Are We On Solid Ground?


Seismic Risk
Weekly Group Summary
 Web Page Design
 Video Technology
PowerPoint Rubric

Seismic Risk

(Fair) 2
(Fair) 2
(Good) 3
(Excellent) 4
Map inaccurate, incomplete,  work is difficult to understand complete but not clearly labeled, difficult to understand and interpret mostly accurate, clearly labeled, easy to understand accurate, clearly labeled, complete, detailed, easy to understand/interpret
incomplete and/or inaccurate answers complete answers, partially accurate complete answers, mostly accurate detailed answers with specific examples and justification of ideas
Working in
very little interactions between members, worked alone or let partner(s) do it all some interaction between members, unequal sharing of work interactions showed cooperation among members, shared work equally interactions good; work completed in a timely manner and students were on task together
Total/Final Grade


Weekly Group Summary

(Fair) 2
(Fair) 2
(Good) 3
(Excellent) 4
Organization Extremely difficult to understand;  little sequence to information Difficult to understand; some sequence to information. Understandable; information presented in a logical sequence. Very understandable; information is presented in a logical and interesting sequence.
Subject Knowledge No grasp to information; cannot answer questions about subject. Uncomfortable with information; is able to answer only simple questions. Answers questions with ease but fails to elaborate. Answers all class questions with explanations and elaboration.
Eye Contact No eye contact. Some eye contact; reads from notes. Maintains eye contact; frequently returns to notes Maintains eye contact;  seldom returning to notes.
Elocution Incorrectly pronounces terms, mumbles; speaks too quietly for students in the back of the room to hear. Incorrectly pronounces terms;  audience has difficulty hearing. Pronounces most words correctly; voice is clear and most audience members can hear. Correct, precise pronunciation of terms;  uses a clear voice so that all audience members can hear.
Total/Final Grade


Video Technology Rubric

Poor (1)
Fair (2)
Good (3)
Excellent (4)
Earthquake Preparedness
Story Concept/Style
The video is a disconnected series of scenes with no unifying story or information. The video tells a story but the style and mood do not suit the content The video tells a connected story, but either the style or mood does not suit the content The video tells a compelling story in a style and mood which are well suited to the content.
Images The video features "talking heads" with little or no action to add interest, OR the video uses action excessively. The video includes some "talking heads" with some background and video effects. Backgrounds and video effects add interest.  Most of the scenes make the story clearer or give it more impact. Motion scenes are planned and purposeful, adding impact to the story line.  "Talking heads" scenes are used only when crucial to telling the story.
Content Sketchy coverage of topic Topic material presented with basic points covered. Topic material presented with good insights. Topic material thoroughly and creatively explored with interesting, supporting information, interviews or unique point of view.
Motion Picture
Shaky camera shots, poorly recorded audio or carelessly edited. Edited material contains no shaky footage, audio is clear, and is edited without jumps or "glitches". Good shot compositions, lighting, sound and accurate editing techniques. Shows excellent understanding of elements of medium including shot composition, sound recording, lighting and editing.
Total/Final Grade

Web Page Design Rubric

PowerPoint Rubric

Pamphlet Rubric

Poor (1)  Fair(2) Good(3) Excellent(4)
Cover Page Plain, no "attention getter", no graphics Minimal graphics and text Good layout, Cover gets noticed, Good use of graphics Text and graphics create a "attention" getter.  Someone will not put this down before reading. 
Information Lacks any useful information Contains some information, but very limited Has informative information on how to prepare for earthquakes.  Uses knowledge gained during project Has informative information on preparing for earthquakes.  Includes resources for readers to find more information on earthquakes
Layout Pamphlet is jumbled no order Pamphlet has little order and text and graphics are jumbled Pamphlet is in order, uses good use of space, is attractive Layout is done very well.  Uses text and graphics well together. Pamphlet folds so that the information is in correct order.
Grammar Has 5 or more typographical errors and grammatical errors Has 3-4 typographical errorsor grammatical errors Has 1-2 typographical errors or grammatical errors Has no typographical errors or grammatical errors

Created for the Fermilab LInC program sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office and Friends of Fermilab, and funded by United States Department of Energy, Illinois State Board of Education, North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium which is operated by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL), and the National Science Foundation.

Author(s): Starr Bright, Theresa Owens, Lu Anne Smith
School: Branchville High School, Orangeburg, SC
Created: March 21, 2001 - Updated: April 10, 2001