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(17:53:53) jill: Hi Amy.
(17:54:00) aturkot: hi there.. how are you?
(17:55:55) jill has set the topic to: Nov 7: Tapped In and break out groups
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(18:04:48) jcantafi: Hi Jill and Amy
(18:04:55) aturkot: Hi there
(18:04:58) mgarrity: hello everyone
(18:05:11) jill: Hi everyone.
(18:05:22) jcantafi: Jill, I am not feeling confident about "uploading" tonight. I'm not too tech savvy so I will need your patience!
(18:05:25) jill: Does anyone else have a correction for the assignment done record?
(18:05:43) jcantafi: I emailed sharon about correcting mine, thanks
(18:06:31) aturkot: I think that correcting that and adding the wow's I am caught up now
(18:06:33) jill: I saw that, thanks Julie. It'll be corrected when we post the new page on Wed.
(18:06:49) jcantafi: thanks
(18:07:11) jill: OK. Let's begin.
(18:08:20) jill: The first part of tonight's chat will be a discussion of how engaged learning has impacted your teaching.
(18:08:34) jill: I'll throw out some questions to get us started.
(18:08:56) jill: What is your "vision" for the classroom?
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(18:09:32) aturkot: to see my students engaged in their learning
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(18:09:46) aturkot: taking ownership for what they are learning
(18:10:02) jcantafi: My vision for the classroom is to help students learn how to guide their learning, assess themselves, learn from their assessment...
(18:10:28) jcantafi: and ultimately see the students engaged in standard-based curriculum that they see as important/relevant.
(18:11:14) jill: Megan, what about you?
(18:11:48) jill: What is your "vision" for the classroom?
(18:11:48) mgarrity: my vision is to have students "explore" their topin within the few parameters that have been set for them and then to be able to assess their finished product
(18:12:38) jill: How have you facilitated rather than taught your project?
(18:13:16) jcantafi: I have give my students some initial information on authors, and allowed them to choose their topic...
(18:13:33) aturkot: that has been hard for me because I had to prep them... I still find myself trying to guide them too much
(18:13:39) jcantafi: and helped guide them in their choices by helping them find out more to see if they are interested in a chosen author.
(18:13:53) aturkot: but I have stepped to the side and just redirected when needed...
(18:14:05) aturkot: most times they work it out within their group
(18:14:11) mgarrity: My role as faciliatator is nothing new. At this point, many of my students know so much more than me about their pollution type and how to reduce it, that I can't be anything other than the facilitator.
(18:14:26) jill: :-)
(18:14:45) jill: Amy, do you "literally" step out of the the side?
(18:15:25) aturkot: no but I have to hold myself back
(18:15:35) jill: The reason I ask is...
(18:15:52) jill: it working with teachers new to EL, I've suggested that they...
(18:16:01) jill: physically stand to the side or the back of the room.
(18:16:15) jill: It's interesting the effect this has on the students.
(18:16:17) aturkot: I have them asking classmates for input rather than me sometimes
(18:16:25) jill: That's great.
(18:16:31) aturkot: in 1st grade they seem to find me no matter when I stand
(18:16:39) jill: Very true :-)
(18:17:06) jill: Anyone else have a comment to add ?
(18:17:13) jcantafi: I do find myself watching students more, in all areas, and allowing them to see things through themselves.
(18:17:14) mgarrity: not right now
(18:17:40) jcantafi: I am pleasantly surprised and amused at the way they arrive at solutions sometimes!
(18:18:01) jcantafi: You're right...
(18:18:11) jcantafi: it does involve physically standing aside!
(18:18:17) aturkot: I have found more teachable moments with this project
(18:18:41) jill: How have your students been involved in the decisions made about this project?
(18:18:55) aturkot: mine helped to develop the rubric ...
(18:19:06) aturkot: I did that so they would have a better understanding
(18:19:28) jill: no matter WHAT the age:-)
(18:19:28) jcantafi: They have decided first if they were willing to help our principal find author information...
(18:19:37) mgarrity: Our students helped to develop our rubric too.
(18:19:39) jcantafi: then what author they wanted to research...
(18:19:47) jcantafi: what they wanted to know about them...
(18:19:56) jcantafi: how they were going to find their information...
(18:20:03) jcantafi: how they would be assessing themselves...
