Dear Students,

The Lemont Community Public Library wishes to extend this special invitation to all 7th grade students at Old Quarry Middle School. We wish to invite you to a special tour of our facilitites.

It has recently come to our attention that our community library needs to become a bit more 'user' friendly, especially for children. Our efforts are to make this facility a place where students of all ages will feel comfortable and want to spend more of their free time. Please come and join us in exploring new horizons for future possiblities, for both using and enjoying our facility.

It is our best hopes that together we can form a closer bond with all students in the greater Lemont community. So please come and join our staff for an extended Open House and special tour designed for you. Your teacher will contact us and set up a date for this initial collaboration session.

Thank you so much.
Lemont Community Library Staff

Lemont Public Library District
50 E. Wend
Lemont, Illinois 60439



















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