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Survivor Student Assignment Timeline

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Project Timeline: 10 Weeks

A pilot interdisciplinary unit in English II, Modern World History, and Science II will explore student decision-making during this ten week unit. The same thirty-two students will be involved in the three classes.

Introduction (Two weeks):

  • English: Reading of the core novel "Tangerine". Exploration of transitions and how individual students deal with them.
  • Modern World History: Based on students level of interested show a disaster film like Deep Space, Asteroid, Tornado, etc. Introduce past cataclysms that have changed societies. Students contact survivors of current cataclysms through use of the Internet.
  • Science: URL bibliography constructed about any type of global disaster. Review of the Solar System and conditions necessary for life. Examine extinction theories and continental drift.

Body (Six Weeks)

  • English: Read and interpret core novel "Tangerine" with selected parts students break into triads for evaluation and interpretation sessions. Students will do daily on-line journal writing. Students will begin storyboards of PowerPoint Presentations and possible simulation game scenarios.
  • Modern World History: Student make presentations on past cataclysms that have changed society. Students establish contact with people throughout the world who have survived cataclysms. Students write speculative history in their on-line journals. Weekly current catastrophic events will be publicized and analyzed with regards to survival actions taken or preventative measures that could have been taken.
  • Science: Students learn survival techniques in CPR and First Aid classes. Students conduct habitat research. Students form into similar interest groups and determine what they would do when presented with unfamiliar circumstances. They will make presentations to the class using a technology component.

Conclusion (Two Weeks)

Cooperative production of a diorama, multimedia project, or simulation game in all three classes. Multiple class periods will be spent in the campus "sign-up" computer lab. Students will finalize their on-line journal. A final assessment will engage students in a new disaster situation to determine how much they have learned from their previous survival knowledge.


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Author(s): David Tillay (vhsdtillay@hotmail.com), Scott Hopgood (scotthopgood@hotmail.com), and Linda Nelson (vhsivaloo@hotmail.com)
School: Vallejo High School, Vallejo, Ca.
Created: February 15, 2001 - Updated: December 28, 2002
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