ACT: Legislative Simulation

Grade Level: K-12 Teachers

Subject: Engaged Learning

Learner Outcomes:

Authentic Student Task:

Participants will investigate one of the topics addressed in the memo/letter from the governor. It seems that issues are being presented to Congress for a vote without any authentic feedback from teachers and administrators. Collaboration with other participants and working as a small group will be needed in order to address the perspectives and have a broader understanding of the issue. Based on their inquiry, participants will create a multimedia presentation for the Senate subcommittee investigating the issue they chose.


Participants will be presented with a letter/appeal from the Speaker of the House asking them to provide feedback, both pro and con, to the committee by a specific date so that the representatives will be able to vote effectively on the issues before them. Since these issues are facing the participants in their profession, they will feel compelled to have the answers/perspectives investigated and evaluated in order to share with the governmental representatives.

Student Direction:

The participants will group themselves according to the issues of personal and compelling interest. They will investigate the topic, brainstorm questions for further inquiry, and determine how the group will present their findings.

Best Use of Technology:

Participants will look for new and changing information and contact educators/experts in other school districts and communities via the Internet to gain a deeper understanding of the issues. They will communicate using the online communication tools available to them and share what they learn with the government officials using technology.