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(17:46:29) Chris: Welcome Susan M, Rachel, Ken, Paula, Marie, Barb
(17:49:45) ppeterso: :) Hi everyone
(17:51:51) Chris: Hi Paula, glad you made it early. I have to talk over some things in another back by start time.
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(18:01:32) Chris: Everyone is here but Rachel for our group tonight
(18:01:57) Chris: How is everyone doing? Worn out yet?
(18:02:07) smcnicho: Very.
(18:02:08) mgehrig: yes
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(18:02:18) rbernste: I am here...
(18:02:19) Chris: And Rachel arrives!
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(18:02:46) kend: With teaching, there's never enough time
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(18:03:03) ppeterso: yes, just finished a week of conferences
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(18:03:27) Chris: It is that time - conference time
(18:03:38) bfolan: yes we have them next week
(18:03:46) ppeterso: good luck
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(18:04:53) Chris: tonight we have two sessions....
(18:05:11) Chris: you are in the first right now...
(18:05:31) Chris: and we have two things on the agenda for this session...
(18:06:12) Chris: we will be discussing how we are applying what we have learned to what we are teaching now and what we plan on teaching in the future
(18:06:14) Chris: AND
(18:06:27) Chris: we will be posting a WOW on the bulletin board
(18:06:35) Chris: Which would you like to do first?
(18:06:42) ppeterso: either one
(18:06:55) mgehrig: the wow
(18:07:00) smcnicho: either
(18:07:26) Chris: Rachel? Sue?
(18:07:35) Chris: Ken?
(18:07:46) kend: no preference - wow is fine
(18:08:20) Chris: What about you Rachel?
(18:08:41) Chris: Barb?
(18:09:22) Chris: We have lurkers
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(18:09:33) Chris: Ok....we will do our WOW first
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(18:10:00) mgehrig: thanks
(18:10:01) Chris: We are to pick from Luann's, Kristin's, Ellen's, Julie W.'s, Jeanné's, or Lynn's Project Journal
(18:10:10) bfolan: Hello Sorry to interupt...
(18:10:28) bfolan: Rachel, Megan and I are all at school anfdthe power went out ...
(18:10:42) bfolan: It's obviously back on and we need a moment to catch up.
(18:11:01) Chris: I wondered what happened to you!
(18:11:12) Chris: Let me know when you are with us
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(18:11:34) rbernste: I am back>>>
(18:11:37) bfolan: I'm back and would like to discuss our projects first
(18:11:54) rbernste: Projects for sure!
(18:13:25) Chris: Sorry, we already started for the WOWs first...
(18:13:42) bfolan: no problem...
(18:13:47) rbernste: ok
(18:14:01) Chris: We are to pick from Luann's, Kristin's, Ellen's, Julie W.'s, Jeanné's, or Lynn's Project Journal
(18:14:08) bfolan: Should we be wowing now
(18:14:28) Chris: No....we have to choose a project to WOW
(18:14:29) bfolan: We'll go to plone now then
(18:14:38) Chris: Each one of you picks a different project
(18:14:52) Chris: I need to know who you are picking now
(18:15:10) Chris: Rachel - pick one
(18:15:25) Chris: As soon as you pick one, you can take off for plone
(18:15:29) ppeterso: I am not sure which project belongs to which name except Luanns which I already did a wow for
(18:15:33) rbernste: Kristin's
(18:15:42) kend: I have no idea - I'll pick Jeanne
(18:15:45) bfolan: I'll do Julie W if it's mot taken
(18:15:46) Chris: Rachel is doing Kristins and is off
(18:15:52) Chris: Ken is doing Jeanne and is off
(18:15:58) ppeterso: Which one has one for elementary school
(18:16:04) Chris: Barb is doing Jilie W and is off
(18:16:11) mgehrig: i'll do ellen if I can find it
(18:16:14) Chris: Paula....doesn't matter
(18:16:20) lauram: Hi Ellen's is not up yet
(18:16:23) Chris: Marie will do Ellen and is off
(18:16:33) Chris: that's right....
(18:16:39) lauram: you could do Ken's instead
(18:16:40) ppeterso: I don't which project belongs to these names
(18:16:44) Chris: Marie can you pick someone else
(18:16:47) mgehrig: ok who?
(18:17:08) Chris: Ken's
(18:17:16) bfolan: How do we know when to come back?