(18:20:18) jcantafi: how they would work out issues/problems in their group...
(18:20:34) jcantafi: and ultimately how they will present their findings!
(18:20:45) aturkot: they also picked what community they were researching...
(18:20:49) aturkot: their own groups...
(18:20:56) aturkot: how they will be presenting...
(18:21:04) aturkot: and of course their assessment
(18:22:21) mgarrity: I am sure this will make everything more meaningful for your students
(18:22:45) jill: Do you feel your hook was successful?
(18:23:06) aturkot: my students took it and run...
(18:23:17) mgarrity: Yes. OUr authentic letter from the mayor did the trick. They all wanted to help her solve the town's pollution problem.
(18:23:18) aturkot: it was very successful... they even added more to it
(18:23:38) jill: What do you mean, Amy?
(18:23:50) aturkot: mine too wanted to help the mayor to find out how other communities are alike/different than ours
(18:24:04) aturkot: I had artifacts from all over the world and my kids were very into seeing the items...
(18:24:35) aturkot: I have some new kids and they came from other communities
(18:24:52) aturkot: one kid from Germany which was really cool he brought things in
(18:26:00) jcantafi: Yes and no. They were "hooked" so to speak, but it may have been too early in the year for them to feel that invested in helping the principal. I think they may have "wanted" to do it because they thought they should.
(18:26:29) jill: wOULD YOU CHANGE IT, jULIE?
(18:26:34) jill: Sorry for the caps.
(18:26:50) jcantafi: Yes....
(18:27:09) jcantafi: I would definitely wait until further into the year for this particular project...
(18:27:44) jcantafi: I would also like them to be more invested in their helping role as members of the school before I did this project.
(18:28:09) jcantafi: I would perhaps make the hook more open ended next time.
(18:28:20) jill: How about the rest of you? What would you change/add/take out?
(18:28:45) aturkot: I would have the artifacts in my classroom sooner to peak their interest
(18:29:49) jill: Megan, would you change anything?
(18:29:57) mgarrity: The logistics of the project are all gpoing well. I am having trouble with students coming up with in-depth action plans. MAny of them are doing lower-leveled projects, such as pamphlets, etc.
(18:30:23) jill: What would you like to see them do?
(18:32:15) mgarrity: Well...... one of my students is creating a "plan" to encourage recycling in Schiller Park. She researched the logistics of recycling, and is currently thinking of all the ways to get this info. out to teh community-- sorry. I AM A VERY SLOW TYPER!
(18:33:31) jill: WOW, that's in depth. That's wonderful, but I can see that you wouldn't have a whole class of that type of project.
(18:34:05) jill: Has the class thought about adopting a few (1-3) involved projects/solutions?
(18:34:20) mgarrity: I know. That project just got me so excited that I want to see more. I need to accept the pamphlets, huh????
(18:34:23) jill: I was thinking that those who want to make a brochure could assist with the recycling idea.
(18:35:15) jill: One of the strengths of EL is that it differentiates for all levels of learners.
(18:35:25) mgarrity: Yes, some of them want to produce 2 or 3 ideas. And, yes, I could have them assist my student with her recycling idea.
(18:35:51) jill: What would be the negatives to this approach?
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(18:36:38) jill: Hi Pam.
(18:36:52) mgarrity: The negatives? If the students do their own projects, in addition to helping the recycling student, there might not be any negatives.
(18:37:42) plindem: Hi, sorry I'm late. Just finished a game.
(18:37:58) jill: I often find the projects take a few twists and turns I didn't expect because it's not me leading the pack every step of the way.
(18:38:28) jill: Pam, you're just in time for us to post thr WOWs to the project journals.
(18:38:38) jill: Thanks, everyone, for your comments.
(18:39:12) jill: If you look at the chat window, you'll see that we are to post to certain project journals.
(18:39:20) jill: Amy, did you say you already did one?
(18:39:30) jill: If so, whose?
(18:40:03) aturkot: yes i did I went to the one with class pets... but I think it was not from this group
(18:40:32) jill: OK. From our list, Justine's project was transferred to another group.
(18:40:50) jill: We want everyone's project to have a response...
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(18:41:09) jill: so, who would like to choose first?
