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(17:48:12) jill has set the topic to: Nov 7: Tapped In and break out groups
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(17:58:40) jill: Hi Amy and Mary.
(17:58:46) Amy I: good evening!
(17:58:51) maryolso: hello
(17:59:25) jill: Did you have any trouble registering for Tapped In?
(17:59:35) maryolso: No, I didn't.
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(17:59:46) Amy I: I was able to register without any problems
(18:00:10) jill: Good. I had to download the java plugin.
(18:01:06) hyee: Hi:)
(18:01:12) jill: Hi Holly.
(18:01:15) maryolso: I'm afraid to add any more download to this computer. It's on its last leg.
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(18:01:48) jill: My son built mine this summer so I'm always having to adjust things.
(18:02:07) jill: The last time, he was still living at was much easier.
(18:02:13) jill: Hi Ken...welcome.
(18:02:22) maryolso: You are very lucky to have such a talented son.
(18:02:31) jill: Thanks, I think so.
(18:02:45) jill: He does come in handy.
(18:03:00) jill: Are we ready to begin?
(18:03:09) Amy I: sure
(18:03:10) hyee: ok
(18:03:15) kend: Hi
(18:03:25) maryolso: ok
(18:04:04) jill: I have some reminders for next week...
(18:04:39) jill: you need to have your journal entries from running your project up to date by next chat (11/14)
(18:04:49) jill: Those are the daily entries.
(18:05:15) jill: Also, collect artifacts from your students...
(18:05:38) jill: especially comments from them..
(18:05:49) jill: We'll take a look at some examples next week.
(18:06:21) jill: How are you doing with the postings? If you're done with your project....
(18:06:35) kend: I'm behind - sorry
(18:06:43) jill: you really need to get caught up with posting your daily log comments.
(18:06:49) Amy I: I posted for the few days my portion lasted...
(18:06:59) jill: So you're finished, Amy?
(18:07:04) Amy I: I keep meaning to have more conversations with the kids and post reflection on those.
(18:07:14) Amy I: Yes, I'm done with my part. Holly had the most work to do!
(18:07:34) maryolso: I will be caught up by next week.
(18:07:54) jill: Amy, maybe you'll get an idea of how you can capture their ideas in the breakout session tonight.
(18:07:54) hyee: I have daily journals in word...need to get them over into the Bulletin Board.
(18:08:11) kend: same here
(18:08:52) jill: OK.
(18:09:15) jill: A few weeks ago we worked on the journal rubric. We want to take a look at it now.
(18:09:31) jill: Go to the LInC homepage.
(18:09:43) Amy I: ok
(18:09:44) jill: (the one with the colored boxes)
(18:10:02) hyee: ok
(18:10:20) jill: There's a link in the Announcements box.
(18:10:30) jill: Project Journal Rubric
(18:10:40) Amy I: I'm there
(18:10:41) jill: Click on that link.
(18:11:04) hyee: got it
(18:11:14) maryolso: ok
(18:11:18) jill: This turned out to be more of a task than we thought.
(18:11:23) kend: Announcements box?
(18:11:46) jill: Yes, Ken..upper left (tourquoise) box
(18:12:48) jill: Let me know when you have it.
(18:12:59) kend: Got it
(18:13:17) jill: Good.
(18:13:51) jill: I thought all of you did a great job with the completion task.
(18:14:53) jill: Let's look at each of the criteria...
(18:15:41) jill: We will use the starting and ending dates you posted to the bbd to gage the timeline of your project....
(18:15:53) jill: however, I think that may have changed for some of you.
(18:16:24) jill: It would be a good idea for you to go back to that prompt and change your dates so I have it correctly.
(18:17:28) jill: I can get them off the bbd or you can also email them as a backup plan.
(18:17:42) jill: As you see, you really need to get these caught up.
(18:18:06) jill: Any questions or comments here?
(18:18:12) Amy I: nope
(18:18:22) maryolso: no
(18:18:41) hyee: I will have to double check, but I think our date is the same.
(18:19:26) jill: Moving on...reflections share successes...any questions or discussion?
(18:19:48) Amy I: no
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(18:20:20) maryolso: no
(18:20:20) hyee: Minor detail....but in the #4...
(18:20:50) hyee: it should be she/ be gender specific.
