ACT: Engaged Learning Project

Implementation Plan

This page has been created as a tool to help you write your plan, Design a plan that outlines the timeline, resources, people, processes and strategies that you will need to make the implementation of your online project successful. This plan will help you visualize, anticipate, and prepare for a variety of situations that may occur as you implement your project with students.


Think about when you will be using this project with students. Listed below are just a few of the things you should consider when making your plan.

How many weeks will students need to complete this unit?  
How much lead time will you need to give support staff or outside experts?  
When will you introduce the hook and task to students?  
How many days per week, and how much time per day will students have to work on this project?  
When will you schedule final projects to be completed?  
Are there dates for other assessments, assignments or artifacts that you plan to collect?  
When will you provide mini-lessons if needed?  
Are there any school scheduled interruptions, breaks or events that will impact student work on the project?  


What resources will you need to arrange access to?


Will you need to reserve the use of the LRC or library?


Will you need to reserve the use of computer lab time?

Are there computers, laptops, projectors, or other types of equipment you will need to borrow for use in your classroom? Consider the number of groups you might anticipate students forming.  
Are there books, reference materials, software, skill-building materials or other resources students will need access to in your classroom?  


Who can support you and your students in working on this project?

Are there people at school that you need to contact and get their support for this project?  
Who can provide technical support if you run into problems with hardware, software or networking?  

What outside experts can you contact and arrange for their support during the project?

Are there community organizations that would be interested in supporting this classroom project?  
How can parents assist you in this project?  

Engaged Learning:

How will you design your classroom to allow students opportunities to direct their own learning?  
How will you structure and design a hook that is meaningful and relevant to students?  
What kind of action will you take to be a "guide on the side" rather than the "sage on the stage?"  
What will you do to prepare for students to work in flexible groups and move through the project at different rates?  
As a facilitator, how will you know when students are progressing effectively and when students need support, encouragement, and guidance?  
How will you modify your existing curriculum to fit this engaged learning project into your year plan? In other words, how will you adjust the pace of your curriculum to be able to implement this project in the fall?  

Effective Technology Integration:

How will you facilitate students accessing technology to plan and to research as they direct their learning? (Just-in-time access—they have it when they need it.)  
What opportunities will students have to use technology to collaborate with experts or students outside the school/classroom? What steps will you need to take to facilitate this interaction?  
How will your students utilize technology to publish and share the product of their learning? What will you need to do to make this possible?  

Assessment and Evaluation:

How will students be able to reflect on their progress?  
What have you done to clearly inform students about the goal of the project so that they can direct their learning?  
How will you know that the students are progressing effectively? Will there be artifacts or intermediate checkpoints/milestones? How will you monitor progress/direction?  
What will you do to determine if your project design and implementation are effective? What data will you use to determine how the project can be improved?  
Are your assessments aligned with your learner outcomes? Are they seamless and ongoing?

Other Implementation Notes Specific to your Project: