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(17:59:37) smeehan: Hello everyone
(17:59:43) Jeanne: Howdy
(17:59:46) jmac3412: Hello!
(17:59:50) lhopkins: hello
(18:00:46) smeehan: I know we have another minute or so to get started. Ellen wrote to say she won't be joinng us tonight
(18:02:38) smeehan: Well I guess Kristin will join us later.
(18:03:03) smeehan: How have your projects been going this week?
(18:03:07) smeehan: Anyone?
(18:03:19) jmac3412: good for me...the kids are having a blast!
(18:03:22) lhopkins: I'll go...
(18:03:38) lhopkins: We kind of went back to square one...
(18:03:53) lhopkins: some of the research we tried to do we couldn't find any info...
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(18:04:09) lhopkins: so we did some more brain storming to decide what we can do with our data
(18:04:25) smeehan: How did that turn out Luann?
(18:04:39) lhopkins: We came up with good ideas and broke into groups to work on it and came up with a plan so we are on our way
(18:05:05) smeehan: Good, I am glad to here that part went well.
(18:05:22) smeehan: Jeanne how is your project progressing?
(18:05:25) Jeanne: I didn't get a chance to work with the students of my partners. We met and discussed, but last week we were working to contract, which scrambled lots of schedules.
(18:06:04) Jeanne: The students are beginning researching this week in the library. We'll see how much they've retained.
(18:06:18) smeehan: Sounds good
(18:06:29) smeehan: Kristin how is your project?
(18:06:41) kmorrow: great-I am in the final stretch,thanks
(18:06:51) smeehan: That must feel good.
(18:07:05) smeehan: Tonight we want to talk about transfer...
(18:07:11) kmorrow: very good with conferences approaching, etc.
(18:07:20) smeehan: I was wondering as you have been working...
(18:07:34) smeehan: on your project and the Engaged Learning model...
(18:08:07) smeehan: have you considered appliying some of the EL principles in other aspects of your teaching?
(18:08:39) lhopkins: Yes, we are doing Ancient Egypt and my kids are researching what they want to know
(18:08:57) smeehan: Can you tell us how you started that?
(18:09:15) jmac3412: my teaching partner and I are thinking about using it more intensively for our unit on learning about people who help us at school
(18:09:23) lhopkins: We brain stormed topics and they are researching and deciding how to present the materian
(18:09:35) lhopkins: I also showed a video on mummy's
(18:09:43) lhopkins: to peak their interest
(18:09:48) kmorrow: also great to use with the third grade communities unit and studying different cultures...i think i will try that one at the beginning of school next year
(18:10:01) smeehan: So the video was your hook?
(18:10:08) lhopkins: Yes
(18:10:14) smeehan: Neat ideas Julie and kristin
(18:10:23) Jeanne: I am trying to write a small EL project to work with the 5th graders. It's about finding directions on maps, deciding how to make everyone happy on a vacation. It's just in the writing stages.
(18:10:41) lhopkins: Let me know how it works... I teach 5th
(18:10:51) smeehan: What hook would you consider for that project Jeanne?
(18:10:56) Jeanne: It seems to grow bigger by the minute, especially when I want to work with the computer teachers.
(18:11:27) Jeanne: Possibly a discussion on best and worst vacations that they have taken.
(18:12:02) smeehan: Let me ask this question...
(18:12:13) lhopkins: Maybe their dream vacation
(18:12:14) Jeanne: I mean small groups. At the end, they will propose a vacation plan to their family on a budget. If we have time, then even seeing how much they would need to save each week to get there.\
(18:12:27) smeehan: As you consider the differenet EL elements is one more transferable than another?
(18:12:54) smeehan: To new units I mean.
(18:12:59) Jeanne: Choice is transferable. So is shared decision manking
(18:13:20) Jeanne: Formative and summative assessments.
(18:14:12) Jeanne: Thats all I see. Any ideas from others?

(18:14:18) smeehan: Any other thoughts?
(18:15:25) jmac3412: none here
(18:15:25) lhopkins: I think the basic format is transferable...
(18:15:34) kmorrow: i agree
(18:15:48) lhopkins: the hard parts are the hook and making the experience real life
(18:15:56) smeehan: Okay, well what aspect of the EL lesson design do you think the students most favor?
(18:16:18) kmorrow: freedon, ability to make choices, collaboration
(18:16:24) Jeanne: Some control.
(18:16:28) kmorrow: freedom that is
(18:16:28) lhopkins: Most students like the choice and freedom
(18:16:53) lhopkins: I think collaboration is big for many students
(18:16:58) smeehan: What has been working best in the area of student direction in your projects?
(18:17:06) lhopkins: Not having to do it by yourself
(18:17:24) jmac3412: letting the students take more ownership...they value it more
(18:17:28) kmorrow: assessment is much more teacher and child friendly
(18:18:00) lhopkins: don't know
(18:18:15) smeehan: Kristin how have your studnets reacted to the different form of assessment?
(18:19:18) kmorrow: they know the expectations and they get a lot more out of dialogue than they would from a red pen on paper
(18:19:47) smeehan: That would be a heck of a lot more motivating from a students perspective.
(18:20:04) kmorrow: sure is
(18:20:42) smeehan: It sounds like some of you have plans or ideas to do an EL unit later this year. What units in your curriculum would you consider doing as an EL project?
(18:21:08) kmorrow: next year-communities and exploring different cultures...
(18:21:27) kmorrow: it lends itself perfectly to the state standards in S. Studies
(18:21:42) jmac3412: science and social studies for me...we do a animal research unit in the spring that this will definitely work for
(18:21:45) lhopkins: In the spring we are doing a unit on WWII...I see this as a great opportunity to do EL unit
(18:22:26) Jeanne: I am hoping that the collaboration on these types of projects will lead to more collaboration with other teachers.
(18:22:31) lhopkins: I think when units cover a large area...
(18:22:48) lhopkins: it is a great opportunity to let students drive their instruction
(18:23:01) Jeanne: These types of projects are so much more engaging than your standard--pick an animal from this list and answer these questions.
(18:23:11) lhopkins: I agree Jeanne
(18:23:30) smeehan: Those sound like topics that have lots of potential. It will really be in your interests to try another EL since you have been through this one I would imagine they will perform even better the next time.
(18:23:31) jmac3412: definitely
(18:23:42) lhopkins: I hope so
(18:23:57) smeehan: Build on the skills they develop.
(18:24:11) Jeanne: Definitely
(18:24:19) jmac3412: that's one thing that I have put in my'll be easier next time
(18:25:09) smeehan: As you work through this project is there anything you would do differently in the way you facilitate the learning?
(18:25:59) kmorrow: sometimes its so hard to stay out of it! When I hear kids struggling a bit to collaborate...
(18:26:15) jmac3412: do more instruction on how to know where you'll find the information they are looking's difficult though because they all want to learn something different, so I can't prepare them all on good places to look on a website
(18:26:24) lhopkins: Asking more questions to guide them
(18:26:29) kmorrow: i know they can work it out, but sometimes i jump in a mediate! that is my next goal
(18:26:33) smeehan: Kristen I have trouble staying out also:)
(18:26:58) Jeanne: For sources, work with your librarian in teaching general searching strategies.
(18:27:07) smeehan: It is my teachers need to help, and to talk.
(18:27:12) Jeanne: They may be able to use some of the ideas I've offered in my reflections
(18:27:57) smeehan: What about the point Jeanne brings up, looking back how would you have better prepared your support staff?
(18:28:00) jmac3412: that's a good idea, i can try that one too next time!
(18:28:26) smeehan: Did you have support?
(18:28:36) Jeanne: You know, public libraries would love to know these topics ahead of time.
(18:28:53) Jeanne: I would hope that both the public and your school library could help you.
(18:29:09) jmac3412: we got books from the library but that's about it. i also had a support staff teacher help in the lab a few times, but that's about it. we didn't really know what to expect when we started it...
