LInC ACT Field-Test Reflection Journal

As you implement your Engaged Learning project your task is to keep a reflection journal of your experience. The journal will be a valuable resource to us as facilitators as we endeavor to assist you. It will also be a valuable resource to you and your peers as you continue to revise and fine-tune your project and write your future action plan.

You will be posting your reflection online using the web discussion board. This will allow your colleagues and facilitators easy access to your postings and provide a way to give feedback to what you have posted. If you are starting your project before the fall class starts, please write your reflections in a plain text editor such as in e-mail to yourself, NotePad, SimpleText, TextEdit, ... and instructions will be given later on copying this into the bulletin board.

Reflection Guidelines

  1. You should post a reflection to the discussion board each day your students work on the project.
  2. We would like you to share with us both your successes and the challenges you encounter.
  3. We have some suggested topics that we would like you to reflect on, but please do not feel limited to or restricted to just these topics. Please respond to the listed topics and then add comments related to burning issues/successes that came up specific to your project and students.
  4. For day 3 and each day after, respond to the 4 questions under one of the "During the Project" days A, B, C, or D. Select the one that is most meaningful/relevant to what happened in your class that day.

Suggested Reflection Prompts

Day 1

Day 2

During the Project A

During the Project B

During the Project C

During the Project D