Project Task Outline

Vital Signs: The Good Health Network

Task: Your challenge is to design a presentation for the annual health fair using a variety of tools and resources. Your final presentation should be a product that will demonstrate the knowledge you have gained through Vital Signs experiments, independent studies of the human body and research you have completed using the available web resource guide.

Team Members:________________________________________

Team Topic for Presentation:_______________________________





The following information will be due at each checkpoint.

A. Outline of information gathered thus far....

B. Questions that remain to be answered....

C. Generate a list of ideas for action using the Helping Trios, Fast Write or Carousel format techniques.

D. Provide a list of resources you will use to find the answers to your questions. Also provide a list of who is responsible for what task and the date it is due.

E. How will your team share the information in presentation form? What technologies will you need for your presentation? Do you have any specific hardware or software needs? Will you be using any visuals or handing out any materials?

F. Do you have any questions for or need any assistance from your instructor?

G. Finally, what will make your presentation memorable to your audience?