(18:29:21) Jeanne: Also, for support, did anyone involve their principal or let him/her know what was going on?
(18:29:42) lhopkins: Yes, I let me principal...he said let me know how I can help
(18:29:46) jmac3412: a new computer lab that wasn't set up for a long time, a new librarian, and a big question mark as to how 1st graders would do on the computers
(18:29:47) Jeanne: I didn't and just thought about it. Mnybe a good idea for the newsletter that goes out as well
(18:30:04) kmorrow: my principal encouraged me to do the project so i was backed 100%
(18:30:41) kmorrow: its noce for them to know...
(18:31:24) kmorrow: because the learning environment can look so differnt in an EL situation and then they are aware that we are "trying" new things and they won't always be running perfectly
(18:31:33) lhopkins: In the future...after I hooked my class... I would send a newsletter out to parents and staff letting them know what we are doing in case they have any ideas to help
(18:31:55) smeehan: Julie, it can be hard to anticipate. Now that you have been through part of it what kind of support would you ask for with 1st graders?
(18:32:38) jmac3412: parent help reading the websites...that's been our biggest obstacle
(18:32:57) lhopkins: What about 5th or 6th grade buddies to help on the computers
(18:33:41) jmac3412: we talked about that...but our computer time is during the upper grade lunches/specials times
(18:34:19) lhopkins: In the future can the principal help with that like changing lunch times for a quarter...we used to do that
(18:34:20) jmac3412: had we had a better way of signing up we could have planned for that, but we had a hectic beginning this year, and things were definietly done quickly and late
(18:34:33) jmac3412: *at our school
(18:34:41) kmorrow: maybe something to shoot for for next year
(18:34:48) smeehan: I know this conversation is not completed but I am going to ask you to change gears
(18:34:52) jmac3412: definitely
(18:34:56) smeehan: So....
(18:35:06) smeehan: Our next task is...
(18:35:24) smeehan: to read some of the postings and to post a WOW response...
(18:35:37) smeehan: We have the following journals to read from...
(18:36:00) smeehan: Barbs, Maries, Paula's or Rachel's...
(18:36:22) lhopkins: Need last names to find projects...Paula is Peterson
(18:36:33) smeehan: I would like you to select one, tell us which one and then I will let you go until 6:45 to post then come back
(18:36:47) smeehan: Barb folan
(18:36:54) smeehan: Marie Gerhig
(18:36:55) lhopkins: Paula Peterson
(18:36:57) kmorrow: rachel bernstein
(18:37:27) smeehan: Okay go ahead it looks like Luann will read Paula's is that correct?
(18:37:34) lhopkins: yes
(18:37:40) smeehan: Kristin do you have rachel?
(18:37:43) kmorrow: yes
(18:37:48) Jeanne: I'll read Barb's
(18:38:05) smeehan: Jule that leaves you with Maria
(18:38:21) smeehan: Okay so I will see you back here at 6:45
(18:38:32) jmac3412: ok, i was just trying to look them over to see which one i would like to do, but that's fine.
(18:38:36) smeehan: you can go to plone and read and post tot he journals.
(18:38:42) smeehan: Thanks
(18:38:44) smeehan: Julie
(18:38:51) smeehan: Thanks Julie
(18:40:09) jmac3412: maria gehrig?
(18:40:24) jmac3412: *marie
(18:40:30) Jeanne: Yes
(18:42:23) smeehan: Yes, sorry
(18:48:09) smeehan: Did you all get your wows posted, please say yes or no
(18:48:14) jmac3412: yes
(18:48:18) smeehan: thanks
(18:48:19) Jeanne: Typing them now
(18:48:23) smeehan: okay
(18:48:35) lhopkins: yes
(18:48:40) smeehan: great
(18:48:49) smeehan: kristin?
(18:49:03) kmorrow: yes
(18:49:15) smeehan: Okay hold on a minute ,...
(18:49:30) smeehan: I will let you know when to switch tot he next group. Thanks
(18:50:40) smeehan: Okay thanks it is time to switch rooms
(18:50:46) smeehan: do you know where to go?
