Fermilab LInC
Mini-Lesson: Aligning Learner Outcomes to State Standards


To align the selected project with the state and district standards
To learn to balance the learner outcomes to reflect content, process, and product in the project


Many times we hear teachers say, "I love this project, but I have too much content to teach to have time for this extra activity." If the project is aligned with state learning standards and your district curriculum, then it is a new way to deliver the old content. It isn't more to do; it is just a different vehicle for delivery. But the concern does raise an important question when analyzing a project for implementation in your classroom.

Many projects do not have a balanced approach towards content, process, and product. In an effort to design an engaging and motivating project, teachers overemphasize product and there are no content or process objectives. They are overlooked in an effort to include technology in the project.


Locate relevant state learning standards and/ or district learning standards. Compare and contrast the learning standards to the project's stated learner outcomes. Make a list of the outcomes that align with you curriculum. How can you revise them to create a better match?

Are there learner outcomes for content, process and product?


How does the balance of content, process, and product learner outcomes affect rubric design?
What is the nature of specific content that makes it appropriate for an engaged learning project?