ACT Engaged Learning Project

Revision Plan

Using the Project Rubric, evaluate the online project you have selected. This will help you identify strengths and areas for improvements. Once you have identified areas for improvements, consider the revisions you will make to strengthen engaged learning and effective technology integration in this project. Describe your learner outcomes, authentic task, hook, assessment, and how you will incorporate student-directed learning and effective technology integration in the revised project. Also consider what project pages you will need to create to use this revised project with your students. Include a list of these pages in the Project Pages section. You may copy and paste the revision plan outline from this page onto your plan if you like.

Check with your facilitators for revision plan feedback and approval before continuing with your project revisions. Note that typically participants will need to write several drafts of the revision plan before continuing on to make the project revisions. Consider this similar to and as essential as having a blueprint before building a house.

Fermilab LInC ACT Project Revision Plan



Original Project URL:

Learner Outcomes:


Authentic Task:


Student-Directed Learning:

Best Use of Technology:


Other Changes:

List Project Pages to Create: