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Please fill in this description of how your project was conducted before LInC. Please do not describe your current LInC project. If your project was not used before, describe activities used to accomplish the same learner outcomes and content as your LInC project or describe a unit or activity used instead of your LInC project. This should be short: one-half to one page in length.

Grade Level:


Learner Outcomes:

  1. Outcome 1
  2. Outcome 2
  3. ...

Assessment: Explain how you will assessment  the learner outcomes.

Student Task: Briefly describe the activities/tasks the students were involved in.

Teacher Role: Describe the role/activities the teacher had.

Grouping: Describe whether students worked individually or in teams. If in teams, what was each student responsible for?

Hook: Describe the method you used (if any) to create a need for your students to want to learn this content and complete the project/task.

Student-Directed Learning: Describe opportunities (if any) students had to choose or plan their learning in this project/task.

Use of Technology: Describe whether and how technology and the Internet were used.

Assessment: Describe how students were assessed/graded. (e.g., test, report, journaling, rubric, presentation, . . .)

Example: Civil War (Delete this example when you are done.)

Grade Level: 6

Subject: Social Studies

Learner Outcomes:

  1. Students will be able to list important events and causes of the U.S. Civil War.
  2. Students will be able to identify key people and their roles in the Civil War.
  3. Students will understand how war affects people.

Student Task: Students read from their textbook, read short stories and saw a movie about the Civil War. The short stories were written from opposing points of view. Then the students participated in a large group discussion about the causes and effects of the Civil War and slavery. After this, the students wrote a report about causes and effects of a past or current civil war and compared it to the U.S. Civil War. The students were given a research plan to follow, which included using specific types of research sources at the library and instructions for creating a HyperStudio presentation for the class at the end of the unit.

Teacher Role: The teacher gave lectures, made assignments, lead the group discussion, and helped students who had questions getting started with their research.

Grouping: Students worked in pairs on their reports and individually otherwise. No specific roles were assigned for the reports. Both students were responsible for the content.

Hook: None.

Student-Directed Learning: Students chose which civil war to do their report on.

Use of Technology: A movie was used and students used CD-ROMs for their research. The Internet was not used for this project. Students used HyperStudio for their presentations and were provided computer lab time to do so.

Assessment: Students took a short-answer test on U.S. Civil War on the last day of the project. They were graded based on their test, report, presentation, and classroom participation.

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