Illinois Legislative Subcommittee
Education Issues


The state senators and representatives need your input to help decide crucial issues concerning education today.

Click to see the Speaker of the House's letter.

  • Which topic or issue concerning education in Illinois will you investigate?
  • What sources of information should you be sure to research to provide a balanced report to the state's elected officials?
  • What will you wish to include in your presentation so that key facts and issues are not overlooked?
  • Do you know when the Speaker has scheduled to present to the legislators?

To help you get started we have listed a few resources to help your research.

Resources for the NCLB Issues

No Child Left Behind makes history in American education and builds future for American students.

Resisting the Tyranny of Tests

Standardized Testing: Separating Wheat Children from Chaff Children

Resources for School Funding Issues

Money Woes Hitting Home for Schools

Buying Better Test Scores

A Comment on "Poor School Funding, Child Poverty, and Mathematics Achievement"

Resources for Assessment and Accountability Issues

Enhancement with Learning

The Absence of Assessment for Learning

Inside the Black Box: Raising Standards through Classroom Assessment

Assessment Strategies and Definitions


Resources for Early Retirement Issues

Students First: Illinois Teacher Early Retirement Articles

Education Exodus due to Early Retirement

Don't forget your task:

You will be expected to create and conduct a multimedia presentation for the legislators prior to their legislative session. Your presentation should provide a balanced report identifying the different perspectives on the issue, possible solutions to the problem, and a suggested action plan.

Committee Standards - Use the rubric to see if your presentation will meet the standards set by the Speaker of the House.