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Note on using this template: We encourage you to be creative with your Web pages for students. They do not need to look just like this template. Organize them as you like and add colors, graphics, backgrounds, tables, etcetera that are inviting to your students and relevant to the project. See the "student page" links on the "LInC Project Examples" page for examples of many different kinds of Web pages for students. The only things they have in common are:

It is considered good design to organize pages with some structure so students can find what they need and to include ample whitespace such as indenting blocks of text so the pages do not seem too dense. Have fun with your pages as you try out your design ideas!

Your Heading Here

Your materials for students to view go here.
You may wish to design a page with the look you want and then use that page as a template for other Web pages you create for your students.

Another Heading

Your Web pages for students need to provide enough information, guidance, and resources so that a student who is not in your class could do the project by using these Web pages. Your Web pages should also be sufficient for a teacher who is not in your building to be able to use this project with his or her students. Web pages for students should be directed at student readers of the selected grade level (as opposed to being directed at a teacher reader). Take care to use good Web design principles when designing your pages.

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