LInC ACT Project Search Page

Find several projects on the Web related to your existing curriculum. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses related to engaged learning and technology integration. Use the ACT Project Rubric to help identify strengths and weaknesses.

Some starting points for browsing projects and some tips for searching for projects are given below.

Project Browsing Resources

Project Search Tips

Several of the above sites with browsable directories of projects also have a search feature that you can use. Also you can try finding a project using a search engine such as Google.

Try several search phrases that combine the topic you want with some engaged learning and technology keywords. Remember that you will still need to evaluate the discovered projects! A project may not be effective even though it uses the right buzzwords.

Here are some example search phrases for the topic "earthquake":

earthquake "engaged learning" project
earthquake collaborative project
earthquake inquiry-based
earthquake inquiry project
earthquake online project
earthquake "problem-based learning"
earthquake PBL
. . .