(18:50:49) lhopkins: good-bye
(18:50:52) smeehan: bye
(18:51:06) kmorrow: bye
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(18:51:32) smeehan: hello justine
(18:51:49) jschwarz: hi
(18:51:52) rbernste [] entered the room.
(18:52:05) smeehan: Hello Rachel
(18:52:10) bfolan [] entered the room.
(18:52:20) rbernste: Stephen, our power keeps going off so bear with us. ....
(18:52:23) smeehan: Hello barb
(18:52:27) bfolan: hello
(18:52:31) rbernste: Us meaning Barb, Rachel and Megan
(18:52:35) spiltave [] entered the room.
(18:52:36) smeehan: Thanks
(18:52:41) smeehan: Hello Sue
(18:52:55) bfolan: The custodian called the police to see if it was a local problem...
(18:52:55) spiltave: Hi Stephen. I miised our group last seesion.
(18:53:07) bfolan: it is becuse people are calling about their alrms...
(18:53:24) bfolan: He kindly left us a flashlight in case it goes out again...
(18:53:37) spiltave: who is there with you? Eddie
(18:53:44) bfolan: We can't use the internet yes
(18:53:47) mgarrity [] entered the room.
(18:53:48) bfolan: yes sue
(18:54:02) bfolan: Sue any ideas on how to get the internet working again
(18:54:02) rbernste: Ed and Flore
(18:54:10) bfolan: we tried to restart
(18:54:38) smeehan: At this point of tonights class we will be doing office hours...
(18:55:12) smeehan: What we want to do is have everyone upload at least one file to the plone. Did you all get the directions fo rthat?
(18:55:25) mgarrity: yes
(18:55:25) bfolan: yes
(18:55:29) jschwarz: yes, but haven't had time to read
(18:55:33) spiltave: yes
(18:55:35) smeehan: Okay
(18:55:51) bfolan: Yea, the internet is back up so we can post to plone...
(18:56:01) rbernste: Yes
(18:56:02) smeehan: We did this last summer, boy does that seem like forever ago...
(18:56:05) bfolan: I was nervous that we wouldn't be able to do that.
(18:56:10) bfolan: i agree
(18:56:15) smeehan: You can select something to post...
(18:56:24) rbernste: yes
(18:56:48) smeehan: if you don't have anything you want to post right now go ahead and make a practice word document to upload
(18:57:13) bfolan: ok
(18:57:21) smeehan: Do any of you feel confident enough to try this on your own?
(18:57:25) spiltave: are you going to walk us through it or should I print the email
(18:57:37) rbernste: We have the email printed out
(18:57:39) smeehan: I can do either Sue?
(18:57:59) spiltave: rachel, i love u>:o
(18:58:08) smeehan: :)
(18:58:14) rbernste: I know you do!!!!!:-*
(18:58:21) spiltave: I would prefer that you walk me through it.
(18:58:26) mgarrity: me too
(18:58:40) bfolan: I'm going to try it and if I have trouble I'll ask...
(18:58:55) bfolan: I'm just so glad that the computer is working again...
(18:58:59) smeehan: Okay, I will do that. First let me give anyone who want to try this with me to take a minute to get a practice document ready.
(18:59:03) bfolan: I almost had a panic attack
(18:59:11) smeehan: Okay barb go for it.
(18:59:20) rbernste: What kind?
(18:59:22) smeehan: Any one elkse want to join Sue and I?
(18:59:30) jschwarz: i do
(18:59:37) smeehan: Rachel any image or doc file will do.
(18:59:49) bfolan: maybe I will go through it with you. Maybe the step by step will help meremember
(19:00:00) mgarrity: me. i want to join you
(19:00:02) smeehan: Okay let me know when you have a file that you can send up for practice.
