Winter 2001 LInC Next Steps

The next phase of LInC is a little different than what you have done so far. So we would like to give you a picture of what it will be like.


First, your proposal needs to be approved by your facilitator. You will know your proposal is approved when you receive an e-mail from your facilitator saying "proposal approved".


The main assignment each week will be to upload a draft of one of your project components. You can upload it as a web page or in plain text to start out. (Do not use Word). Use the resources on the assignment page to get information on each component as you need it. Please E-mail your facilitator each week to tell him/her when your project-team has uploaded a component and which one you chose. There will be other minor assignments such as readings as needed and reflections. You will also be creating a staff development plan with your team.


Chats will consist mainly of:

  • break-out group discussions of topics you request
  • "presentations/sharings", where you share what you have completed so far with your colleagues
  • "homeroom" sessions with your facilitator to discuss info on topics that are needed by all

LInC project component rubrics

You may ask your facilitator to fill out one feedback rubric on one component of your project each week. Do not worry if an initial scoring is low. You can ask for ideas/clarification and then revise it and request that it be assessed again. For those of you taking for a grade, the later score will be counted. When you e-mail your facilitator to say which component you have submitted, also let him/her know if you would like a rubric filled out.