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(17:51:55) linc4
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(17:50:42) smeehan: Hello Barb, glad to see you here early as always.
(17:56:53) bfolan: hello stephen. i'm also logged into tapping in as well
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(19:02:23) bfolan: hi sue
(19:02:24) spiltave: Hi
(19:02:53) spiltave: I thought that ASO was pretty neat. It would be a great place to find teachers for collaboration
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(19:08:50) smeehan: Hello gang
(19:08:55) bfolan: hello stephen
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(19:10:31) spiltave: hi megan
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(19:11:00) mgarrity: hi
(19:11:23) spiltave: Hi Rachel.
(19:11:32) rbernste: hi
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(19:17:28) smeehan: That was sort of a wild ride...
(19:17:41) smeehan: What did you see in tappedin that you liked?
(19:18:06) jschwarz: I liked the ability to join...
(19:18:17) jschwarz: different topics
(19:18:31) Jeanne: There was a discussion that looked interesting for librarians.
(19:18:36) spiltave: I liked that ASO
(19:18:45) bfolan: being able to talk to other teachers about topics
(19:19:35) spiltave: Like with our pollution project. You could get water samples from other.
(19:19:49) spiltave: places to do the tests
(19:20:25) jschwarz: it would be neat to have kids talk to others about bullying. i wonder if my district would allow it
(19:20:31) mgarrity: ...... not all all
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(19:21:11) bfolan: o.k.
(19:21:19) smeehan: I think that what interests me most is...
(19:21:36) smeehan: the fact that this might provide you and your studnets online...
(19:21:48) smeehan: communication without email for studenst...
(19:22:00) smeehan: of course I would clear it with the district first.
(19:22:08) bfolan: Sue...
(19:22:16) bfolan: we'll have to ask about that.
(19:22:18) smeehan: Do you think you would get an okay?
(19:22:31) spiltave: okay...
(19:22:46) spiltave: But I am not clear on how to get students into a room....
(19:22:53) bfolan: I don't know what she would say...
(19:23:00) spiltave: and if I got them into a room, I'm not sure others would be there.
(19:23:08) bfolan: what the rules are for the distroct
(19:23:22) smeehan: Yes, I still am unclear about that...
(19:23:30) bfolan: How can we be sure that they are in fact teachers...
(19:23:31) jschwarz: are there calendars for the students like the teachers
(19:23:37) smeehan: I do know I would not have lots of kids on at the same time.
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(19:23:48) spiltave: Justine...
(19:23:55) spiltave: I was thinking the same thing.
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(19:24:11) smeehan: Good question Justine, we need to go back and investigate sometime.
(19:24:20) rbernste: I am not to sure that the district would go for that w/o some serious background
(19:24:26) jschwarz: that would be neat...
(19:24:42) jschwarz: if an expert could talk with the kids on a subject
(19:24:50) smeehan: What do you mean Rachel?
(19:25:17) rbernste: are we sure they are actually teachers?????? Like Barb said
(19:25:53) bfolan: after watching that show the other night with...
(19:26:08) smeehan: Well, this is an establiched community, but I agree I would not let strangers into the student room, that I could not vouch for.
(19:26:16) smeehan: sorry barb
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(19:26:35) bfolan: all the people getting busted trying communicate with children for...
(19:26:42) bfolan: all the wrong reasons...
(19:27:01) bfolan: how can we be sure that they are really teachers or students for that matter...
(19:27:19) bfolan: we could watch the kids one or two at a time to ensure their safety
(19:27:27) smeehan: Remember you would control who is in your students room.
(19:28:05) mgarrity: OUr kids are not too internet savvy
(19:28:48) smeehan: I think you would use this room to connect people you already know.
(19:29:09) bfolan: now that's an idea
(19:29:16) smeehan: Well, that is a reason not to do this you might not want to teach them soemthing that you later could not monitor.
(19:29:21) mgarrity: that's true. EXperts we have established conatct with, etc.....
(19:30:24) smeehan: exactly, that is what I would want to do. None of us have time to go out and look for people.
(19:30:47) mgarrity: True
(19:30:50) spiltave: that is why...
(19:31:12) spiltave: I thought if we met people in those ASO discussions...
(19:31:47) spiltave: it might be okay for the teachers to communicate or find ways to let the children communicate in small groups that can be monitored
(19:32:19) Jeanne: Chat is not allowed at our school, so breaking the rules for this, I am unsure of it for students. I see this as a great professional resource
(19:32:53) smeehan: Yes, don't break the rules, but perhaps they would reconsider.
(19:32:54) bfolan: we can get ideas from other teachers who might be working on something we are
(19:33:11) smeehan: I think there is loads to be learned.
(19:33:18) smeehan: Later this week we would like you to post something you want to share about Tappedin.
(19:33:36) smeehan: Can I switch topics?
