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(17:51:53) linc3
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(17:57:51) Chris: Hi are things?
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(17:58:03) Luann: Crazy...
(17:58:10) Luann: I had conferences until 5:37pm
(17:58:28) Chris: Oh wow!
(17:58:39) Chris: and you made it on time!
(17:58:44) Luann: Good thing I am only 5 minutes a way. I am eating while we talk
(17:59:03) Chris: That's one advantage of an online class!
(17:59:20) Luann: It certainly is Ollie
(17:59:25) Chris: I am in Albuquerque....that is another nice thing about an online class.
(18:01:00) Chris: Hi are things going for you?
(18:01:52) Chris: I am here to help out our son...they just had their second baby!
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(18:02:19) Luann: Congrats Grandma
(18:02:59) Luann: Hi Pam and Sue
(18:03:41) Luann: Are we waiting for Amy tonight?
(18:03:51) Chris: No...we will get going...
(18:03:59) Chris: Did you all sign up for Tapped In?
(18:04:04) Luann: yes
(18:04:04) Pam: yes
(18:04:12) Chris: Sue?
(18:04:26) smcnicho: yes
(18:04:44) Chris: Great! How many of you have heard of it before?
(18:04:55) Luann: not me
(18:05:00) smcnicho: not me
(18:05:01) Pam: not me
(18:05:15) Chris: That's will find it very interesting.
(18:05:32) Pam: They seemed very helpful last night.
(18:05:32) Chris: We are scheduled to go at 6:30...
(18:05:47) Chris: Did you have problems?
(18:05:54) Luann: They were very friendly this morning also
(18:06:03) Luann: no
(18:06:05) smcnicho: no problems
(18:06:11) Chris: Good
(18:06:13) Pam: No, They were very willing to help right when you signed in.
(18:06:36) Chris: We have a couple of things to do before 6:30...
(18:06:41) Pam: ok
(18:07:17) Chris: We need to look at the final rubric for journals...
(18:07:59) Chris:
(18:08:14) Chris: Can you go take a look and then come back here
(18:08:30) Luann: ok...I'll open a 2nd screen
(18:09:22) Luann: ok, I'm there
(18:10:11) Chris: The one on Journal entries was streamlined as it seemed easier to say that ...
(18:10:25) Chris: they either did reflect the prompts or did not
(18:10:33) Chris: Does that make sense to you guys?
(18:10:37) smcnicho: it looks fine to me
(18:10:45) Pam: yes
(18:11:23) Chris: OK
(18:11:49) Luann: Looks good...Can we redo some of our journal entries to make sure we meet the rubric?
(18:12:11) Chris: Sure.....just don't loose the content you already did!
(18:12:19) Luann: ok
(18:12:21) Chris: But you can add to your journal entries
(18:13:58) Chris: So is everyone OK with the rubric?
(18:14:16) Luann: sure
(18:14:17) Pam: Yes
(18:14:18) Chris: Any questions or is the time to speak up :-)
(18:14:44) Luann: no I think I'm good
(18:15:05) Chris: How about you Pam and you Sue?
(18:15:12) smcnicho: Explain Best use of Tech, please
(18:15:30) Pam: Good question, Sue
(18:16:01) Chris: The Best Use of Technology is explained on the website.....
(18:16:06) aturkot [] entered the room.
(18:16:18) aturkot: hello... sorry my conference ran late
(18:16:21) Chris: it basically means that you are using technology in the appropriate way...
(18:16:36) Chris: such as emailing experts for knowledge...
(18:16:54) Luann: Amy, scan up and see the website for the on it and look at it...that's what we are doing
(18:17:00) Chris: exchanging ideas with other students outside your classroom via emails or teleconferencing.
(18:17:16) aturkot: thanks luann
(18:17:18) Chris: And example of NOT the best use of technology would be for your students
(18:17:39) Chris: to email one another.....they can just talk with one another and not use tech for that
(18:18:02) Chris: That is a quick and dirty explanation of it.
(18:18:07) aturkot: what about emailing other classes not in our own school
(18:18:09) Chris: Does that ring a bell
(18:18:28) Chris: Amy....that would be a Best Use of Tech....what you want to do
(18:19:25) Luann: The only way we can do that is through our teacher emails
(18:19:55) aturkot: yes that is the pain.. I tried to get an email account for my project and they didn't let me get one
(18:19:56) smcnicho: Yes, I remember. Our students cannot email from school, either.
