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(17:48:26) ppeterso: Hi everyone:)
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(18:00:46) sgatz: Hi everyone. How are you all tonight.
(18:00:56) maryolso: fine
(18:01:04) Amy I: Hello! Doing fine.
(18:01:07) jschwarz: fine
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(18:02:30) sgatz: Hi, Lynn.
(18:02:46) sgatz: It looks like we are missing Susan. Does anyone know if she is coming?
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(18:03:17) mgarrity: Hi everyone.
(18:03:32) jschwarz: hi
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(18:04:33) sgatz: I think we are all here, now.
(18:04:56) sgatz: THe first part of our chat has two things for us to do. . .
(18:05:16) sgatz: The first thing we need to do is talk about your projects and see how things are going. . .
(18:05:48) sgatz: The second thing we are going to do is to post a WOW for one of 5 selected projects. Each one of you will respond to a different project.
(18:06:25) sgatz: So--let's get started with the first part. How are you applying what you have learned about engaged learning and best use of technology to what you are teaching now?
(18:07:23) sgatz: okay--since you are all speaking at once, let me ask another question. .
(18:07:39) sgatz: How is your project going, Susan?
(18:07:59) spiltave: I am a tech facilitator in my school...
(18:08:28) spiltave: A condition for our teachers doing ther Fermi project was that all teachers in our school would implement...
(18:08:56) spiltave: I am working more closely with a couple of classes...
(18:09:11) spiltave: we are doing a pollution project...
(18:09:36) spiltave: It seems that the kids are enjoying planning thee final project...
(18:10:06) spiltave: but I am not too sure about how much work they are doing to get information for the final project...
(18:10:29) spiltave: One student told me today that everything he had done for the final was all stuff he already knew.
(18:11:08) sgatz: So for the most part, you are supervising and facilitating the technology aspect of the project, right?
(18:11:18) spiltave: yes
(18:11:26) sgatz: What have you seen that has surprised you?

(18:11:42) spiltave: not much...
(18:12:11) spiltave: I have worked with technology in our school for 11 years...
(18:12:45) spiltave: I think what is hard is for them to take info from the internet and turn in into new info for their projects. Do you know what I mean?
(18:13:35) sgatz: Yes, I do. They have a hard time analyzing the information and determine what they need and don't need. Have any of the rest of you seeing a similar problem?
(18:13:57) jschwarz: I haven't had problems with the research...
(18:13:58) Amy I: yes!
(18:14:12) jschwarz: just with projects they see they want to copy
(18:14:50) sgatz: Okay--it sounds like we to help them analyze the data. Any ideas how we might do that?
(18:15:22) spiltave: I think if they have amore specific idea of what they are looking for , it helps.
(18:15:27) jschwarz: I have them thinking about the age they will be presenting to
(18:15:40) maryolso: by...
(18:15:59) maryolso: having them pose questions about the research they have found
(18:16:30) spiltave: or questions about what they need to find...
(18:16:35) sgatz: Knowing their audience is key to sharing their learning. Having questions to guide their research is important as well.
(18:16:50) maryolso: Not questions....
(18:16:58) spiltave: so they can stay on task and not just get "nice" useless info.
(18:17:23) maryolso: to quide their research, but asking questions about the research they have found and then researching the smaller parts
(18:18:14) sgatz: Are you suggesting, Mary, that the kids need to learn what to ask about the research? Or are you suggesting the facilitator ask the questions about the research to break it in smaller parts?
(18:18:34) maryolso: No...
(18:19:02) maryolso: the studewnts need to direct their own research. They need to learn what to ask
(18:19:15) maryolso: If...
(18:19:30) maryolso: I'm to be a guide on the side...
(18:19:43) maryolso: then I can't possibly direct all of their research
(18:20:02) sgatz: I was hoping you would say what you just said. You are so right about not being able to direct everyone and you shouldn't.
(18:20:14) lhouf: My students had a little trouble with this at the beginning of the project too...
(18:20:54) lhouf: but I think if the task is specific enough and we ask the right kinds of questions, we can be surprised at the research questions students come up with on their own...
(18:21:47) lhouf: My students brainstormed what they needed to find out at the beginning of the project and we used that info to put together a research guide- those questions drove their research.
(18:22:02) sgatz: It is key for us to facilitate kids ability to lead the learning. I agree Lynn. Kids can do more than we give them credit for doing.
(18:22:21) sgatz: What part of EL do you think kids respond to best?
(18:23:00) jschwarz: ownership of the learning
(18:23:17) maryolso: Problem solving
(18:23:25) spiltave: I think kids like to have some choice and options
(18:23:28) Amy I: I think anything that is authentic and has a purpose to the kids
(18:23:52) lhouf: I think the ownership too, students love having a say in the classroom and in their learning
(18:24:13) sgatz: I am hearing you say authentic, problem to solve, students leading the learning, students owning the problem . . .