(19:33:39) Jeanne: I can also see it as an after conference on ways to discuss how you are implementing an idea
(19:33:41) bfolan: yes
(19:33:45) Jeanne: yes
(19:33:51) efishman: lpease do
(19:34:13) smeehan: Okay I wanted to share the Journal rubric with you....
(19:34:29) smeehan: Also I wanted to let you know that next week...
(19:34:39) rbernste: great
(19:34:47) smeehan: We will be reading each others journals so you will want to ...
(19:35:03) smeehan: make sure your journal is pretty up to date....
(19:35:30) smeehan: Here is the link for the juornal.
(19:35:31) smeehan:
(19:35:46) smeehan: please go here and look it over for a few minutes
(19:35:55) smeehan: let me know when you see it.
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(19:36:08) mgarrity: Will we be looking at the journals DURINg our online session?
(19:36:10) rbernste: i see it
(19:36:13) smeehan: I have it up now
(19:36:13) jschwarz: i'm there
(19:36:23) Jeanne: see it
(19:36:34) mgarrity: I see it
(19:36:52) smeehan: You will notice that a few of the squares are empty...
(19:37:13) smeehan: We felt that some of the criteria were pretty hard to split...
(19:37:30) rbernste: that seems fair
(19:37:38) smeehan: we wanted fairly clear targets and wanted to avoid the splitting of hairs
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(19:38:15) mgarrity: Will we be reviewing the journals before OR DURING our online class?
(19:38:15) bfolan: Sorry i logges out on accident ...
(19:38:18) smeehan: This rubric will be used when we score the journals, any questions?
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(19:38:29) bfolan: but i see it?
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(19:38:39) mgarrity: Yes, please see my above ?.
(19:39:01) smeehan: During the class, sorry I missed it Megan
(19:39:10) mgarrity: No problem.
(19:39:34) smeehan: Anyone else?
(19:39:41) efishman: no
(19:40:04) bfolan: What percent is the jouranl of our final grade again
(19:40:04) jschwarz: no
(19:40:32) smeehan: Okay stay here, but I think we will be moving to breakout groups, do you know what room you shoul dbe in?
(19:40:42) spiltave: 3?
(19:40:43) jschwarz: i don't
(19:40:43) bfolan: yes
(19:40:46) smeehan: Let me look Barb
(19:40:47) efishman: yes
(19:41:14) bfolan: thanks
(19:41:28) Jeanne: If it's not here, then I don't know
(19:41:31) smeehan: 30 percent barb
(19:41:37) bfolan: thanks
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(19:42:01) lhouf: hi barb
(19:42:05) lhouf: Hi everyone
(19:42:17) bfolan: hi how are you
(19:42:31) smeehan: Okay in room four we haveJeanne, Megan, Lnn, Mary and Ken
(19:42:32) lhouf: good thanks. you?
(19:42:33) bfolan: should we move to our break out sessions now
(19:42:44) smeehan: please move to breakout
(19:42:50) efishman: bye
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(19:43:05) jschwarz: bye
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(19:44:26) smeehan: Hello
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(19:45:31) lauram: Hi Folks,
(19:44:28) rbernste: where should i be?
(19:45:52) lauram: looks like stephen is having some connection issues. I will take over till he gets back
(19:46:13) lauram: Rachel, your are in room lin3 with Chris
(19:46:28) mgarrity: she is in room 3
(19:46:35) lauram: Great, thanks
(19:46:51) Jeanne: Thanks for giving us direction
(19:47:32) lauram: Ok, this breakout is on ...
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(19:47:55) smeehan: Okay I think I am back
(19:48:01) lauram: facilitating time management, handling large projects and scaffolding
(19:48:16) smeehan: Don't know what was going on but we will try and pick it up from here.
(19:48:16) lauram: great, you can take it away then .
(19:48:41) smeehan: thanks laura. I feel like I should write Stephen waves.
(19:49:17) smeehan: Okay we are going to talk about time management and a little about assessment. we came acroos some pretty good...
(19:49:29) smeehan: stuff the other day that I would like to share with you...
(19:49:43) smeehan: is anyone familar with Jamie McKenzie?
(19:49:55) kend: no
(19:50:06) smeehan: anyone else?
(19:50:06) Jeanne: nope
(19:50:10) maryolso: no
(19:50:29) lhouf: no
(19:50:47) smeehan: He is a former school teacher / administrator who write on technology.
(19:51:02) smeehan: Actually pretty well known in tech cricles...
(19:51:23) smeehan: Let me give you this URL and have you take a look at this page...
(19:51:47) smeehan: I will have you take about four minutes to read/skim what he has to say, but ...
(19:52:01) smeehan: don't leave his page ..
(19:52:06) smeehan: here is the URL
(19:52:08) smeehan:
(19:52:18) smeehan: Let me know when you have the page up.
(19:52:30) smeehan: I have it up
(19:52:33) Jeanne: got it
(19:52:40) kend: ok
(19:52:50) mgarrity: got it
(19:52:53) smeehan: thanks, anyone else
(19:52:58) maryolso: ok
(19:53:07) lhouf: got it
(19:53:16) smeehan: Alright then take about 4 minutes to look it over.