(19:00:07) spiltave: Rachel I opened word and wrote "PRACTICE DOCUMENT"
(19:00:14) spiltave: then I saved
(19:00:27) smeehan: That sounds good Sue. That will work
(19:00:30) bfolan: i wrote this is a test
(19:00:31) mgarrity: i have a file ready
(19:00:35) rbernste: Thanks for the idea sue
(19:00:52) jschwarz: ready any time you are
(19:00:55) spiltave: ur welcome
(19:00:59) rbernste: Ready
(19:01:05) smeehan: Okay it sounds like some of you are ready
(19:01:29) spiltave: yes
(19:01:39) smeehan: Now we need to have you open up plone , and set it up so that you can still see the chat window.
(19:01:54) bfolan: done
(19:02:04) jschwarz: done
(19:02:16) smeehan: good anyone else?
(19:02:36) spiltave: yes
(19:02:57) rbernste: done
(19:03:32) mgarrity: just got it
(19:03:49) smeehan: Okay since we are all trying to post simultaneously things may run a bit slow.
(19:04:05) smeehan: Go ahead and log into plone let me know when you are ready
(19:04:12) bfolan: done
(19:04:12) spiltave: logged in
(19:04:20) jschwarz: ready
(19:04:37) smeehan: Good are you in the 2005 folder?
(19:04:44) spiltave: yes
(19:04:53) bfolan: yes
(19:05:03) smeehan: Can you see the "projects" folder?
(19:05:03) mgarrity: I am in
(19:05:27) spiltave: yes
(19:05:27) jschwarz: i am in my folder
(19:05:54) smeehan: if you can see the projects folder go ahead and click on the folder - remember this is a single click.
(19:06:10) smeehan: Let me know when you are there.
(19:06:29) spiltave: I'm in
(19:06:33) bfolan: i'm in
(19:06:49) smeehan: Okay, then click on your folder - single click
(19:06:53) mgarrity: i am in
(19:07:04) bfolan: yes
(19:07:05) rbernste: I am in as well
(19:07:15) spiltave: ok
(19:07:27) rbernste: k
(19:07:35) smeehan: In the top of this window you should see the Add item text.
(19:07:52) spiltave: add new item?
(19:07:54) bfolan: add new item?
(19:08:18) smeehan: We will click and hold then drag down to file. You will use file even if you are planning on adding a document. does that make sense?
(19:08:19) rbernste: I don't see it
(19:08:44) smeehan: Rachel it is next to but not one of the tabs.
(19:08:44) spiltave: no
(19:08:50) smeehan: Do you see it now?
(19:09:01) rbernste: yes thanks to barb
(19:09:13) spiltave: got it
(19:09:18) smeehan: Okay good. thanks Barb:)
(19:09:26) smeehan: Sue...
(19:09:58) rbernste: done
(19:10:01) smeehan: when we add a word document we will us eht eadd new item and then select file. We will not use the add new item document option
(19:10:11) rbernste: and saved
(19:10:16) smeehan: Graet
(19:10:23) smeehan: Great Rachel
(19:10:34) bfolan: what file are we dragging to?
(19:10:49) smeehan: Okay go ahead and go to add new item and file. then browse to your new file.
(19:10:56) spiltave: So I browsed at the bottom and found my file
(19:11:06) smeehan: barb you select your practice file to upload
(19:11:38) smeehan: oka sue. you can add a description, and then select save
(19:11:56) smeehan: how is it going questions?
(19:12:13) mgarrity: I added my file.
(19:12:38) bfolan: hold on it keeps going to edit file
(19:12:44) spiltave: I didn't type a tile, but it is in my listof assignments
(19:12:52) bfolan: what am I doing wrong?
(19:13:01) jschwarz: I was able to load a file, but I added a document fuirst. How do Iget rid of it
(19:13:03) smeehan: Rachel I checked your and it looks just like a practice document:) super!
(19:14:14) smeehan: Justine I don't think you can remove it. let me see I will check
(19:14:26) smeehan: Barb tell me what is happening?
(19:14:40) bfolan: o.K.
(19:15:24) bfolan: i CLICKED AND DRAGGED IT DOWN..oops didn't mean to capitalize
(19:15:26) smeehan: Justine wants to remove the file. Justine this is what you do.