(18:17:20) Chris: We had to make a last minute adjustment
(18:17:28) mgehrig: ok
(18:17:28) Chris: Come back by 6:30
(18:17:32) smcnicho: whose is left to WOW?
(18:17:37) ppeterso: Me
(18:17:39) bfolan: Thanks
(18:17:59) ppeterso: who am I supposed to do
(18:18:03) mgehrig: ken what is you title
(18:18:05) Chris: Barb.....not Paula
(18:18:18) Chris: Barb do Lynns
(18:18:25) kend: My title is Teenage Pregnancy
(18:18:27) Chris: Paula do Jeannes
(18:18:36) ppeterso: What is her handle
(18:18:42) mgehrig: no, on the plone
(18:18:47) lauram: jlohfink
(18:18:56) mgehrig: Kdoody?
(18:19:02) lauram: Jeane's handle is jlohfink
(18:19:18) kend: This is Ken
(18:19:35) bfolan: I just used the internet earlier to post some stuff in plone. Our internet is not working at school right now. Maybe it has something to do with the power outage...
(18:19:53) bfolan: Rachel is checking in her room right now to see if one of the computers is working...
(18:20:07) bfolan: I am so sorry for this disaster.
(18:20:11) kend: My title is kdoody or kend - I'm not sure now
(18:20:13) Chris: OK, thanks for filling me in Barb
(18:20:23) bfolan: We'll keep trying
(18:20:28) lauram: Jeanne has her reflections in the item titled "Day 3 + 4 Jeanne" ...
(18:20:47) Chris: Ken - your journal entry folder is kdoody
(18:20:50) smcnicho: Whose project is left to look at?
(18:21:03) lauram: Your have to scroll down to the "During the project A" and During the Project B headings to see the content
(18:21:22) Chris: Sue- do one for kmorrow
(18:21:59) bfolan: Rachel is in her room and it is not working in her room? What should we do?
(18:22:39) Chris: I guess, you three will have to do the old "I PROMISE TO DO THIS ON MY OWN TIME" pledge
(18:22:52) rbernste: I promise...
(18:23:04) rbernste: We will try to restart and go in again.
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(18:23:17) Chris: Ok
(18:23:23) bfolan: I will;)
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(18:23:34) lauram: Luann and Julie W's don't look like they have been assigned yet
(18:24:24) kend: I still haven't gone yet - would you like me to take once since someone else took Jeanne
(18:25:08) lauram: Yes that would be good.
(18:25:25) kend: OK - help me out here. Do I go to Bulletin Board and look for ...?
(18:25:35) lauram: Would you like LuAnn's or JulieW?
(18:25:47) kend: Luanne
(18:26:14) lauram: ok, go to bulletin board and click on Project Journals link
(18:26:41) lauram: The one you want is titled "Lhopkins Cemetary Research".
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(18:26:50) kend: OK
(18:26:55) rbernste: we just tried it again and can't get on line
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(18:27:37) bfolan: No luck here either
(18:27:47) Chris: Ok.....lets go over who you are to post a WOW to so you can do it later this week.
(18:28:00) bfolan: julie w
(18:28:01) Chris: Barb, you are doing Lynn
(18:28:05) bfolan: ok
(18:28:22) rbernste: I am doing Kristen...right
(18:28:33) Chris: Rachel is doing Kristen - right
(18:28:43) rbernste: yes
(18:29:07) Chris: Barb are you doing Jilie W or Lynn?
(18:29:18) bfolan: I thought Julie W....
(18:29:20) ppeterso: done-
(18:29:23) bfolan: but it doesn't matter
(18:29:37) Chris: OK, Barb.....just want to make sure everyone is covered
(18:29:48) bfolan: who should I do?
(18:29:56) Chris: Julie W
(18:29:59) bfolan: thanks
(18:30:14) lauram: hi Julie W is the same as Julie Macshane
(18:30:19) Chris: Great are done posting the WOW
(18:30:29) Chris: Thanks Laura
(18:32:50) ppeterso: Do I just wait for everyone to come back
(18:33:16) Chris: Yes, they should be back shortly.
(18:33:26) mgehrig: cAN i WOW MORE THAN ONE?
(18:35:11) Chris: Sure....but we probably should cover the discussion topic with the remaining time.
