Fermilab LInC
Mini-Lesson: Facilitator's Role in the Project


To identify the facilitator's role in an engaged learning project


Today we would like to share more about the facilitator's role in the project by asking you to participate in an interactive mini-lesson. We are going to read to you a scenario of an engaged learning project. The scenario is a picture of the project unfolding, as though you are a "fly on the wall" watching it happen. As you listen to the scenario, we are going to ask you to hold up one, two, or three fingers to indicate that the questions below are being answered in the scenario.

Hold up one finger if question 1 is being answered, two fingers if question 2 is being answered, and three fingers if question 3 is being answered.

  1. How does the teacher facilitate students to solve problems, do authentic tasks, and share knowledge?
  2. How does the teacher help students construct their own meaning?
  3. How does the teacher learn along with the students and other professionals?


With a partner discuss how these behaviors have enhanced learning for students. We will ask you to share your thoughts in a few minutes.