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Student Designed Web Page Rubric





Layout / Design

The pages are unattractive. Text is difficult to read. The backgrounds are distracting.

The pages appear "busy" or "boring". Text may be difficult to read. The backgrounds are somewhat distracting.

The pages are eye-catching and attractive. Text is easy to read. The backgrounds are subtle and appropriate.

The pages are well organized with tables. Text spacing and alignment make reading easy. The backgrounds enhance the page.


There are no photos, icons or clip art or they are inappropriate or of low quality.

Photos are blurry or fuzzy; icons and clip art do not "fit" with the topic. Too many pictures make the download time slow.

Photos, icons, and clip art are appropriate, of high quality, and download fairly quickly.

Photos, icons, and clip art are used creatively and may follow a theme.


Information is poorly written, inaccurate, or incomplete.

Information could be better written and too much information is given in each section.

Information is well written and interesting to read and is presented in short sections.

Information is creatively written and cleverly presented.

Navigation / Links

The user may become lost or links may be missing or not working.

The user may become confused when navigating between pages. Some links may not work.

Links are consistent and easy to find so that the user can easily navigate back and forth through pages.

Links are created with images and icons to enhance the text links.

Working Together

Partners argue or fight much of the time and do not share responsibilities.

Partners have trouble solving disagreements; one partner does most of work.

Partners get along well and share equally in responsibilities.

Partners show respect for one another, get along especially well and work together on all aspects of the project.

Following Classroom Guidelines

Students are often out of area without permission and cause disruptions in the lab and other classrooms.

Students occasionally leave area without permission and are louder than necessary in the lab and in other classrooms.

Students stay in their area, talk quietly to their own partner only, and cause minimum disruptions while visiting other classrooms.

Students are always on task, stay in their own area, and cause no disruptions when visiting other classrooms.


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