Fermilab LInC
Mini-Lesson: Revising the Task and Hook



To practice revising a task and hook in an existing project
To recognize the balance required in the task and hook to compel the students to want or need to be involved in the project.


Today we are going to revisit the task and the hook.

Click on this link: Bridging the Gap-Tasks.

We will visit this page often as it has many examples of the elements of engaged learning. Some examples are strong and others are weak. Today we are going to look at several of the hooks and tasks and see if we can revise the weak ones and recognize the elements included in the stronger ones.

Click on this link: Bridging the Gap - Hooks.


  1. Read through the examples and determine what makes the example either well-written or poorly written.
  2. Compare your reasons with the reasoning given.
  3. Review the three examples given and decide if they are poorly written or well written and offer an explanation of your thinking.
  4. Select and rewrite the example so that it is a good example of each element.

Reflection: What was challenging about this process? What did you learn from revising the example?