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Grade Level:  4

Subject:  Science

Learner Outcomes:

Student Task: Students read from their text books about weather elements.  Students shared in whole group discussions weather experiences they had had.  Students would watch nightly television weather forecast and take notes on statistics given (precipitation, temperature, pressure, humidity).  They would make a data table and compare actual data given to forecast data.  After a week graphs were made displaying the data.  Students watched several weather videos from the Weather Channel's Classroom Connect and learned how to read several different weather instruments.  Students did research and wrote a report on one type of severe weather.

Teacher Role: The teacher lectured, made homework and research assignments, and lead discussions.  The teacher used weather maps from the newspaper on transparencies to show the movement of weather systems across the US.  The teacher also video taped local television weather broadcasts to show and discuss with students.

Grouping: Students worked in teams to complete the data tables and graphs.  The responsibilities in teams were determined by the team and these rotated each day as students worked on the assignment.  They worked as individuals to collect data for the tables and to do research.

Hook: None

Student-Directed Learning:  Students chose what type of severe weather they wanted to research.

Use of Technology: Videos and television were used but the Internet was not used.

Assessment: Students were tested and graded on their research report, data tables, graphs, and instrument reading.

Author(s): Emmie Thirlwell (ect81@orangeburg5.k12.sc.us)
School: Orangeburg District 5, Orangeburg, SC
Created: March 3, 2001 - Updated: March 3, 2001
URL: http://www-ed.fnal.gov/lincon/w01/projects/weather/et_pre.html