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Grade Level: 2 or 3rd grade

Subject: Diversity (Social Studies)

Learner Outcomes:

outcome 1: Students will become more aware of various cultural groups within the community

outcome 2: Students will create a project that will communicate to classmates about the value of different cultures in our community.
Student Task: Students would be reading and listening to stories related to communities getting along. Guest speakers would be brought into the classroom where students could question them concerning their cultural background and what it is like to live within our community. Students would take home a questionnaire to find out more about their background and then as a class analyze the amount of diversity within their classroom. Teacher would lead them to a definition of diversity.

Teacher Role: The teacher would be finding books and short articles for the students to read or listen to them be read by the teacher. Questioning would take place that would lead the students toward a definition of diversity. Teacher would line up guest speakers and give them certain questions to address with the students. The survey would be teacher made and the calculation of the class composite would be led by the teacher.

Grouping: The students would work individually on their reading assignment and as a class on the classroom composite analysis.

Hook: Through the choice of a story or article, the teacher would build a case for the need to learn more about "diversity" and effects on society.

Student-Directed Learning: None - except in the questions they could ask the guest speaker.

Use of Technology: No technology was used in this lesson.

Assessment: The teacher would give points for classroom discussion and if they returned the survey to the class.