Fermilab LInC
Mini-lesson: Learning about the Task and Hook



To know the elements of a well-written hook and task
To learn the role of the task and hook in an engaged learning project


Today we are going to look at the task and hook: two very important elements of an engaged learning project. The task and hook work hand in hand to focus the students on the learner outcomes. Designing the task and hook is a balancing act between providing the students with a direction and purpose, but not directing them with steps to follow or a menu of choices. The task should be broad enough to provide students with multiple options to investigate desired curriculum content. The hook is just what it sounds like. It is a way to compel the students to want or need to know and learn the content the teacher has included in the project. These two elements are not easy to write and may take many revisions. But, the time spent here to do this well will save time later in the project. The entire project hinges on how well the task and hook are written.

Some questions to think about as you look at sample hooks and tasks:


Click on the link below. With a partner use the questions above to analyze the sample hooks and tasks. Be prepared to share your observations in our group discussion that will follow.

Sample Tasks and Hooks for Projects

Extension: Pick one task and hook. What was done well? What is missing? How can you improve them?