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Vallejo High Internet Use Policy

Valid signatures required for permission to use the Internet. Permission is effective for the duration of the student's enrollment at Vallejo High School.

By signing this consent and waiver, I ___________________________ (print student name) and my parent(s) or guardian(s) agree to abide by its terms and conditions. We realize that network access is provided to students to further educational goals and objectives, and agree that student use shall be legal, efficient, and consistent with school purposes and with general standards of decency. In addition, students are expected to show consideration and respect for other users communicating on-line, as well as respect for equipment and school property.


We acknowledge there is some material accessible via the Internet that may be offensive, defamatory, graphic, inaccurate, illegal, or otherwise objectionable materials a student may encounter. While the school will strongly attempt to maintain the integrity of network use, it is not ultimately responsible for restricting, monitoring, or controlling the communications of individuals utilizing the network. By our signatures, we agree that it is the student who holds sole responsibility for his or her conduct on-line, for any materials accessed through the Internet, and for any costs incurred as a result of network use.

The school holds the following activities as just cause for taking disciplinary action, revoking network privileges and/or making referral to legal authorities:

School disciplinary measures are as outlined in the student handbook and based on circumstances, may include any of all the following: parent conference, revoking of network use privileges, detention, in-school suspension, Saturday school,removal from class with a failing grade, suspension, expulsion.

Please read carefully the attached explanation of the policy. Call Vallejo High School at 556-8700 if you have any questions.

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Author(s): David Tillay (vhsdtillay@hotmail.com) Linda Nelson (vhsivaloo@hotmail.com) Scott Hopgood (scotthopgood@hotmail.com)
School: Vallejo High School, Vallejo, Ca.
Created: February 15, 2001 - Updated: December 28, 2002
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