(18:24:18) jschwarz: i think everything we stated is related
(18:24:32) sgatz: I wish education was like this when I was in school! I agree Justine. There is a pattern there.
(18:25:09) sgatz: Does anyone have something they want to share before we go to the next part of this session?
(18:25:17) lhouf: nope
(18:25:21) spiltave: no
(18:25:22) Amy I: no
(18:25:25) jschwarz: no
(18:25:27) maryolso: no
(18:25:37) sgatz: Okay. . .
(18:26:12) sgatz: then do you want to pick the journal you will read and respond to or do you want me to assign each of you one?
(18:26:20) sgatz: We have been given five to pick from.
(18:26:28) spiltave: you pick
(18:26:30) jschwarz: you assign
(18:26:33) maryolso: You may assign
(18:26:39) sgatz: Ok. . . here goes. . .
(18:26:52) sgatz: Lynn--respond to Holly
(18:26:56) lhouf: ok
(18:27:00) sgatz: Justine respond to Julie C.
(18:27:07) jschwarz: ok
(18:27:15) sgatz: Susan P. respond to Amy T.
(18:27:23) spiltave: ok
(18:27:27) sgatz: Amy I. Respond to Pam
(18:27:29) Amy I: ok
(18:27:41) sgatz: Mary O. Respond to Megan
(18:27:45) maryolso: ok
(18:28:16) sgatz: Please read their journal and add a comment to their work. You have until 6:45 to do this but you can finish it during the second session as well if you need more time.
(18:28:25) sgatz: Go ahead and I will be here if you have any questions.
(18:29:11) spiltave: thanks
(18:29:20) jschwarz: ok
(18:30:33) sgatz: Happy WOW posting!
(18:31:39) jschwarz: would julie c be j cantafio
(18:32:00) sgatz: Yes
(18:32:05) jschwarz: thanks
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(18:42:13) Amy I: I'm done
(18:42:19) jschwarz: me too
(18:42:22) spiltave: I'm back
(18:43:12) sgatz: Great!
(18:43:32) maryolso: I'm done
(18:43:42) sgatz: Did you learn anything that you might apply to your own project this time or next?
(18:44:28) jschwarz: not really. other than have patience
(18:44:43) sgatz: Patience is a virture! Especially in education.
(18:45:21) sgatz: As I read through the journals today I was thrilled to sense excitement about what kids are able to do if given the opportunity.
(18:45:26) spiltave: Not really, but it is interesting to hear others with the same problems or concerns and it is interesting to read about a different project
(18:45:51) sgatz: Sue--good point. I learn best from other's experiences, too.
(18:46:33) sgatz: Amy --what did you think as you read the journal?
(18:46:56) Amy I: I was reassured that problems always happen and are to be expected as we go along.
(18:48:00) lhouf: the project I read was just so different than mine, it's hard to relate, but interesting to read about a project at a different grade level- I'm so focused on primary most of the time!
(18:48:31) sgatz: I bet you could use some of the same strategies, Lynn. Just make them grade level appropriate.
(18:48:43) lhouf: yes, probably
(18:48:46) sgatz: Amy--kids aren't any more predictable than technology can be!
(18:49:00) Amy I: That is true!:)
(18:49:22) sgatz: But, I remember planning wonderful lessons and sequencing them well only to out of sequence the first few days of the unit's implementation.
(18:49:43) sgatz: I think EL is just like that experience. We have the framework set up, but the path is never the same.
(18:50:43) sgatz: Okay--thanks for you hard work. GO ahead an move to your next room.
(18:50:58) jschwarz: ok. thanks
(18:51:00) spiltave: Do you know where I go?
(18:51:04) sgatz: Thank you!
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(18:51:11) maryolso: thank you
(18:51:15) Amy I: thank you!
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(18:51:30) spiltave: Hi Kristin
(18:51:39) Julie W: i here now?
(18:51:42) kmorrow: hi sue--how are you??
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(18:51:48) sgatz: Hi everyone! How are you all tonight?
(18:51:59) kmorrow: good thanks.
(18:52:05) ppeterso: hi
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(18:52:14) spiltave: Good
(18:52:20) spiltave: I have to go.
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(18:52:24) kmorrow: bye sue
(18:52:37) mgarrity: Just to let you know, our school's power is going on and off, and we have no internet access- sorry
(18:53:17) sgatz: Megan--that sounds like now fun at all. I think you are in room 4 with Stephen for this part of the chat. I will let him know.
(18:53:30) mgarrity: you are right. bye.
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(18:54:01) sgatz: I think we are all here now.
(18:54:13) juliec: Hi. I'm here!
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(18:54:21) sgatz: The next part of our chat is a little different. . .