(18:41:32) aturkot: ? are we doing this as a group or do we just go and post them now
(18:41:34) jcantafi: I'm not clear about what we are doing.
(18:41:50) jill: Do you have the chat schedule for tonight up?
(18:42:01) aturkot: yes
(18:42:09) plindem: I'm at the Bboard already
(18:42:15) jcantafi: no
(18:42:16) jill: It says "Pick From:"
(18:42:26) jill: Those are the projects we are to respond to.
(18:42:39) mgarrity: I am sorry. Our power has gone out twice since this "chat". I am at work with Barb and Rachell, and the janitor says there is a power problem on the block. If I am MISSING for awhile, you will know why.
(18:42:40) jill: You can pick or I can assign...doesn't matter to me.
(18:42:56) jill: Thanks, Megan.
(18:44:00) jcantafi: Do we post as a group or individually go there and post?
(18:44:15) aturkot: so we don't have Justine to post to? I am there now so I can post to whichever one
(18:44:20) jill: No, Individually. Julie, whose project are you going to respond to?
(18:44:38) aturkot: but some of the names have changed to titles so we don't know for sure who is who
(18:44:45) jill: Not Justine's.
(18:44:50) mgarrity: Another problem , and I am sorry. Due to the power outage, we have no internet access.
(18:44:50) jcantafi: Just assign one to me, please.
(18:45:26) jill: Mary Olson is Building Bridges.
(18:45:35) jill: Megan, would you respond to Mary's?
(18:46:08) jill: Julie, please respond to Susan P's.
(18:46:28) mgarrity: I don't have internet access due to our power outage. I am sorry. Any suggestions?
(18:46:48) jill: Hold on, please, Megan...I'll get back to you.
(18:46:56) mgarrity: okay
(18:47:23) jill: Pam, please respond to Amy I.
(18:47:26) plindem: I'll take Amy's. Sue's my teaching partner
(18:47:34) plindem: Great minds...
(18:47:45) jill: Amy, please respond to Susan M.
(18:47:48) jcantafi: Ok.
(18:47:49) aturkot: ok
(18:48:00) jcantafi: What else do we need to know?
(18:48:30) plindem: Jill, do you know Amy's title?
(18:48:32) jill: You can use this time to complete the posting.
(18:48:48) jcantafi: And then do we go to our next chat room?
(18:48:51) jill: I'll's about the river with Holly.
(18:48:59) jill: You are to post to their project journal.
(18:49:51) jill: Yes, you can then go to your homeroom/ next chat segment.
(18:49:55) jill: Thank you!
(18:50:07) jcantafi: Ok, can do...thanks!
(18:50:13) jill: Pam, It's under aIngente.
(18:50:19) plindem: Thanks
(18:50:34) jcantafi: Is Susan's under a different name?
(18:51:02) jill: I'll check.
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(18:51:10) mgarrity: should I just go into my next room?
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(18:51:26) lauram: Julie C ...
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(18:51:33) jill: Susan Nichols.
(18:51:35) lauram: Susan P changed her title to Pollution
(18:51:42) jill: Thanks.
(18:51:47) jcantafi: Thank you. Laura!
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(18:52:18) lauram: Susan M is under snicholls as Jill said
(18:52:58) jill: If you haven't finished the posting, that's OK. Please switch rooms at this time. You'll have time to finish later.
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(18:53:39) mgehrig: Jill I have a question about my project
(18:53:43) jill: OK.
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(18:54:27) mgehrig: due to contract issues and other politics in nthe building, I wont have the debate dome by the 28
(18:54:35) mgehrig: is this going to be a problem
(18:54:40) jill: NO.
(18:55:00) mgehrig: I will have all the research done
(18:55:08) jill: You don't need to finish the debate to write the Future Action Plan.
(18:55:17) mgehrig: OK thanks
(18:55:20) jill: That's your final assignment.
(18:56:13) jill: Welcome, everyone.
(18:56:20) Amy I: hello!
(18:56:24) mgehrig: HI
(18:56:28) kend: hi
(18:56:28) Jeanne: Howdy
(18:56:30) maryolso: hello
(18:57:13) jill: This part of tonight's class is to have you (successfully) post any document to your project folder so we can be sure there are no questions or problems.
(18:57:49) jill: Do you have the direction sheet for this that was sent to you via email?