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(18:21:15) hyee: Don't want to leave Ken out.
(18:21:16) jill: I saw that too:) and will make a note of it.
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(18:21:46) jill: Look at the third section.
(18:22:12) jill: Comments?
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(18:22:38) maryolso: no
(18:22:43) Amy I: no
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(18:22:53) hyee: no, me too.
(18:23:08) mgehrig: sorry im late
(18:23:18) jill: OK..let's look at the fourth section.
(18:24:05) hyee: Question for that section...
(18:24:30) hyee: is that referring to each journal entry we make?
(18:24:59) jill: I don't think so...I think it's taken as a collective body of entries.
(18:25:21) hyee: ok:)
(18:25:25) maryolso: ok
(18:25:40) jill: Your response to some of the prompts will lead you to those type of comments, but not all.
(18:25:49) jill: Don't you agree?
(18:25:55) maryolso: yes
(18:26:01) hyee: yes
(18:26:03) Amy I: yes
(18:26:41) jill: We're looking for you to run the project, reflect as you go so you can plan for the future (changes needed, things to keep), etc.
(18:27:17) jill: Look at the 5th section.
(18:27:43) Amy I: Indicators of engaged learning - is there a list of those somewhere, like what you are specifically looking for? Or, is it just in general?
(18:28:26) jill: Yes, there is. Let's look at those once we're finished here because I need to take you to a different link.
(18:28:36) Amy I: okay, thanks!
(18:29:24) hyee: Amy, didn't we have a response for #2?
(18:29:46) Amy I: huh?
(18:30:14) hyee: Wasn't this the section we did as a group?...
(18:30:16) Amy I: Oh, I don't think this was our section, was it?
(18:30:29) hyee: Oh, was it the next?
(18:31:41) jill: I think you worked on the 2nd criteria...and you filled in all 4 boxes of the rubric.
(18:31:42) hyee: I just remember having something written for a "2"
(18:32:08) hyee: oh, ok....memory loss today!
(18:32:12) jill: Are you looking at thelast row?
(18:32:28) Amy I: yes. same question about indicators.
(18:32:55) Amy I: Something specific you are looking for?
(18:33:21) jill: Let's look at those now. Ill sent you the site.
(18:33:32) jill:
(18:33:45) Amy I: ok
(18:33:51) mgehrig: ok
(18:33:54) hyee: ok
(18:34:01) kend: ok
(18:34:10) maryolso: ok
(18:34:16) jill: Scroll down to the paragraph that begins with "Research in engaged learning..."
(18:34:59) jill: Let me know when you're there.
(18:35:02) Amy I: I'm there
(18:35:06) kend: got it
(18:35:07) mgehrig: ok
(18:35:10) hyee: got it
(18:35:13) jill: Click on Table 1
(18:35:26) Amy I: ooh tiny! Can't read it!
(18:35:28) hyee: ok
(18:35:37) Amy I: never mind, I fixed it!
(18:35:38) jill: OOPS...I guess not. Give me a min.
(18:37:08) kend: It seems like a lot to keep in mind
(18:37:31) jill: I'm going to send you to one of our discussion pages from a previous course.
(18:37:32) jill:
(18:37:45) Amy I: ok
(18:37:52) jill: Look under "discussion outline"
(18:38:11) kend: OK
(18:38:12) jill: Here is a list of indicators.
(18:38:24) mgehrig: ok
(18:38:54) jill: For fun....which ones were you able to incorporate into your project?
(18:39:26) kend: I guess I could claim 50%
(18:40:27) Amy I: my small part was about 75%, but the overall project has all, I think
(18:40:57) mgehrig: I could claim about 70%
(18:40:59) kend: Having worked in Chicago, I don't think we could achieve heterogeneous in Glenview
(18:41:28) hyee: i agree with Amy, the different parts of technolgy are weak in some areas that I hope to improve on next time.
(18:41:52) jill: That's what we want .....future plans.
(18:42:03) mgehrig: The publishing work to a wider audience is hard at times
(18:42:23) jill: Mary, how about your project...or is it too soon to say?
(18:43:49) jill: Do you think having this list would be helpful in planning changes/improvements for the future?
(18:43:59) Amy I: absolutely!
(18:44:07) hyee: YES!!!