(18:54:32) sgatz: It is like Office Hours and worktime all in one.
(18:54:45) sgatz: The first thing we have to do is learn how to upload a file to your project folder.
(18:54:57) sgatz: Have any of you tried following the directions that were sent to you?
(18:55:02) kmorrow: no
(18:55:08) juliec: no
(18:55:11) lhouf: not yet
(18:55:13) Julie W: no
(18:55:22) ppeterso: no
(18:55:23) sgatz: Do you have a hard copy of the directions with you tonight?
(18:55:27) ppeterso: yes
(18:55:30) Julie W: yep
(18:55:31) juliec: yes
(18:55:32) kmorrow: no
(18:55:39) kmorrow: where can i get them?
(18:55:39) lhouf: no
(18:56:05) sgatz: You should have received them via email. I believe they are linked on the Chat Agenda as well.
(18:56:35) sgatz: Actually, they are on the homepage as well.
(18:56:37) kmorrow: got it it will take me a minute to print...lynn do you have it or i can e-mail it to you now
(18:56:45) sgatz: Perfect. . .
(18:56:56) lhouf: I can get the directions, but can't print!
(18:57:35) sgatz: Lynn--open the ones from the course homepage. It is a link. Then you could have two windows open at the same time so you can follow what you need to do.
(18:58:02) lhouf: great! I got it, thanks
(18:58:48) sgatz: What I suggest you do is try to follow the directions and post a file in your project folder. I will be here if you have any questions or need help. The directions are excellent. After you have successfully done the task, let me know and I will explain what is next.
(18:58:55) sgatz: Go ahead and give it a try.
(18:59:17) kmorrow: i am still printing...i'll try when its done--slow printer
(18:59:22) ppeterso: okay
(18:59:33) sgatz: That is fine Kristin. No hurry.
(19:00:08) juliec: Okay. I could be a while. Not wholly confident in my abilities here, but I'll give it a try.
(19:01:01) sgatz: Follow carefully--step by step. If you have a question, I am here. If we need to go step by step, we can.
(19:03:10) ppeterso: I can't find the add new item menu
(19:04:35) sgatz: It is toward the top of the screen--a little to the right.
(19:05:22) sgatz: It is a drop down one.
(19:05:54) sgatz: Did you find it Paula?
(19:06:09) sgatz: In step 3 in the directions there is a picture of it.
(19:06:18) ppeterso: no
(19:06:47) sgatz: Did you open your project folder?
(19:06:59) kmorrow: paula, it is under the word syndication towards the top right, i recall (if that helps)
(19:07:35) sgatz: Once you open your project folder it is where Kristin just guided you.
(19:08:09) ppeterso: I don't have that
(19:08:31) sgatz: Did you open your project folder? Not your journal folder
(19:09:34) Julie W: I got mine uploaded and checked it
(19:09:50) juliec: ok, unbelievable but true. I uploaded and I checked it and it worked!!!!!!!!
(19:09:57) ppeterso: no. I was confused I opened my journal---sorry
(19:10:00) lauram: Hooray!!
(19:10:04) sgatz: Fantastic! Julie
(19:10:12) sgatz: Paula--it will make more sense now.
(19:10:27) lhouf: mine is done too
(19:10:29) sgatz: Julie C--you did it! Great!!! \
(19:10:34) sgatz: Yea, Lynn!
(19:10:37) Julie W: go Julie!!!
(19:10:41) sgatz: I am so thrilled!
(19:10:44) juliec: Thanks. I'm as shocked as everyone else!
(19:10:48) kmorrow: got it and it worked
(19:10:56) sgatz: It is exciting to accomplish a task like this!
(19:10:58) Julie W: I knew you had it in you! ;)
(19:11:01) sgatz: Yea, Krisitn
(19:11:06) juliec: You guys are funny.
(19:11:35) sgatz: Now Paula is in the right folder and her directions will make more sense. She is just a few steps away from doing it, too.
(19:11:55) sgatz: Okay--let me tell those of you who have finished what your next steps are. .
(19:12:22) sgatz: The rest of tonight's class is your time to work on your journal, Future Action Plan, post work in your project folder. . .
(19:12:37) sgatz: Whatever you need to do to complete your assigned tasks.
(19:12:51) sgatz: It is office hours so I will be here until 8:15 to answer questions or help you.
(19:12:57) sgatz: But the time is yours.
(19:13:01) juliec: Great. Thanks for the time.
(19:13:03) lhouf: That is very helpful! Thanks for the time!
(19:13:05) Julie W: thanks!
(19:13:12) sgatz: You don't have to be in the chat room--but come back if you need me.
(19:13:26) sgatz: I am here to help you in any way that I can.
(19:13:27) Julie W: okay! have a great night everyone!