(18:35:23) Chris: You can WOW someone any time
(18:35:34) Chris: It is really nice to see that others are reading what you post
(18:36:02) mgehrig: I wow until you are ready to move on
(18:36:15) Chris: :-)
(18:36:28) lauram: Marie, they are short on Jill's list
(18:36:40) Chris: OK.....I know that Marie and Paula are done....
(18:36:41) mgehrig: ok give me a name
(18:36:45) Chris: anyone else?
(18:36:53) lauram: How about Justine's?
(18:37:00) mgehrig: ok
(18:37:02) lauram: Thanks Marie!
(18:37:06) Chris: Good idea
(18:37:17) lauram: that is jschwarz
(18:37:27) mgehrig: thanks
(18:37:35) smcnicho: I'm finished.
(18:37:36) kend: I'm done with Luanne's and back on chat
(18:37:58) ppeterso: I posted 2 wows this pm
(18:38:08) Chris: Great!
(18:38:42) Chris: We have about 10 minutes to discuss our projects now
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(18:39:29) Chris: Anyone have a burnging issue they would like to discuss relating to your project?
(18:40:11) Chris: What has or is working well with student direction in your project?
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(18:40:41) smcnicho: I was wondering about the student postings?
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(18:40:43) ppeterso: I think it is great reading all these projects. I have never thought about some of these ideas before
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(18:41:05) Chris: I agree Paula....
(18:41:07) bfolan: Sorry the power went again...
(18:41:14) rbernste: the power went out again....this is starting to get really annoying
(18:41:16) Chris: What about the student postings Sue?
(18:41:29) Chris: I admire your dedication!!!
(18:41:39) Chris: And appreciate that you keep on coming back!
(18:41:44) smcnicho: What are we going to be posting? Many of my students did posters.
(18:41:47) bfolan: The custodian is going to call the police department to see if it's local problem
(18:42:12) mgehrig: I'm concerned about postings. Mine are doing a debate
(18:42:28) Chris: Can you take pictures of some of the posters and upload them
(18:42:50) bfolan: What if they are video?
(18:43:06) smcnicho: I could. How many are you looking for?
(18:43:19) Chris: Just a sampling....not all
(18:43:41) smcnicho: That should be easy enough.
(18:43:51) Chris: If is is a video, you could stream it but that gets complicated....
(18:44:04) bfolan: Some of mine were considering doing commercials for their project
(18:44:12) Chris: maybe a couple of frames from the video with a description of the video's content
(18:44:46) Chris: A debate.....maybe post a sampling of the dialog
(18:44:50) bfolan: Or I could take of picture of them while they are videoinh maybe
(18:44:57) Chris: or a picture of them debating
(18:45:06) Chris: Yes, Barb
(18:45:08) mgehrig: What if i AM NOT FINISHED WITH THE DEBATE BY THEN
(18:45:22) Chris: And always comments from students about the project are great
(18:45:46) bfolan: yes that's agood question because we don't have school ...
(18:45:51) Chris: Can you take pictures of them while they are working?
(18:46:08) bfolan: wednesday Thursday or Friday during the week of the 21st
(18:46:11) Chris: Get comments from then along the way while they are doing the project
(18:46:38) bfolan: The custoduan came back...
(18:46:49) bfolan: he said the power outages are a local problem...
(18:47:01) Chris: Custodians are terrific!
(18:47:03) bfolan: people are calling about their alarms...
(18:47:10) bfolan: must be the weather...
(18:47:24) bfolan: he's great he brought us a flashlight if it happens again
(18:48:07) ppeterso: it's raining pretty hard where i'm at too
(18:48:44) bfolan: I live near here as well so I hope it works when i go home
(18:48:51) smcnicho: Where are you? It's not bad weather on the south side.
(18:49:04) bfolan: schiller park near O'Hare
(18:49:10) ppeterso: i"m in warrenville near the fox valley mall
(18:49:22) mgehrig: It's cloudy but not raINY IN THE NORTH
(18:49:26) smcnicho: I'm south of Midway about 3 miles or so.
(18:49:33) rbernste: I live in Naperville
(18:49:50) mgehrig: They are predicting snowfor us by thursday
(18:49:58) mgehrig: brrrr
(18:50:06) ppeterso: i like snow
(18:50:10) bfolan: :(
(18:50:26) mgehrig: Ilove to ski
(18:50:29) Chris: Ok, follks../..
(18:50:35) Chris: time to go to your regular rooms
(18:50:41) ppeterso: bye
(18:50:41) Chris: and meet with your facilitator
(18:50:48) Chris: It has been a blast!
