100% Recyclable


Please answer the following questions and send your responses to

Old Quarry Middle School at


NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL:_______________________________________________________



BUILDING GRADE LEVELS:_______________________________________________________

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Please answer the following questions, and respond ASAP.


Does your school have a school wide recycling program?

Does your school currently collect paper, cans, glass, etc. to be recycled?

How are these products recycled?

List any other waste products that are generated within your school building.

Is there a plan to recycle these products?

Are there any plans to reduce and/or recycle the amount of waste generated in your school?

Do you feel that your school can do more toward the recycling effort?

What would your school do if there were no landfills to send waste products?


Thank you for your contribution to our project.

Old Quarry Middle 7th Grade Students

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Author(s): Mary A. Warren
School:  Lemont-Bromberek S.D. 113, Lemont, IL  60439
Created: May 14, 1998- Updated: May 15, 1998
URL: http://www-ed.fnal.gov/lincon/w98/projects/mwarren/survey.html