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Vital Signs

Designed by
Denise Waalen

Christine Voigtlander




Possible Pts

Points Earned
 1. Participation in Stimulus/Response Lab #1    


2. Participation in Stimulus/Response Lab #2



 3. Participation in "You Gotta Have a Heart" Lab #3 Investigating differences in rate of heart beats.    

 4. Participation in Lab #4, "Lung Capacity"    

 5. Charting results and transferring data to appropriate spreadsheets.    

 6. Completion of The Human Body Interactive Web site:        
 Skeletal System

 Cardiovascular System

 Respiratory System

 7. Group Dynamics    

 Supports teacher evaluation of how well students work in group. Stresses cooperation and collaboration
 8. Tool Use      15  
 Supports teacher evaluation of student facility with computer software in the course of completing research.
 9. Group Work Habits    

 Ruberic supports teacher evaluation of how effective students group is.
 10. Interview of mentors from University of Minnesota, etc.    

 11. Interview of mentors from Medical Graphics, Inc.    

 12. Student Evaluation of Vital Signs    

 13. Student summary of data collected for Vital Signs    

 Total Points Possible = 115

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Created for the Fermilab LInC program sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office, Friends of Fermilab, United States Department of Energy, Illinois State Board of Education, and North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium (NCRTEC) which is operated by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL).


Author(s): Denise Waalen and Christine L. Voigtlander
School: Wildwood Elementary School, 535 N. Warner Rd. Mahtomedi, MN 55115
Created: April 15, 1998 - Updated: Not yet, Maybe never...
URL: /lincon/w98/projects/yourfolder/rubric.html