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Although this pattern of destruction seems to occur in remote locations, students will determine in what ways the loss of the rain forest will affect their lives. One possible question that the you might want to address is whether modern science will be able to compensate for the loss of traditional healing plants that have been used since the beginning of recorded time.  You might wish to investigate the effect of mining on water quality.  Or, you could  investigate the effects of the timber industry on the rainforest.  The choice is yours.  After you have identified an issue, you can structure a plan for gathering information.


You will be working in groups developing a website design that will effectively demonstrate the scope of your research and present observations in a logical context. You will develop strategies for interactivity, including the ability to answer questions from viewers of the web site and to add current related issues as they develop. This site will be updated by future project participants. It will serve as a resource for investigating a wide range of environmental issues.

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