(18:57:54) Amy I: yes
(18:58:03) mgehrig: YES
(18:58:20) maryolso: going to get it now
(18:58:24) Jeanne: lookng for it in e-mail
(18:58:29) kend: I saw it but I didn't print it - could you give me a minute
(18:58:37) jill: sure.
(18:58:54) Jeanne: Thank your for waiting. I have it now
(18:59:43) maryolso: printing now
(19:00:06) jill: You may remember this from the summer, but we didn't want to take any chances.
(19:03:21) jill: Ready?
(19:03:26) Amy I: yup!
(19:03:31) Jeanne: yes
(19:03:44) mgehrig: ok
(19:03:54) maryolso: yes
(19:04:18) jill: good. Ken, it's also linked from the assignment page if that's easier.
(19:04:26) kend: sorry - not yet; go ahead if you want and I'll catch up
(19:05:03) jill: Click on the link on the assignment page marked "project folders".
(19:05:21) Amy I: ok
(19:05:23) Jeanne: got it
(19:05:51) mgehrig: i'm frozen just aminute
(19:05:55) jill: click on your account name in the list
(19:06:25) Amy I: ok
(19:06:40) mgehrig: i'm lost
(19:06:52) jill: Marie -
(19:07:00) jill: Are you on plone?
(19:07:07) mgehrig: oh i got it
(19:07:14) jill: OK.
(19:07:16) mgehrig: daaa
(19:07:44) jill: From the "Add New Item" menu, choose "File".
(19:08:06) Amy I: ok
(19:08:11) Jeanne: ok
(19:08:22) jill: Type in the "title" and a "description" for the file you are about to upload.
(19:08:23) mgehrig: ok
(19:08:40) Jeanne: yep
(19:08:53) jill: Click on the "browse" button near the bottom to find the file on your computer that you want to upload.
(19:09:02) Jeanne: ok
(19:09:13) Amy I: ok. How big of a file can we upload?
(19:09:25) Amy I: Like, a powerpoint presentation?
(19:09:28) jill: When you find the file, click on the filename and click on "Open" in the bottom right corner of the box to choose that file.
(19:09:46) jill: Yes, you can upload a PP presentation.
(19:09:56) Jeanne: got it
(19:10:40) mgehrig: ok
(19:10:42) Amy I: ok
(19:10:49) jill: Click the "save" button at the bottom to finish.
(19:11:04) jill: To test, click on the "click here to view the file" link.
(19:11:24) jill: Amy, the ending should be .ppt for power point files.
(19:11:37) Amy I: ok
(19:11:42) Jeanne: success
(19:11:48) Amy I: I'm trying it now. Slow to upload.
(19:11:48) jill: :-)
(19:11:53) mgehrig: yahoooo
(19:12:12) Amy I: ok
(19:12:43) jill: For multiple files, upload each file one at a time using the same instructions.
(19:13:56) jill: Now, let's be sure you know what to upload.
(19:15:08) jill: Before next week's class, you are to upload a "student product" and a document containing several student reflections.
(19:15:23) jill: These are to be uploaded to your project folder.
(19:16:05) mgehrig: how many is several
(19:16:27) Amy I: What kind of "student product" are you looking for?
(19:16:46) jill: several is more than 2
(19:17:04) jill: What have your students created? (artifacts)
(19:17:31) Jeanne: Notes?
(19:18:14) jill: There's a link to some student reflections on the assignment page. Let's all take a look. Let me know when you have it...under Nov 21.
(19:18:28) Amy I: Mine students just created the maps for my portion of the project. Should I upload an image of that?
(19:18:49) Amy I: I'm there
(19:18:58) mgehrig: ok
(19:19:42) jill: The maps are perfect.
(19:19:53) Amy I: thank you!
(19:20:15) kend: I'm back - finally got file loaded
(19:20:46) jill: Ken, let me know if you need help. Right now we're looking at the link under Nov 21 for reflections examples.
(19:21:28) jill: Marie...what have your students created with your bridge building project?
(19:21:42) mgehrig: I'm doing cloning
(19:21:44) maryolso: Mary?
(19:21:49) mgehrig: they are debating
(19:21:56) jill: Sorry, I meant Mary.
