Assessing Your Work as an Online Meteorologist

Instructions:  Print this page and use the rubric to self-assess your work as an Online Meteorologist. Keep your assessment in your science notebook.

Your Name: ______________________________

Your Weather Team Name:  ________________________

Your Partners: _____________,    ________________,   _________________

Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations
Does Not Meet Expectations
Points Earned
Can identify and access sources of online weather information Can identify and access 3 or more online weather sources  Can identify and access 1-2 online weather sources  Cannot identify online sources  
Can use online weather sources to obtain weather data  Able to use 3 or more online weather sources to obtain weather data Able to use 1-2 online weather sources to obtain weather data Unable to use online sources to obtain weather data   
Maintains an accurate record of online weather data Complete and accurate record of data Most entries clear and accurate Inaccurate or missing entries  
Displays weather data in graphs or charts Accurate and clear graphs and charts included Some graphs and charts included with a few errors No graphs or charts included  
Uses weather data to make logical predictions Logical predictions made from data Some predictions made No predictions attempted
Uses technology to find information from experts and other classes  Information from experts and/or other classes used in making predictions Contacts with experts and/or classes made No contact with experts or other classes attempted


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