(18:50:54) mgehrig: bye
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(18:51:01) smcnicho: I stay put.
(18:51:04) Chris: Such excitement with the storm
(18:51:15) Chris: Yes, stay here
(18:51:16) smcnicho: We're like kids!
(18:51:20) bfolan: Bye thanks for your patience:)
(18:51:29) Chris: Bye
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(18:51:31) Luann: Hi Chris... great to be here
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(18:51:58) Luann: Can't I just stay in your room for the next two weeks?
(18:52:00) Chris: Hi Luann
(18:52:12) Chris: Sure!!!!
(18:52:14) Luann: I'm comfortable here with our group
(18:52:21) smcnicho: I like it here, too.
(18:52:31) Luann: Susan, thanks for the article
(18:52:55) kend left the room.
(18:52:59) smcnicho: You're welcome. You could use some of the ideas as extentions.
(18:53:16) Luann: yes,
(18:53:41) Luann: Was that a middle school magazine you got that from?
(18:53:52) Pam [] entered the room.
(18:54:02) Chris: Hi Pam
(18:54:18) Chris: Has anyone seen Amy tonight?
(18:54:21) smcnicho: Your project interested me from the beginning because I love cemetaries. It was from Science Scope, published by the Natl. Science Teachers Assoc. NSTA
(18:54:22) aturkot [] entered the room.
(18:54:31) Pam: Hi. Has everyone else posted their response? I'm still reading.
(18:54:35) Chris: There she is.....Hi Amy
(18:54:44) aturkot: I'm here... I had to read everything in order to post the wow
(18:55:23) Luann: Hi Amy
(18:55:24) Chris: Pam, can you finish in about 5 minutes?
(18:55:29) Pam: Yep
(18:55:33) aturkot: Hi there...
(18:55:43) aturkot: can I will be right back
(18:55:46) Luann: Sorry I didn't get your email until 4pm
(18:55:49) Chris: OK, we will talk about the week for 5 minutes until you are done.
(18:55:50) aturkot: not can I will
(18:56:16) Chris: How are your projects coming along/
(18:56:23) Luann: Great... I have a question
(18:56:34) Luann: how do we post our revised plan?
(18:57:21) Chris: Do you mean your future action plan?
(18:57:24) Luann: yes
(18:58:25) Chris: You upload it to your project folder
(18:58:41) Luann: Does it replace what is there?
(18:59:24) Luann: My concern is how do I replace just the parts I want to replace without retyping the whole thing?
(18:59:31) Chris: You would title it something like futureactionplan and it will be part of the documents in your folder.
(18:59:40) Luann: ok
(18:59:47) Chris: Do you have a copy of what is posted already?
(18:59:54) Luann: so both plans are there basically
(18:59:56) Luann: yes
(19:00:04) Chris: Then you can use that and make changes and post again as futureactionplan
(19:00:08) Chris: yes
(19:00:13) Luann: ok thanks
(19:00:20) aturkot: okay I'm back
(19:00:50) Chris: Great Amy....we are all caught up now!
(19:01:04) aturkot: okay good... I swtiched laundry while I was at it
(19:01:12) aturkot: good thing I can multi task
(19:01:22) Luann: You are so talented
(19:01:24) Chris: :-)
(19:01:37) Chris: OK.....the task we have for this second session is ...
(19:01:48) Chris: to upload one document to our project folders
(19:02:12) Chris: It can be a dummy document or something you really want to upload
(19:02:36) aturkot: is it something that I can scan in?
(19:02:38) Chris: Does everyone have something they can upload?
(19:02:45) Chris: Sure
(19:02:59) Luann: yes...Im doing a test document
(19:03:00) aturkot: I wasn't thinking about the Kisperation that I did and I don't have that here but I have a hard copy
(19:03:41) Pam: yes
(19:04:23) Chris: Amy, you can upload any can just be a word document that says "HI"
(19:05:00) aturkot: okay but I have the one thing that I would like to scan anyway... but I can just do hi too
(19:05:45) Chris: What ever you want Amy
(19:05:56) aturkot: okay
(19:06:01) Chris: Did you all get the email with the address of the help document
(19:06:08) Pam: yes
(19:06:19) aturkot: let me check
(19:06:26) Luann: yes, I printed it out
(19:06:31) aturkot: yes I have it printed too
(19:06:50) smcnicho: yes
(19:07:15) Chris: Great- it helps sometimes to have a hard copy in front of you when doing tech stuff
(19:07:54) Chris: First, make sure that what you want to upload has a file name with only lower case letters and numbers...
