Fermilab LInC
Mini-Lesson: Analyzing for Best Use of Technology


To analyze existing projects to determine how effectively technology is used to enhance student learning


Today we are going to take a look at your project to determine how effectively the technology is used. There are several questions that we might answer to accomplish this goal.

Does this project depend upon the Internet to be implemented effectively?
Does the project include two-way communication?
Do the students have the opportunity to communicate with mentors?
Are students given the opportunity to publish their learning for others to see and use?
Are students available to access information not conventionally found in school libraries and/or classrooms?


Scoring Guide for Lesson Plans that Use Technology Resources


Take at look at your project using the scoring guide listed above. How effectively does the technolgy used in your project enhance student learning?


What changes will you make in your project to use technology more effectively?

Based on what you learned in this lesson, what changes will you make in the technology lessons that you teach in order to make the technical more effective?