(18:20:06) Chris: If you need a refresher, look at:
(18:20:07) Chris:
(18:20:29) Chris: Bookmark that page as it helps with understanding the EL elements
(18:21:11) Chris: That is a bummer Amy!
(18:23:14) aturkot: what I ended up doing was using my home account with AOL
(18:23:28) aturkot: the kids typed it up with help from a parent and then I sent it
(18:23:48) Chris: What was their reaction when they got a reply?
(18:23:58) aturkot: we haven't yet
(18:24:05) aturkot: I need to send a reminder email tonightj
(18:24:18) Chris: No rest for the teacher!
(18:24:33) aturkot: nope one thing after another with report cards and conference
(18:25:11) Chris: How is the journaling going with all of you?
(18:25:29) aturkot: I typed some more in and it didn't show up... did I do something wrong????j
(18:25:41) Luann: Journaling, what journaling.....just kidding
(18:25:48) aturkot: sorry about the j at the end... my finger keeps hitting it :)
(18:26:00) Pam: Not bad. After seeing the rubric again, though, I have some revising to do.
(18:26:29) Chris: Remember Amy, that after you type you have to submit the post or it doesn't register
(18:26:33) Luann: Agreed, have to go back and make sure I met my criteria for the rubric
(18:26:47) smcnicho: I could revisit my reflections, also.
(18:27:04) aturkot: I did save it in word just in case I will try it again.... I too need to go back and check my journals
(18:27:06) Chris: Be sure to get your journal postings up to date as next week...
(18:27:15) Chris: we will be looking at people's journals and posting W
(18:27:24) Chris: WOWS during chat
(18:27:34) aturkot: I will try it again tomorrow at school
(18:27:54) Chris: If you have trouble, let me know and I will look into it.
(18:28:01) aturkot: okay thanks
(18:28:02) Luann: Great....pick the busiest week to do it. Guess I'll be working over the weekend
(18:28:39) Luann: Don't mind me...just a little tired and crabby tonight and feel like complaining
(18:28:56) Chris: You don't have to have them finished....just have some posts so others can read something
(18:29:24) Luann: ok, I do have some posted
(18:29:40) Chris: We plan on giving you some free work time in the upcoming weeks as well.
(18:29:41) Luann: Is it about time for our tour?
(18:29:49) Chris: Yes it is.
(18:30:16) Chris: Hold up until we get the OK
(18:30:20) lauram: Hi. The tour is continuing longer than expected. Wer'e going to need an extra 15 min
(18:30:23) Chris: they are having some difficulties
(18:30:46) Chris: OK....there is our answer!
(18:31:10) Chris: That gives me time to ask one more question....
(18:31:24) Chris: Have you been able to gather any artifacts yet?
(18:31:24) aturkot: okay I have a question... why does it say that I haven't started my project journal when I have?
(18:31:42) Chris: Say where?
(18:31:48) aturkot: I have kept samples of my students work
(18:32:02) aturkot: it says on the assigment page... I noticed it at work
(18:32:08) Chris: Great can use those
(18:32:37) Chris: I will look into it.....we take turns doing the assignment done page....
(18:32:42) Luann: So far I have 2 rubrics and data sheets from the names and dates on the tombstones
(18:32:57) Chris: Those sound good too Luann
(18:33:18) smcnicho: Luann, that reminds me...
(18:33:18) Chris: Amy....I will let you know tomorrow what I find out.
(18:33:22) aturkot: thanks
(18:33:45) smcnicho: Are you a member of NSTA? If so did you see the current issue of Scope?
(18:34:32) Luann: Not a member Sue
(18:34:56) smcnicho: Scope is the middle school magazine published by NSTA...
(18:35:26) smcnicho: and the current issue had an article on using headstones and cemetaries in the science class.
(18:35:46) smcnicho: I can send you a copy by mail or fax, if you'd like.
(18:35:47) Luann: Cool...can I get a copy of the article somewhere
(18:36:03) Chris: That's fantastic!
(18:36:33) smcnicho: What is the school address or fax?
(18:36:34) Luann: I'm having my husband get my fax number at school
(18:37:19) Luann: Let me go to the website and get it
(18:37:30) Chris: Maybe Luann can write an article about her project when she is done :-)
(18:37:44) Luann: Let's not get carried away Chris
(18:38:24) aturkot: I think that it is a great idea :)
(18:38:35) Luann: Then you can do one also Amy
(18:39:15) Chris: I would think that each of you have a project that would be of interest to other teachers.....
(18:39:16) smcnicho: The first part has to do with the science of weathering of the headstones...
(18:39:20) Chris: you should each write one
(18:39:51) Luann: OK fax # 847-608-2746 Highland School, Elgin
(18:40:23) Luann: I do have my web page done and have starte to post things. I should have it up and running by Frid.
(18:40:27) smcnicho: and the 2nd part deals with the historical aspects.
(18:40:56) Chris: both those sound like elements of Luann's project
(18:41:05) Luann: We are looking and the weathering, but more the historical aspects
(18:41:15) smcnicho: I'll send this to you tomorrow.
(18:41:30) Luann: Great Thanks Sue:)
(18:41:47) smcnicho: Call my school if you don't get it. 708-952-3255 Liberty JH
(18:41:55) Luann: ok
(18:42:25) Chris: How much longer do you think your projects will run?
(18:42:50) aturkot: 2-3 weeks at most
(18:43:04) aturkot: it depends how much technology time I can get
(18:43:17) Luann: 2-3 weeks unless we have trouble finding info.
(18:43:24) Chris: Good...that comes right in on time....both of you
(18:43:29) Chris: How about you Pam?
(18:43:34) smcnicho: The research and presentation part will be done tomorrow. But my online part hasn't started yet.
(18:43:58) Chris: You have time Sue
(18:44:07) Pam: Mine should be finished next week, as long as I can get tech time.
(18:44:12) Luann: What if I don't finish for 4 weeks?
(18:44:33) Chris: Don't worry about can still do all you need to do for the course...
(18:44:44) Chris: without finishing the project.
(18:44:51) Luann: I'm not sure we will have our final project for the museum done by then
(18:44:52) Chris: You will be close enough to the finish time
(18:46:36) Chris: Ok...guess it is our turn to head to Tapped In
(18:46:53) Chris:
(18:46:56) Chris: and log in
(18:47:08) Chris: the tour guide should meet us in the lobby
(18:50:25) Chris: After you sign in, you need to go to Tapped In Reception
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(18:54:16) aturkot: chris tell me where to go... I got kicked out of tapped in
(18:54:48) aturkot: never mind I got there
(18:56:05) ppeterso left the room.
(18:59:31) Chris: Good!
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(19:05:39) spiltave [] entered the room.
(19:05:43) bfolan: am I in the right place?
(19:06:02) Chris: don't think so....
(19:06:16) Chris: You should go to homeroom or stay in Tapped In
(19:06:25) spiltave: If this is student accountability we are Barb
(19:06:32) bfolan: Thanks. The schedule is not correct
(19:06:41) aturkot: I don't get what we are doing in there
(19:06:54) spiltave: If we are sent somewhere else thae schedule is wrong.
(19:07:04) spiltave: It said room three was accountability
(19:07:20) bfolan: Is now homeroom time?
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(19:08:08) Chris: Things have been backed up because of troubles with Tapped IN
(19:08:39) aturkot: Chris why won't it let me type in the tapped in
(19:08:54) Chris: Are you using Internet Explorer?
(19:08:57) aturkot: yes
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(19:10:55) Luann: amy, are you in the bottom screen under the room?
(19:11:12) aturkot: yes I am there...
(19:11:26) Luann: can you type at all or just not send
(19:11:45) aturkot: I can type
(19:12:12) Luann: if enter button doesn't work try Say button at the right
(19:13:53) aturkot: I can hit say now I think
(19:16:29) Chris: Stephen and Sharon's groups are meeting in your homerooms now until 7:30
(19:38:02) Luann left the room.
(19:39:10) Chris: Hi folks, this is the breakout for Facilitating Internet sites & student accountability
(19:39:15) aturkot: I found that to be confusing
(19:39:32) Chris: We should have Rachel, Kristen, Amy T, Ken and Susan P
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(19:39:53) Chris: Did you read the articles about Tapped In from the Assignment page Amy?
(19:40:18) aturkot: yes I did but for some reason I couldn't type... it wouldn't let me hit enter or say
(19:40:32) Chris: Were you using Explorer?
(19:40:35) aturkot: yes
(19:40:37) smcnicho left the room.
(19:40:50) Chris: What system do you have?
(19:41:09) aturkot: XP
(19:41:21) kmorrow [] entered the room.
(19:41:24) Chris: Should have does require Java
(19:41:48) aturkot: I could see everything I just couldn't send anything... it worked a few times and then that was it
(19:41:49) Chris: you might want to make sure Java was enabled in your Explorer
(19:42:01) spiltave [] entered the room.
(19:42:13) Chris: Then I can see why you would have found it confusing.
(19:42:43) aturkot: oh well better luck next time
(19:43:06) Chris: Sorry you had a frustrating experience....Tapped In is a great resource
(19:43:07) bfolan [] entered the room.
(19:43:16) Chris: Well, we must move on...
(19:43:30) bfolan: am i finally in the right place
(19:43:39) Chris: We should have Rachel, Kristen, Amy T, Ken and Susan P
(19:43:44) Chris: I see Amy
(19:43:49) Chris: I see Kristen
(19:44:01) Chris: Who is bfolan?
(19:44:09) bfolan: barb
(19:44:37) Chris: Ok, then Barb is here
(19:44:50) bfolan: yes I am;)
(19:44:55) Chris: who is splitwave?
(19:45:01) spiltave: I am Sue
(19:45:06) Chris: Sue!
(19:45:36) rbernste [] entered the room.
(19:45:57) Chris: We are missing Rachel and Ken
(19:46:01) rbernste: I am here
(19:46:12) Chris: Ah...there you are!
(19:46:26) spiltave: Hi Rachel
(19:47:07) Chris: We are here to discuss facilitating Internet sites and student accountability
(19:47:25) Chris: Anyone have a particular question regarding this topic?
(19:47:44) bfolan: How to keep all students ...
(19:47:52) bfolan: contributing to the project...
(19:48:01) bfolan: you know there is always a slacker
(19:48:31) Chris: Anyone have any ideas to this problem?
(19:48:51) aturkot: if you are doing groups could you do group evaluations
(19:48:54) rbernste: I have an information gathering tool...
(19:49:18) rbernste: each group fills it out at the end of their time in the computer lab...
(19:49:38) rbernste: It helps me know what they are doing and if they need help
(19:49:57) kmorrow: good idea
(19:50:36) Chris: Having students do team evaluations as you go along with your project is another useful tool...
(19:50:58) Chris: It lets kids know that they will be evaluated not only by you the teacher but by their peers as well.
(19:51:13) rbernste: I do that as well
(19:51:25) rbernste: they discuss how well thjey are working together
(19:51:44) spiltave: I am not so concerned about slackers, but really having them focus on the task
(19:52:00) spiltave: They seem to wander and be unable to get to work
(19:52:31) aturkot: I have the same problem of focusing them
(19:52:47) aturkot: sometimes they see other things online and then go off to that site...
(19:52:56) aturkot: which is not what they are to be looking at
(19:53:27) Chris: Many teachers use a tool that has the students journal where they have been on the internet and what they found there
(19:53:51) Chris: Sometimes, students find valuable sites that they share with other classmates
(19:54:03) bfolan: THAT IS TRUE
(19:54:11) kmorrow: the sharing will keep them on task...
(19:54:15) rbernste: The information gathering tool is collected at the end of the period and given a grade (not for the grade book but to keep them working). THis way I know they are accomplishing something
(19:54:30) Chris: Another idea that was brought up by someone in our class was the use of To Do lists
(19:54:33) kmorrow: if they know they are responsible for making recommendations
(19:54:45) Chris: Where the groups assigned what was to be done by whom for the day...
(19:55:00) Chris: and then reflected on that list at the end of the day inorder to make one for the next day.
(19:55:16) Chris: I thought that had a lot of potential for all grades.
(19:55:22) Chris: What do you think?
(19:55:36) aturkot: since I have primary students I have them share what they did for the day.. .like a quick touchback to the class
(19:55:44) bfolan: My students did create a rubric for the project...
