Working within cooperative groups will be required for this project. Such times as you are required to participate in cooperative groups, you will be assigned a role within your group. Often times, groups will be made up of teams in which all participants will investigate the same topic, and other times groups will be made up of teams that will have all members sharing or working cooperatively on different topics, or different levels. Here are typical roles that you will assume as you work cooperatively.
Student Roles







Recorder(s) There may be more than one group member for this job. You will take notes on what is being said during the discussion. Make sure you synthesize your notes before turning them in.
Monitor Your role is to ensure that the overall discussion runs smoothly and in a timely fashion.

You will prompt the encourager to do his/her duty.

Encourager Your role is to ensure that all members participate actively and equally in the discussion.
Reporter Your role will be to present the group's conclusions.


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