(19:22:33) jill: A persuasive letter to a (congressman?) re: (your topic)
(19:22:35) maryolso: Purchase orders, writing checks, planning payroll, designs of the bridge,
(19:22:47) mgehrig: can I download a research process? A lotus block?
(19:22:53) jill: The designs of bridges sounds interesting to look at.
(19:23:06) maryolso: if they have them all of the way done
(19:23:46) jill: Remember, we (anyone who scans your project) want to be able to get an idea of what the students are doing/have done along the way and/or as a culminating artifact.
(19:24:25) Jeanne: Do I use one of the ones from Mary or Marie?
(19:24:32) jill: pictures...or posters created, web page, power point they created.
(19:24:49) jill: Jeanne, if you have something of your own, that would be better...
(19:25:08) jill: so we can see how you were able to connect and assist with their projects.
(19:25:14) Jeanne: No, I don't that's why I'm worried..
(19:25:33) Jeanne: All they have from me are notes and verbal observations
(19:26:02) jill: What do you mean by verbal observations?
(19:26:24) Jeanne: When we were discussing points, they verbally shared their group observations..
(19:26:46) jill: Are you finished with your part, yet?
(19:26:52) Jeanne: Which source person finished first, what source is more authoriative.
(19:27:16) Jeanne: I have 2 more lessons to finish the Big 6..
(19:27:32) Jeanne: But we may skip so they can begin researching...
(19:27:40) Jeanne: I know time is getting short
(19:28:00) jill: Is there anything you can have them create.(groups would be OK) to have them summarize what they learned from you and how it applies?
(19:28:16) mgehrig: jeanne, I have an idea
(19:28:31) Jeanne: If we can take more time, or introduce it in one of Marie's or Mary's class
(19:28:40) Jeanne: What Marie
(19:28:41) jcantafi left the room.
(19:29:17) mgehrig: Do a PMI of the process so far or tape one of your session.
(19:29:28) Jeanne: What's PMI

(19:29:43) mgehrig: possitive, minus and interswting
(19:29:49) Jeanne: Thanks,
(19:29:51) mgehrig: you did once already
(19:30:04) mgehrig: video tape the process
(19:30:21) Jeanne: How do you upload video?
(19:30:41) mgehrig: they produced sample products
(19:30:54) Amy I left the room.
(19:30:59) jill: Upload the sample products.
(19:31:06) mgehrig: well?? how about the camera
(19:31:07) Jeanne: OK, thanks
(19:31:49) jill: Ken...sorry to leave you out. Are you still there?
(19:32:06) kend: Yes
(19:33:30) aingente [] entered the room.
(19:33:47) jill: Were you able to upload a file to your project folder?
(19:34:11) kend: Yes - but I never found the student reflections page you referred to
(19:34:43) jill: It's linked on the assignment page for Nov. 21.
(19:34:58) kend: exact title?
(19:35:20) jill: Revolution Student Reflections.
(19:35:28) mgehrig left the room.
(19:35:31) mgehrig [] entered the room.
(19:35:35) kend: I did see that and read it
(19:36:13) jill: good. You need to upload a document that has several (more than 2) student reflections to your project folder.
(19:36:30) kend: ok
(19:36:31) jill: You also need to upload a student product/artifact.
(19:37:07) kend: not sure what I'll choose yet
(19:37:25) jill: You have some in mind?
(19:37:36) kend: yes
(19:37:40) jill: good.
(19:38:02) jill: As I said, use something to give the reader an idea of the scope of your project.
(19:38:38) jill: For now....any questions?
(19:38:52) aingente: none here
(19:39:48) jill: Amy, I'll email you with a response to your questions you sent.
(19:39:55) aingente: thank you!
(19:39:56) Jeanne: ok here
(19:40:03) jill: For now, you need to ...
(19:40:52) jill: respond to your "assigned" person's journal reflections and upload or work on your student reflections document and student product/artifact file for uploading.
(19:40:56) jill: Also....
(19:41:05) jill: there are two weeks left.
(19:41:15) jill: with Thanksgiving "thrown in".
(19:41:27) jill: Be aware that your Future Action Plan...
(19:41:51) jill: and revised student document pages are to be uploaded for the class on Nov 28.
(19:42:12) mgehrig: review revised student document pages
(19:42:29) jill: Be3 sure you remove student names from the student products.
