scaffolding in this project. Students who need more guidance, have it. Students who can do it on their own, can.
(20:08:21) sgatz: I think tools like we see here might help you meet the needs of the kids in your classrooms.
(20:08:43) sgatz: Are you getting any ideas from reading these pages?
(20:08:56) ppeterso: some
(20:09:06) Pam: yes
(20:09:13) jschwarz: yes
(20:10:01) sgatz: Our goal in this breakout is to show you lots of ideas and sites that address your concerns. Then you can take those ideas and make them your own for your project.
(20:10:13) sgatz: Do you still have unanswered questions that we can talk about?
(20:10:30) efishman: none here
(20:10:33) jschwarz: no, i am squared away
(20:10:39) lhopkins: I'm good
(20:10:47) sgatz: Are your brains fried after tonight?
(20:10:50) Pam: no, i've got much to work on.
(20:11:04) jschwarz: yes, but before i got here
(20:11:21) ppeterso: no I haven't questions right now
(20:11:21) efishman: si
(20:11:23) sgatz: Okay--then I am going to let you go. Please remember that you will need to post a reflection about Tapped In . . .
(20:11:23) lhopkins: very much so
(20:11:37) jschwarz: thanks-bye
(20:11:37) sgatz: It is in the reflections section of the bulletin board.
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(20:11:48) efishman: bye, have a great week everyone
(20:11:49) sgatz: Do so before next week.
(20:11:54) sgatz: Have a good week everyone.
(20:11:57) lhopkins: Thanks bye
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(20:12:02) sgatz: Thanks for your patience tonight.
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(20:14:27) ppeterso: Good Night
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