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Note on using this template: Past participants have found it easier to get started on the scenario by thinking of it in terms of what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the culmination of the project. So we have included these headings in this example template. However, you are welcome to use different headings, different number of sections, a different organization/layout altogether, graphics, backgrounds, tables, etc., as long as you describe your vision of what is taking place in your classroom as students participate in the project. See the "Writing a Project Scenario" page for examples of different scenario formats. The only formatting they have in common is the header and footer from this template.


You may wish to include a few introductory sentences to establish the context before launching into the narrative. What subject and grade level is it? What curriculum area(s) and specific topics are being addressed? What is the length of unit? What else would another educator need to know to understand your scenario?

The next sections should be a narrative version of what someone might see, hear and feel if they were visiting your classroom. Use third person, active voice. What would the teacher(s) be seeing, doing and saying? And with what result? What would the students be doing or saying? And with what result? Who else is involved besides the teacher(s) and students?

Beginning/Getting Started

How is the project introduced and how does it get started? How is the project "hooked into the task?" How are prior knowledge and skills assessed? How do students determine the topic, aspect of the topic, problem or issue about the topic to be investigated? How do students come up with questions, concerns, issues, hypotheses, or problem-solving suggestions that guide their investigation and overall participation in the project? How do you turn the problem over to the students so they begin their action plan? How are the students grouped?

Middle/In Progress

Describe the typical activities students and teachers are doing. Describe the roles students and teacher play during the project. Describe how the teacher is coaching, troubleshooting, and providing feedback. What tools, materials and resources are students using? How is technology being used? What twists or new challenges are introduced to maintain the focus on your goals and continue to keep your students involved? What intermediate products are being worked on and how are the students being assessed?


What is happening at the end/culmination of the project? What are the students producing to reflect their learning? What aspects of the projects are brought to closure? What aspects are ongoing? How are the students being assessed? How are the products shared with the class, local community, or the Internet community?