Renaissance Costumes


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Aye, and welcome to Marianna's Clothing Shoppe. You should'st most certainly disguise yourself as you visit our towne and guilds, for you will stick out as most uglisome in your present-day clothes in which you are attired . My, my, my! What can'st we do with those?! Mayhap you can adapt some vestments from home!

To do so, you must first understand the importance of colors in our society. We are partial to earthtones: browns, green, golds, rusts, and variations thereof. Purple is reserved for the Queen herself. Pure white, rich blacks, blues, deep reds, maroons, and crimson are worn by the landed gentry. At all costs, avoid wearing flourescents, bright reds pastels, or bright or modern-looking colors to avoid the embarrassment of appearing a simpkin or hag-seed!

Now, for fabrics. All of our fabrics and cloth are from natural materials: cotton, flax (linen), wool, silk, and leather. Many are textured. Velvet, satin, or brocade were materials that could only be afforded by the rich. No prints, velour, sheers, gingham, or seersucker - please!

Well, now, let's see what we can put together for an outfit for you while you spend time here in the Renaissance.

As a peasant or one from the rising middle class in our society, you mayhap could put together:

... for men's clothing




... for women's clothing

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Authors: Bonnie Panagakis, Chris Marszalek, Linda Mazanek
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Created: December 3, 1997