(19:07:55) smcnicho: my printer is not working.
(19:08:02) Chris: and NO SPACES
(19:08:15) Chris: Don't worry Sue, you will be fine
(19:08:27) aturkot: should I try and scan it now?
(19:08:38) Chris: So, everyone's document has a good name, correct?
(19:08:44) Chris: Yes, Amy
(19:08:49) smcnicho: yes
(19:08:54) Pam: yes
(19:08:56) Luann: yes, and it has to say .doc if word document
(19:09:08) aturkot: okay i am doing scanning now I will work fast
(19:09:09) Chris: Yes, Luann....thanks
(19:09:46) Chris: We will go over a couple of pointers while you scan.....let us know when you are ready
(19:10:08) Chris: The nice thing about uploading to plone is ...
(19:10:21) Chris: that you can create folders within folders if you wish...
(19:10:30) Chris: and then upload to the various folders.
(19:10:43) Chris: The bad part is that you can't upload an entire folder at once...
(19:10:52) Chris: only one document at a time....
(19:11:03) Chris: but once you get the hang of it, you can go pretty fast.
(19:11:15) Chris: As long a you don't have power outages :-)
(19:11:43) Chris: You can upload almost any document....
(19:12:02) Chris: you just have to have the correct extension for the file.
(19:12:12) Chris: Powerpoint files need to have .ppt
(19:12:19) aturkot: okay I think that I scanned it right... it is a new all in one printer
(19:12:20) Chris: Word files need .doc
(19:12:31) Chris: OK, Pam
(19:12:47) Pam: Yes?
(19:12:47) Chris: Do you have a good filename and extension?
(19:12:54) Pam: Sure do
(19:13:09) Chris: OK, everyone ready to try uploading?
(19:13:13) Luann: yes
(19:13:19) smcnicho: what about .pdf?
(19:13:35) Chris: same there Sue, just use the .pdf
(19:13:41) smcnicho: ok
(19:13:58) aturkot: I think so
(19:14:07) Chris: Great
(19:14:33) Chris: We just need to go to your project folder on plone
(19:15:10) Luann: Can we do that by clicking on Linc homepage projects
(19:15:16) Chris: so if you log in to plone and then click on the Projects folder on the left of the screen, that should take you there
(19:15:22) Chris: Yes
(19:16:09) Luann: computer is acting will take a minute
(19:16:39) Chris: No problem, just let me know when you are all there
(19:16:57) aturkot: i'm there.. I have things in there from summer I think
(19:16:58) Pam: there
(19:17:11) Chris: That's fine Amy
(19:17:31) Luann: think I'm there
(19:17:42) smcnicho: There
(19:17:55) Chris: Once you get to the project folder area, then find your folder in the listing and click on that
(19:18:15) Luann: ok
(19:18:19) aturkot: ok
(19:18:47) smcnicho: ok
(19:18:57) Pam: ok
(19:20:01) Chris: Now you can pull down the "add a new item" menu and select file
(19:20:51) aturkot: ok
(19:21:13) Luann: ok
(19:21:50) smcnicho: ok
(19:22:31) Chris: Are you at that point Pam?
(19:22:57) Pam: Yes
(19:23:09) Chris: Now you are ready to type in a title for the file----something short
(19:23:43) Chris: And then a brief description of the item.....just so you or someone looking at your files will know what it is
(19:24:24) Pam: ok
(19:24:28) aturkot: ok
(19:24:35) Luann: I have mine loaded and it worked!!
(19:24:35) smcnicho: done
(19:24:42) Chris: Then you click on the Choose File button to get the directory of your computer so you can click on the file you want to upload
(19:24:50) Chris: Then click SAVE
(19:24:59) Chris: Great Luann!
(19:25:17) Pam: finished
(19:25:25) Chris: Yeah Pam!
(19:25:46) aturkot: I hit save and it did nothing
(19:25:53) aturkot: maybe I need more patience
(19:26:11) Chris: Patience is a good thing....hard at times, but a good thing
(19:26:32) aturkot: it is still thinking
(19:26:45) Luann: You should have gotten a screen with the title of your page and then...
(19:26:47) aturkot: It worked...
(19:26:49) aturkot: yeah
(19:26:49) Chris: You had a picture file which is larger in size
(19:26:56) Luann: Great
(19:27:00) Chris: Yahoo Amy!
(19:27:09) aturkot: now I have another one to do... it is my favorite
(19:27:57) Chris: We all did it!!!
(19:28:20) Chris: Now you would just repeat those steps for each file you want to upload to your project folder
(19:28:37) Luann: We surely are the gifted group!!!
(19:28:51) Chris: you bet!
(19:28:56) Chris: Are any of you uploading web pages?
(19:29:05) Luann: Was going to try
(19:29:27) Chris: That is fine....just wanted to let you know...
(19:29:34) smcnicho: not me
(19:29:39) Pam: Yes, but the pictures won't uplad, correct?
(19:29:39) aturkot: I don't
(19:29:44) Chris: if you are uploading webpages, they should all be in the same folder
(19:30:05) Chris: your webpage folder on your computer should look the same as the one on plone....
(19:30:31) Chris: so if you have graphics in a seperate folder within your webfolder, you need to create the same folder structure on plone.
(19:30:40) Pam: Gotcha.
(19:30:44) Luann: ok
(19:31:02) Chris: OK guys, you are done.
(19:31:10) Luann: Yes!!!
(19:31:24) Luann: Do we get out early tonight?
(19:31:27) Chris: I will stay here until 8:15 if you want to keep uploading but you can go now if you want.
(19:31:35) Chris: Yes you do.....
(19:31:46) Chris: we call it homework time....
(19:31:52) Chris: time for you to work on your own
(19:31:58) aturkot: I will try my other one
(19:32:06) Luann: I have to have my web page published so it is linked to my school page before I can upload
(19:32:06) Chris: but I will stay around in case someone has questions.
(19:32:10) Pam: Yes, I could use some of that.
(19:32:49) Chris: Luann, then maybe all you have to do is upload a word document with the URL of your webpage on it.
(19:33:04) Chris: Or,I think you can upload just a link
(19:33:10) Luann: Maybe
(19:33:26) Pam: Goodbye.
(19:33:33) Chris: Bye Pam
(19:33:42) Pam left the room.
(19:34:07) smcnicho: Talk to you next week.
(19:34:10) Luann: I;m thinking the word doc with my URL would work... can't get to my page
(19:34:15) smcnicho left the room.
(19:34:17) Luann: computer wacked again
(19:34:55) Chris: With the Word doc you can give a brief description of what the person will see when they click on your URL to your webpages
(19:35:01) Chris: pesky computer
(19:35:21) Luann: You know when I am online awhile and try to switch to a new page or bring up a new window...
(19:35:30) Luann: it keeps telling me can't find the page...
(19:35:43) Luann: have to restart computer frutstrating
(19:36:30) Chris: That would be! I admire your stick-to-it-iveness :-)
(19:36:47) Luann: Well, have to restart so will sign off for now.
(19:37:27) Luann left the room.
(19:38:21) Chris: bye
(19:39:46) aturkot: I have a question while my other one is saving
(19:39:56) Chris: shoot
(19:40:04) aturkot: we should white out any names on the papers correct?
(19:40:21) aturkot: oh yeah!!!! it worked... what an accomplishment
(19:40:30) Chris: Good question and I would say yes....or at least use just their first name
(19:40:39) Chris: Great job Amy!
(19:41:51) aturkot: okay I am going to go and plan some other things... wish I would have brought home some rubrics to upload
(19:41:57) aturkot: oh well there is always tomorrow
(19:42:12) Chris: But you are an expert now!
(19:42:25) aturkot: also I think that I am all caught up now... it said that i didn't do the WOW for the 24th or the reflection and they are there
(19:42:33) aturkot: I told Jill but I just wanted to let you know too
(19:42:41) Chris: thanks!
(19:42:53) Chris: We will be updating that page this Wed
(19:43:35) aturkot: okay thanks.. have a great week and if I have questions I will let you know
(19:44:02) Chris: Be sure to do that.....both a good week and let me know if you have problems!
(19:44:35) aturkot: thanks
(19:44:41) aturkot: goodnight
(19:44:43) aturkot left the room.
(19:44:50) Chris: night
(20:18:49) ppeterso left the room.
(20:32:19) Chris left the room.