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LInC Planning for End Users


The LInC Course is designed for teacher/leaders who wish to learn more about engaged learning and provide staff development for their schools/community. As powerful as this course is, many staff members aren't ready for the commitment the course requires. In some cases, teachers don't have either the skills necessary for success in the LInC course or an interest in offerings staff development, but they are still very interested in learning about Engaged Learning and Best Use of Technology. Sometimes, teachers just want to learn the content for use with their own students and that is as far as they want to transfer the learning. This group of teachers is referred to as "End Users." Here is a brief plan to use to meet the needs of end users.


End User Plan:

Part 1:

Practicing Engaged Learning

10-14 Weeks

(3 credit hour course)


  • Mastery of Basic Computer Skills
  • Experience with an Internet Browser
  • Knowledge of School/District Curriculum

Participants experience Engaged Learning and Best Use of Technology by taking part in the following tasks:

Part 2:

Create Your Own Project

10-14 Weeks

(3 credit hour course)


  • Successful completion of Part 1
  • Recommendation of Facilitator

Participants will create their own project.

  • Review Engaged Learning Activities from Part 1
  • Write a project proposal and get facilitator approval
    Fishbowl - Script models the process of brainstorming a project proposal
    Before and After - Understand and experience the process of writing a project proposal
  • Write project components:
  • Project will be written as web pages if participants have the skills to do so.
  • Assess and Evaluate the project - Project Rubric
  • Peer sharing, reflections, and feedback are given from both the facilitators and participants throughout the course. Participants will present their project several times during the creation of the project. This feedback is vital to the revision and fine-tuning of the project.

Part 3: (Optional)

Building a Network through Follow-Up Support

Meets 1-3 times during the actual project implementation

(1 credit hour)


  • Successful completion of Part 1 and Part 2


The purpose of this course is to provide support during the actual project implementation. The three sessions can be flexibly scheduled to meet the needs of the participants. The first two sessions could be scheduled during the project implementation to be able to offer support and encouragement as well as trouble shoot any problems. The last sessions could be scheduled after the project is completed so that the teachers can plan for revisions and alternations-finetuning.

This draft is just one plan for use with End Users. You will want to consider the level of learning of your audience before you create your plan.