Project Guide

What do we use to make our project?


You may use PowerPoint, HyperStudio, or Kid Pix Deluxe 3 to create a presentation. You may make posters, charts, and diagrams. Your group may wish to perform a skit or a puppet show. Do you have your own ideas? Talk to your teachers about them.


Who chooses what we do for our project?


Your group will meet and decide together what you want to do. You will write a short project plan and give it to your teachers. Think about what materials you will need to make your project work.


What Information should we share in our project?


You need to share all of the important data that your group has collected through out this Nature Trail Project. Please describe the problem that you studied, the data that you collected and how you collected it. Find a way to show what area of the trail you studied. Show how you shared your findings with the experts. Share your ideas of ways to solve the problems that you found on the trail.


What should each person in our group do to make our project?


Every person in your group must help create your project. Think about ways that you can make sure that you share the work load. Every person in your group must speak when you present your project to the Unity School Board.


What else should we think about?


  • Try to make your project interesting. Humor can sometimes help!
  • Start working on this early. Don't wait until the last minute!
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help!
  • Groups that cooperate get more done and do a better job!



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