(19:15:37) jschwarz: ok
(19:15:47) smeehan: in the folder view click on the contents tab
(19:16:18) jschwarz: ok
(19:16:40) jschwarz: got it
(19:16:50) smeehan: Then place a check infront of the document you wish to remove and then click delete at the bottom of the window.
(19:17:08) jschwarz: this is easier than the summer
(19:17:11) smeehan: Barb did you get it taken care of?
(19:17:23) smeehan: Yes I think the server is lots faster.
(19:17:43) mgarrity: I deleted my file also
(19:18:04) smeehan: Megan I take it you are okay then with how plone works?
(19:18:04) bfolan: I think so
(19:18:47) mgarrity: yes. i have made huge gains since the summer
(19:18:58) smeehan: We wanted to go through this because we are going to be asking you to post your future action plan, students reactions and reflections to the project and other updated project pages>
(19:19:14) mgarrity: this was good practice
(19:19:19) rbernste: great
(19:19:32) spiltave: so we can do the same? Type a word document and upload?
(19:19:36) smeehan: At this point in time we still are limited to uploading one file/image/document at a time.
(19:19:49) smeehan: yes
(19:19:57) bfolan: yes
(19:20:38) smeehan: Web pages with their graphics can take some time to upload, becuase each file needs to get posted seperately
(19:21:13) smeehan: You do not need to load up your web pages if you can post them somewhere else that we can all see.
(19:21:25) smeehan: okay?
(19:21:40) jschwarz: sounds good
(19:22:03) smeehan: thanks justine. Any questions.
(19:22:07) spiltave: what type of web page do we have to do?
(19:23:35) rbernste: we did a web page this summer sue!
(19:23:37) smeehan: Sue, as you know some peoples projects are doen in web pages. We would like people to post any changes they made to their project. In some cases it is easier to post these pages to a web server rather than the plone. You have a choice to post your projects web pages to plone or a server of your own. It
(19:23:51) smeehan: just has to be visible for everyone
(19:24:13) smeehan: okay?
(19:24:34) spiltave: I'm sorry. I get so lost:'(
(19:24:42) smeehan: No probelm.
(19:24:58) smeehan: Any questions about posting or uploading to plone?
(19:25:04) spiltave: no
(19:25:13) jschwarz: nope
(19:25:19) smeehan: anyone else?
(19:25:46) bfolan: I need to practice more...
(19:25:50) bfolan: I get nervous....
(19:25:59) bfolan: In our earlier discussion...
(19:26:09) bfolan: they talked about student pages to upload...
(19:26:28) bfolan: are we supposed to do that? ...
(19:26:44) bfolan: If we send pictures...well they be posted anywhere else...
(19:26:54) bfolan: di we need permission in other words
(19:27:25) smeehan: We would like you to upload any pages that you have created to be used with your project. One example of a page you didn't have earlier might be the rubric you are using....
(19:27:44) smeehan: another example might be a reflection sheet you make available to studnets.
(19:28:02) smeehan: No the pictures will not be posted anywhere else.
(19:28:14) jschwarz: is this something we can access after we finish this course
(19:28:27) bfolan: I know about that but they made it seem in an earleier discussion that we are supposed to upload exmples of work in other words
(19:28:49) smeehan: We would also like to see a student sample work if possible, but as barb points out you most likely should remove student names.
(19:28:52) bfolan: what if the work is a video like a commercial or apowerpoint
(19:29:36) smeehan: Powerpoint would upload. Even small video, but if you are concerned about specific products we can talk more about them.
(19:30:14) bfolan: That is manageable...
(19:30:16) smeehan: Justine it will be available, after the class, I will check for just how long?
(19:30:26) jschwarz: thanks
(19:30:31) bfolan: I just want to make sure that students' privacy is protected....
(19:30:48) bfolan: If i send you pictures of them working I need permission from parent correct?
(19:31:50) smeehan: Every school has different policies, I would not be surprised that you might need permission. In my district as long as I am not including names and do not have picts of individuals it is okay,
(19:32:03) smeehan: Of course follow your districts guidelines.
(19:32:05) bfolan: Sue do you know?