(19:58:36) smeehan: So what are your thoughts about this content? Anyone?
(19:58:47) Jeanne: This sounds like what a good librarian will do--ID resources for success, testing, offering choice at first limited, so there is some success, then broaden the scope. First they may use books and databases, then those plus approved websites, then after id'ing keywords, then search engines
(19:59:04) mgarrity: This is good stuff. I am printing off the steps of scaffolding to share with my team.
(19:59:33) lhouf: I think this is what we forget about a lot. I know I have gathered a list of websites and then just sent my students off to research without the clear direction they needed. It's great info.
(20:00:18) mgarrity: It is a balancing act. WE don't want to give too much or too little.
(20:00:27) smeehan: I like his wunderlust comment. Did you see here anything you can use in your project?
(20:00:27) lhouf: right
(20:01:31) kend: having done the project and watching students go in all directions, I see his point...
(20:02:07) kend: but at what point do students research on their own
(20:02:18) smeehan: That is a good point...
(20:02:36) smeehan: I think it relates to what Megan said about all the links...
(20:02:47) Jeanne: They do research on their own, after they have a good idea of keywords,..
(20:02:53) smeehan: for me the question is, what is it that you want studenst to learn...
(20:02:53) mgarrity: Yes, I see the importance of "combining" new info with old, just like a bridge.
(20:03:09) Jeanne: synonyms, search strategies, the type of info out there, etc.
(20:03:31) lhouf: right, and when they get smaller steps they can build on and do new, more independent things
(20:03:33) smeehan: In the High School searching and locating info independently may play a larger role in the project than in the juniro high or elem sholls.
(20:03:37) smeehan: schools
(20:04:01) Jeanne: yes, but don't assume that high schoolers know how to effectively search
(20:04:43) Jeanne: You would be surprised at the use of Ask Jeeves
(20:04:55) Jeanne: as the only resource
(20:05:06) smeehan: Oh, I agree Jeanne It is not tha i assume they know it quite the contrary. For the high school greater independence is actually par t of my objective, but maybe not in the elem school.
(20:05:54) smeehan: In the elem, searching would be less important than there ability to read and understand content.
(20:06:08) Jeanne: true
(20:06:14) kend: How can it be research if students are given a list of links to click on?
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(20:07:03) Jeanne: practicing skimming and scanning for informaiton. Evaluating websites, notetaking, paraphrasing, etc.
(20:07:57) Jeanne: Use the list of links as a starting point
(20:07:57) lhouf: learning to find the important details, main ideas of a passage.
(20:08:03) smeehan: Yes it think it is a level kind of thing. In the research process they need to start by formulatting the question and then see if they can find answers in text. Then they may need to identify the sources for their questions
(20:08:40) mgarrity: After they have been given a website or article, they still need to pick out important info. typically, the entire article is not relevant
(20:08:58) smeehan: At your level Ken I agree listing sources may not be appropriate, but it may be something that is required for some studenst.
(20:09:36) smeehan: how did you students do Ken, was this easy for them?
(20:09:49) Jeanne: I still believe a few sources as a starting point would be helpful for those to fall back upon when their search strategy failed
(20:09:57) kend: They strayed somewhat...
(20:10:21) kend: but I think that's all part of the learning process of research
(20:11:28) kend: I did give them a starting list of possible sources but I expected them to go beyond that and many did
(20:11:30) smeehan: I think strying somewhat is part of the process, but that is what the scaffold Idea is about. If they didn't have the appropriate scaffold for their age they may learn less if they stray too far a feild.
(20:11:55) kend: Learn about the topic or learn about research?
(20:12:00) smeehan: So it sounds like we agree.
(20:12:10) smeehan: That is a great question..
(20:12:16) Jeanne: Both
(20:12:21) lhouf: I think that's the fine line we all try to walk
(20:12:22) mgarrity: both
(20:12:43) Jeanne: For them to be successful, they need to know some about the topic and some about finding more informaiton
(20:12:44) smeehan: I think teachers are not always clear on the lesson objective. And your right that really does make all the difference in the world doesn't it.
(20:14:05) smeehan: Hey time is almost up I want to leave you with one more Jamie McKenzie page that s just terrific. So I will post the url and you can save it in your favorites to read later. This is a small lesson idea, not a project.
(20:14:06) smeehan:
(20:14:28) smeehan: This week you need to do some posting to plone and be sure to update your journals..
(20:14:36) smeehan: Thanks for coming tonight,
(20:14:38) mgarrity: thanks... see you next week.
(20:14:46) smeehan: Please check the assignment pages.
(20:14:47) smeehan: Bye
(20:14:48) Jeanne: Thank you
(20:14:54) lhouf: thanks, good night
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(20:16:01) kend: bye
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(20:16:17) smeehan: bye ken
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