Assessing Your Work on the Production Team

Instructions:  Print this page and use the rubric to self-assess your work on the Production Team. Keep your assessment in your science notebook.

Your Name: ______________________________

Your Weather Team Name:  ________________________

Your Partners: _______________,    _______________,   ______________

Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations
Does Not Meet Expectations
Points Earned
Content of Program Accurate and well-organized Fairly well-organized with few inaccuracies Numerous inaccuracies and not well-organized  
Scope of Program Contains all weather data and predictions and well as safety tips Contains most weather data and predictions Does not contain all pertinent weather data and predictions  
Use of Technology Video and computer technology used Video technology appropriately used Technology not used or poorly used  
Group Participation Full and equal group effort Adequate group effort Unequal group effort  
Delivery Well-prepared, clearly developed and well presented Preparation and presentation were adequate Unprepared,  presentation unclear


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