(19:42:37) jill: Marie...
(19:42:44) mgehrig: yes
(19:42:53) jill: if you change your letter from the Rep(?)
(19:43:04) mgehrig: not yet
(19:43:16) jill: Are there any documents you ended up using that you feel need revision?
(19:43:24) mgehrig: yes
(19:43:28) jill: Those would be what we're looking for.
(19:43:31) jill: Our goal....
(19:43:59) jill: is that any changes you want to make after running it this year and...before running it again will be made and ready to go.
(19:44:14) mgehrig: I see
(19:44:18) kend: good goal
(19:44:27) jill: "Front-loading".
(19:44:40) jill: Do the work now while you remember what you wanted to change...
(19:44:58) jill: rather than trying to remember next year (sem) .
(19:45:28) jill: Any questions?
(19:45:32) maryolso: no
(19:45:35) aingente: no
(19:45:41) Jeanne: nope
(19:45:49) mgehrig: no
(19:45:55) kend: no
(19:46:06) jill: Please use this time to catch up on assignments.
(19:46:31) jill: I see that there are several who need to post a WOW for Nov 7. Check the assignment done page.
(19:46:44) jill: This counts toward your grade.
(19:46:49) Jeanne: Jill I believe I am caught up now, even though there it's not listed on the assignment done page
(19:47:16) maryolso: There are several things not posted under my name also
(19:47:17) jill: Thanks Jeanne.Did you upload within the last 2 days?
(19:47:21) Jeanne: Specifically hook, start dates, journal reflections
(19:47:35) Jeanne: Some of them yes, one last week
(19:47:36) mgehrig: ditto
(19:48:04) maryolso: to my knowledge...
(19:48:11) maryolso: I'm am up to date
(19:48:21) maryolso: I was at tapped in
(19:48:30) maryolso: 2nd session
(19:48:40) maryolso: DavidWE
(19:49:00) jill: I'll's a real puzzle to figure out with everyone posting at different times.
(19:49:03) jill: Mary...
(19:49:13) jill: did you respond to the tapped in prompt from last week?
(19:49:19) maryolso: yes
(19:49:33) mgehrig: I was at tapped too and it wasn't checked
(19:49:36) maryolso: i daid i didn't like it
(19:49:37) jill: OK...I may have overlooked it..I'll check again.
(19:49:51) jill: That's not for being at Tapp[ed in.
(19:50:06) jill: That's for responding to the reflection about Tapped in.
(19:50:23) mgehrig: i responded to that too
(19:50:33) jill: Right...that was since Sat. I recorded it today, but it hasn't been uploaded, yet.
(19:50:48) maryolso: OK. I posted last night along with the other reflection and the reflection journal
(19:50:51) mgehrig: thanks for clarifying
(19:51:09) jill: I volunteered....what was I thinking:-)
(19:52:04) jill: So, Mary, you would be proud...I've done it on spreadsheet as with keeping track of the chat groupings.
(19:52:57) maryolso: I noticed that. I love excel. I gave my kids a workshop on how to use formulas recently
(19:53:12) jill: You are free to use the last 20 min to complete your work or work on your Future Action Plan.
(19:53:20) Jeanne: Thank you
(19:53:20) jill: I'll be here if you need anything.
(19:53:25) aingente: thank you!
(19:53:31) maryolso: Thank you
(19:53:33) kend: thanks
(20:01:22) aingente left the room.
(20:01:52) Amy I [] entered the room.
(20:06:02) Jeanne left the room.
(20:08:10) jill: Amy, I have an answer to your question re Future Action Plan...or do you want me to send an email?
(20:09:22) Amy I: doesn't matter. whichever is easier for you.
(20:09:51) jill: I think you'd get more out of it if you wrote it for your own class...or do you see it differently?
(20:11:03) Amy I: I agree! I just thought it wouldn't be comprehensive enough if I only focused on that one small part. But I would prefer and would benefit more just doing my part.
(20:12:12) jill: Fine. I'll email you. Have a good evening.
(20:12:50) Amy I: Thank you!
(20:13:05) mgehrig: have a evening
(20:13:16) mgehrig left the room.
(20:15:49) kend: bye
(20:15:54) kend left the room.
(20:17:56) Amy I left the room.
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(20:27:46) jill left the room.