(19:32:22) spiltave: not specifically. I'll ask Jen
(19:32:32) bfolan: thanks
(19:32:37) smeehan: Justine I have been told you will have access to contents for at least one year.
(19:32:48) jschwarz: thanks
(19:32:56) bfolan: Maybe we could include their pictures on the website for future use...
(19:33:05) bfolan: so next year they have examples
(19:33:25) jschwarz: this project is taking longer than expected and taking on a life of its own
(19:33:46) bfolan: I agree...what if we are not completely done by the 28th...
(19:33:51) smeehan: Barb, many times it is just nice to get parenst permission anyways. Just another way to keep them informed.
(19:33:58) spiltave: you get an F-
(19:34:16) rbernste: or an ip in our school
(19:34:27) bfolan: Some of my students want to do video commercials...November is such a quick month with all the holodays
(19:34:39) spiltave: There is NO WAY we will be dobe. We only have 1 day of school next week.
(19:35:27) smeehan: Well, I am not sure Barb, let me see when we have got to get grades into the Univ.
(19:36:14) smeehan: Most likely we will have to take what you have done to date and look at what student samples you have, and in what ever stage they are.
(19:36:29) jschwarz: but...
(19:36:44) jschwarz: what if this is something we have decided...
(19:36:47) smeehan: It would certainly be evident that the project is student driven, wouldn't it.:)
(19:36:56) bfolan: yes
(19:37:08) jschwarz: needs to be continous throughout the year in different ways
(19:38:30) smeehan: As the rubric indicates your journals and the future action plan are the two biggies for this course. we would expect that you have done this work, whether the project has ended or not should not be too big a factor.
(19:38:45) spiltave: i agree
(19:38:47) mgarrity: okay
(19:38:49) bfolan: Thanks
(19:38:49) jschwarz: ok.. i can breathe now
(19:38:54) spiltave: Thanks Stephen
(19:39:04) smeehan: yes everyone keep breathing:)
(19:39:05) rbernste: ok
(19:39:48) smeehan: Okay, anything else? Since this is office hours you can set the agenda or work independently.
(19:40:02) jschwarz: nothing else here
(19:40:07) mgarrity: no. nothing else
(19:40:12) spiltave: I'm good
(19:40:23) bfolan: I just need to practice this on my own
(19:40:26) smeehan: okay good
(19:40:38) smeehan: barb let me know if you run into problems.
(19:41:00) bfolan: You know I will
(19:41:30) smeehan: Feel free to work on anything you need to. You can decide whether to stay connected to chat or not. I will stay online until 8:15 either way.
(19:41:34) mgarrity: are we free to work on our own?
(19:41:48) smeehan: In that way you can go and try something and I will be here if you need support.
(19:41:56) smeehan: yep
(19:41:58) mgarrity: ooops. sorry. See you next week, Stephen
(19:42:02) mgarrity left the room.
(19:42:03) smeehan: bye
(19:42:09) jschwarz: thanks for tonight. talk with you soon. have agood week.
(19:42:16) smeehan: thanks you too
(19:42:19) jschwarz left the room.
(19:42:22) bfolan: Thanks-see you next week
(19:42:26) smeehan: bye
(19:42:39) spiltave: Thanks, Stephen. See you next week.
(19:42:48) smeehan: Bye sue have a good week
(19:42:56) spiltave: you too, bye
(19:42:57) spiltave left the room.
(19:43:00) bfolan left the room.
(19:43:10) rbernste: Thanks Stephen. BTW...I was checking the assignment status page and it does not have anything for me on Oct. 31. When I checked today it was there and posted on the 31st.
(19:44:00) smeehan: Thanks Rachel I will double check, sometimes we miss things.
(19:44:13) rbernste: thats ok just wanted to let you know
(19:44:17) rbernste left the room.
(19:44:24) smeehan: In fact if it doesn't coem up soon will you send mail to the effect on the act staff
(20:06:01) Jeanne left the room.
(20:20:47) sgatz left the room.
(20:20:50) smeehan left the room.