Genethics Begins . . . 

Your Mission:

Design a public service website that showcases a particular topic in genetic technology.  Your website will be a resource to your classmates and the public at large to inform them of the many sides and issues associated with the topic in genetic technology that you have selected. You will research your topic and design your website over the next two weeks.  Your group's website will be posted on the World Wide Web at the end of the two weeks.


Use the calendar to find out what you are doing today, tomorrow, etc., what your homework is, what is due when:


Use the rubric for the final product to find out how your website will be graded: 

Final Product Rubric

Post Day

You'll be keeping a daily journal to record your personal thoughts, questions and reflections.  Use this rubric to find out how the journal will be graded:


Journal Rubric

Below are several pages that you will want to access during the next two weeks:

News Flash Pagereturn to the news headlines

Reaching Out

  a place to start contacting researchers in the field of research that you are investigating.

Resource Page

  a list of resources where you can start your research

Technology Tutorials Page- access help with the different web editors

Citing Sources Page

  find out how to cite your internet sources and other sources

Alternative Component 

Individual student contributions to the final product. . 

Perspectives and Responsibilities

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Created: February 15, 2001 - Updated: April 18, 2001