(19:13:35) kmorrow: lynn did you tell sharon about conferences??
(19:13:40) sgatz: You , too.
(19:13:48) sgatz: What about conferences?
(19:13:55) lhouf: Sharon- Kristin and I have parent teacher conferences next Monday night
(19:14:05) lhouf: so we won't be able to participate in the chat
(19:14:18) juliec: Thanks, Sharon. Bye for now.
(19:14:20) kmorrow: i thought lynn should break the sad news...
(19:14:28) sgatz: Okay--then be sure to check the assignment page and then read the chat logs to see what you missed and need to do.
(19:14:35) sgatz: Lynn was waiting for you!
(19:14:48) sgatz: I think the parents need you that night!
(19:14:55) Julie W left the room.
(19:15:03) ppeterso: made a file--
(19:15:09) kmorrow: i agree..i'll make up all missed work
(19:15:11) lhouf: Thanks, Sharon. We tried to schedule them earlier, but it looks like we have to stay late!
(19:15:11) sgatz: Great!
(19:15:20) sgatz: Paula--did you post it in the project folder?
(19:15:27) kmorrow: yea, i have one until 7:30
(19:15:41) sgatz: Okay--Lynn and Kristin--join us if you can. If not, I know where you are.
(19:15:55) sgatz: That makes for a long day, Krisitin.
(19:16:27) sgatz: Paula--let me know how you are doing. . . I am here.
(19:16:50) kmorrow: especially pregnant and always hungry! ok, i'm going to do work, bye
(19:17:10) sgatz: Enjoy!
(19:17:22) sgatz: Everything tastes so good, when pregnant!
(19:18:13) ppeterso: I uploaded a graphic just to be sure I could
(19:18:38) sgatz: Great! Congratulations!!! You did it! I knew you could but was suspicious you were in the wrong folder to start with.
(19:18:45) sgatz: It is an easy mistake to make.
(19:19:12) ppeterso: I am so used to adding comments from the journal page I forgot about these folders
(19:19:24) sgatz: You feel confortable with uploading to the project folder?
(19:19:41) ppeterso: Are we supposed to wow from journal or project folders because I have done all of mine from journal site
(19:19:55) sgatz: The WOW was to the Journal Folder.
(19:20:34) sgatz: The reason we asked you to upload to the Project Folder is that this is where you will put your revised pages for us all to see.
(19:20:51) sgatz: We wanted to be sure you knew how to do it.
(19:20:57) ppeterso: How many wows are we supposed to do. I have done 5 or 6 so far. I don't think you have had a chance to find them all. I did 2 more this afternoon in case you didn't find what I already did because I noticed you thought I missed that on November 7th.
(19:21:34) sgatz: I know you have completed all of the required WOWs. You have been very diligent about doing them.
(19:21:47) ppeterso: Thanks. I am getting to post reflections from my students plus a couple of posters and a nutrition project which students did about a meal they ate.

(19:22:13) sgatz: The rest of tonight's chat is for you to have work time to complete your journal, work on your Future Action Plan, or any other work you need to do.
(19:22:17) ppeterso: I like doing wows because I get a chance to read about projects I have never even thought of doing
(19:22:29) ppeterso: okay
(19:22:33) ppeterso: Thanks
(19:22:43) sgatz: I am here to help, but it is your time to use. You don't have to be in the chat room, even. You can leave and come back if you have questions.
(19:22:53) sgatz: I will be here until 8:15.
(19:23:14) ppeterso: okay--do you have any questions for me about what i am doing
(19:23:45) sgatz: No, I have been able to read your journal and have followed your progress.
(19:24:52) ppeterso: Take care--I'm going to work on my Future Action Plan
(19:25:28) sgatz: Good idea. Thanks for sticking to the task tonight and gettting the files posted.
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(19:29:26) lhouf: thanks Sharon- I'm going to take a look at the future action plan and I'll log back on if I have questions. bye!
(19:29:31) ppeterso: Where do we put the future action plan--is there a template to follow
(19:29:47) sgatz: Lynn-go ahead and I will be here if you need me.
(19:30:09) lhouf left the room.
(19:30:12) sgatz: Yes--let me get the link, Paula.
(19:30:49) ppeterso: thannks
(19:31:30) sgatz:
(19:31:37) sgatz: This is the page that explains the assignment
(19:31:50) sgatz: You will post the Future Action Plan in your Project Folder.
(19:31:57) sgatz: That is why you learned to upload tonight.
(19:33:04) ppeterso: The one I put the test image in
(19:33:22) sgatz: Yes.
(19:33:24) ppeterso: thanks
(19:33:34) sgatz: Okay--good luck. Let me know if you need help.
(20:17:32) sgatz left the room.
(20:18:26) ppeterso: goodnight--see you next week.:)
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