(19:55:56) kmorrow: mine journal progress
(19:56:10) bfolan: and one of the indicators is that they all contribute to the project
(19:56:22) spiltave: These are great ideas. Iguess like everything, you need to put a lot of time and effort in and the beginning for a payoff in the end.
(19:56:32) rbernste: I like the task list...that would keep them on tract.../
(19:56:58) rbernste: you can also let them have 5 min at the end to do what they want on the computer...sort of free time.
(19:57:02) Chris: It helps to be able to talk about these problems with other teachers....
(19:57:07) Chris: so many good ideas!
(19:57:54) Chris: Any other problems you want to bring up concerning this issue?
(19:58:47) spiltave: no
(19:58:49) Chris: Everyone is so quiet now :)
(19:58:51) kmorrow: no
(19:59:04) aturkot: no questions
(19:59:06) spiltave: we are very tired.
(19:59:11) bfolan: yes
(19:59:15) Chris: I did want to share with you a URL that addressed the issue of evaluating websites.
(19:59:20) kmorrow: tapped in took all of my patience!
(19:59:22) spiltave: great
(19:59:30) Chris: This is worth the wait.
(19:59:31) kmorrow: sounds good
(19:59:32) bfolan: i hear ya
(20:00:00) Chris: It is simple enough for younger kids to understand but also covers everything the older ones should know.
(20:00:15) Chris: Take a quick look at it and tell me what you think
(20:00:27) Chris:
(20:01:17) bfolan: I am there
(20:01:24) spiltave: i've got it
(20:01:29) rbernste: i am here
(20:01:35) aturkot: i'm there
(20:01:55) Chris: This is something you could do as a class, or teams
(20:02:08) Chris: Clicking on the question brings up the answer
(20:02:20) Chris: There is also an online quiz and help for teachers
(20:02:29) lauram: with nice cartoons to boot!
(20:02:37) bfolan: the cartoons are cute
(20:02:39) kmorrow: this would be good whole class
(20:02:50) bfolan: I like the running mouth on the the guy
(20:03:48) Chris: Bookmark it and if you use it, let me know how it goes
(20:05:12) spiltave: I am trying the quiz. It is pretty neat
(20:05:13) Chris: The other thing we were to do tonight was to post to plone during chat about Tapped In
(20:05:20) Chris: But I think you are drained
(20:05:22) kmorrow: my computer keeps freezing
(20:05:31) Chris: I can let you go, if you promise....
(20:05:35) kmorrow: i posted my reflection already with sharon
(20:05:36) Chris: and I do mean PROMISE
(20:05:45) Chris: to post your reflections by WED
(20:05:49) Chris: Deal?
(20:05:53) bfolan: deal
(20:05:55) aturkot: deal
(20:05:56) aturkot: thanks
(20:05:59) kmorrow: the tapped in reflection only??
(20:06:00) spiltave: deal
(20:06:00) rbernste: deal
(20:06:07) spiltave: bye
(20:06:09) Chris: All your reflections
(20:06:10) bfolan: bye
(20:06:20) Chris: Have a great week
(20:06:24) aturkot: you too
(20:06:27) bfolan: you too
(20:06:28) kmorrow: i won't be done by wed. and wouldn't want to make false promises
(20:06:28) aturkot left the room.
(20:06:31) bfolan left the room.
(20:06:32) spiltave: u2
(20:06:34) spiltave left the room.
(20:06:43) Chris: What do you mean Kristen
(20:07:05) kmorrow: i will not have my 12 journal reflections posted by wed. for the entire project
(20:07:12) kmorrow: maybe by the weekend however
(20:07:15) Chris: You should be able to post the reflections that are listed on the assignment sheet by Wed
(20:07:25) Chris: I am not talking about ALL of your journal reflections
(20:07:43) Chris: But you should have some of your journal reflections completed by next Chat
(20:07:55) Chris: That is a doable isn't it Kristen?
(20:08:12) kmorrow: oh those, yes..i thought you meant the entire set of reflectios for the class! I didn't want to break a promise..i already posted my tapped in reflection and will work on some journals by next class
(20:08:34) Chris: No, no...I wouldn't dream of asking that of you :-)
(20:08:37) kmorrow: thanks
(20:08:46) Chris: Have a good week!
(20:08:47) kmorrow: have a good night
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(20:55:47) Chris left the room (Logged out).