(18:44:13) mgehrig: yes
(18:44:14) kend: Yes, this list seems more doable
(18:44:30) jill: This is from the Plugging In table .
(18:45:37) jill: Did you receive the book this summer in Act II?
(18:45:44) jill: It's yellow.
(18:45:50) kend: Yes
(18:45:50) mgehrig: yes
(18:45:53) Amy I: yes
(18:46:03) jill: It's taken from there.
(18:46:04) hyee: yep
(18:46:28) jill: Ken, do you see any elements of EL you could add to your project?
(18:47:18) kend: I already have but I'm still adding
(18:47:38) jill: Good.
(18:48:00) kend: I'd like to try getting the students to participate in the rubrics more
(18:48:40) jill: Thanks for your comments. Sorry to interupt, but It's time to switch to Tapped In. I believe our tour guide is waiting.
(18:49:01) kend: ok
(18:49:06) jill: See you back here to switch to breakout groups.
(18:49:11) Amy I: ok
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(18:49:26) hyee: ok
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(19:23:25) lauram: Hi Marie, are you there?
(19:32:09) mgehrig: yes,
(19:32:22) mgehrig: i AM ALSO IN TAPPED IN
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(19:40:05) jill: Welcome back
(19:40:11) Amy I: hi
(19:40:12) hyee: Hi!
(19:40:17) mgehrig: HI
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(19:40:48) hyee: I'm feeling like Scotty in Star Trek tonight!
(19:40:59) jill: I agree.
(19:41:10) jill: That was a lot of info at once, huh?
(19:41:22) mgehrig: oh yeah!!!!
(19:41:25) smcnicho: I would have liked more of a tour.
(19:41:34) Amy I: me too
(19:41:42) hyee: Yes, but Bj met me online Sunday and gave me a crash course!
(19:41:44) jmac3412 [] entered the room.
(19:41:57) smcnicho: I don't really understand what it is about.
(19:42:04) jill: I'm glad you found it interesting.
(19:42:11) jill: Susan...
(19:42:13) jmac3412: am i supposed to be here
(19:42:25) jill: it's a way for you to talk with other teachers around the world...
(19:42:30) jill: talk with experts...
(19:42:45) jill: have your students talk with other students and experts.
(19:42:46) lauram: Julie, yes this is the right room for you
(19:42:57) jill: Just like when the www. first began...
(19:42:57) jmac3412: thanks
(19:43:10) jill: it was exciting to think of all the options we'd have.
(19:43:15) hyee: Jill, can you give an example of something you tried on TappenIn?
(19:43:21) smcnicho: I'm just getting the hang of the www now.
(19:43:35) jill: As are we all:)
(19:43:58) jill: Let's begin
(19:44:23) jill: this breakout session is to focus on assessment task options.
(19:45:01) jill: Let's look at this site together. here's the url:
(19:45:07) jill:
(19:45:12) Amy I: ok
(19:45:33) mgehrig: there
(19:46:05) jmac3412: me too
(19:46:21) jill: First...look at the list under performances.
(19:46:30) hyee: ok
(19:46:46) mgehrig: ok
(19:47:00) jmac3412: what's fishbowl?
(19:47:32) jill: Click on the blue title...performances.
(19:47:53) jill: They're all explained.
(19:48:05) mgehrig: wow I LIKE
(19:48:42) jill: took me awhile to find this site, but I thought it would be a good resource.
(19:48:54) mgehrig: ALASKA?
(19:49:18) jmac3412: ahhh i see! :-!
(19:49:36) jill: Marie- what do you mean?
(19:50:04) jill: OH...I get it.
(19:50:09) mgehrig: I'm use to things coming from cANADA.
(19:50:47) mgehrig: Colorado or Washington or texas
(19:51:01) jill: The site is posted by a L Arts teacher, but I can see value to many of these options for any discipline.
(19:51:34) smcnicho: Yes I can too
(19:52:16) jill: Let's take a look at the graphic organizer section.
(19:52:55) mgehrig: ok
(19:53:12) Amy I: ok
(19:53:40) jill: Are you familiar with "feature analysis"?
(19:54:06) Amy I: yes
(19:54:16) jill: How do you use it?
