Journal Entry Requirements

The purpose of  the journal is to provide a place where students will be able keep an accurate  record of their findings and activities in relation to the rainforest project.  This journal is to be used as a reference.  Therefore, all entries must be specific and detailed to help you along with your project.


-Write date and time on all a journal entries.

-Write exact location of the activity.

- Tell the purpose of the activity.

-Tell what you want or hope to get out of the activity.

-Give a detailed description of  the activity and its outcome.

-Tell whether or not the outcome was what you expected.

-Tell your feelings on the activity. Did you enjoy it?

-Tell how the activity was  important to your research.

Sample:   March 20, 2001 10:00 am.

Today we went to the Greensboro Aboretum to look for herbs.  We looked throughout the entire park.  We identified different herbs.  We used different types of herb books and other tools.  Before we began, I did not think we would find anything.  I am  glad that we found something.  This was a good activity, because we learned a lot of new things about the herb Echinacea.  We learned that Echinacea is used as a remedy for bronchitis, colds, coughs, fever, and sore throat.  I hope we do more activities like this. This activity was important it taught me that there are herbs in a lot more common places than I thought.


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