(19:54:36) mgehrig: not for science
(19:54:47) Amy I: being math, I do shapes on one side and features on the other...
(19:55:08) jmac3412: not for first grade, unless it's simplified
(19:55:29) smcnicho: I can see for science, descriptions on top and elements on side.
(19:55:39) Amy I: or various types of numbers going down and the name of them (whole, integer, etc.) on top
(19:55:46) smcnicho: Or animals, rocks, etc.
(19:55:47) mgehrig: I can try it tomorrow on light functions
(19:56:06) smcnicho: Light, Marie? Sounds familiar.
(19:56:09) jill: Julie - I wonder if you could use it for common features in comparing different objects.
(19:56:28) mgehrig: Yes Susan, I used one activity
(19:56:55) jill: When I first saw this, it reminded me of a decision matrix we use in problem based learning.
(19:57:06) jmac3412: maybe, but too many on either axis would be too distracting...i tried it with a reading inventory (a similar format) and they had a hard time, but maybe to compare two things only and maybe 3 features at most
(19:58:07) jill: If you scroll down further...
(19:58:16) jill: you'll see some examples of portfolios.
(19:58:35) hyee: ROPE sounds intreguing!
(19:59:03) jill: I thought so, too.
(19:59:08) mgehrig: familiar with portfolios
(19:59:55) jill: Look at the guidelines for test items
(20:02:05) jill: Sounds like no surprises here??
(20:02:41) jmac3412: i like the descriptions, very creative to describe it that way
(20:03:02) jmac3412: would be easy to discuss as a class to see where everyone is at...i'm on knot 2, etc
(20:03:46) jill: let's look at journals (back up toward the top)
(20:04:22) Amy I: I liked the learning log!
(20:04:46) smcnicho: This site is very interesting.
(20:05:27) jill: Remember, we're looking for creative ways to assess their learning.
(20:05:38) jill: One question that has come up a lot is...
(20:06:32) jill: how to keep ALL students engaged (busy). Writing reflective thoughts usually works and is not too painful for the student.
(20:07:45) jill: This leads to time mgt issues and scaffolding of information.
(20:07:50) hyee: I agree, Jill...wish I would have planned more of it during this project.
(20:08:27) jill: Sometimes students finish but are not really done with the lesson/activity/research because they left out or short changed the thinking component.
(20:08:58) jill: Consider some of these when you write your future action plan:)
(20:09:13) hyee: I will!!!!
(20:09:31) jill: Do any of you have additional ideas or success stories for assessment?
(20:09:35) jmac3412: i like the idea of the learning log, someone had suggested it last week, and i still like it
(20:09:49) jill: Good, Julie.
(20:10:33) hyee: i was thinking of students doing a mural...
(20:10:56) hyee: it would cover the importance, impact, etc. of the Fox River Watershed...
(20:11:29) hyee: and it would be placed on a 20 x 10 foot wall in our hallway for all the students to see in the school.
(20:12:00) jill: Wow! That would be awesome.OK...let's wrap up. Please go back to the Assignments page and look at the work for next week
(20:12:17) Amy I: ok
(20:12:33) hyee: ok
(20:12:47) mgehrig: ok
(20:12:52) jmac3412: ok
(20:13:15) jill: In addition to the prompts....
(20:13:49) jill: please have your project journal entries up to date by next week as we will be looking at them during chat time.
(20:14:15) jmac3412: sounds good
(20:14:16) jmac3412: thanks!
(20:14:21) jill: Also, be collecting student artifacts...especially comments from them that will be posted in the future.
(20:14:31) hyee: will do!
(20:14:32) mgehrig: ok
(20:14:45) jill: Glad you found the site interesting on assessment.
(20:14:59) Amy I: thank you for finding that for us!
(20:15:08) jill: Please try to post your assignment responses by Wed.
(20:15:17) hyee: It's akeeper!
(20:15:22) jill: (before you forget Tappedin)
(20:15:30) jill: Have a good week.
(20:15:36) jill: Good night to you all.
(20:15:49) hyee: Good night!
(20:15:50) Amy I: thank you. have a good week everyone!
(20:15:53) mgehrig: bye
(20:15:57) Amy I left the room.
(20:15:57) smcnicho: Good night, all.
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(20:16:01) jmac3412: good night. thanks jill
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