Congratulations on your success in getting business venture capital.

Where to start? All beginnings start with researching for valuable resources that can help clarify and define your group's goals and the problems you'll need to considerate to assist in the team's success.


Defining each member's strengths and how your teams cooperatively work together, as in any company, will be the determining factor in the success of the business. You'll need to consider and research those qualities that make working together an effective and productive process.

Now that you have successfully received start-up funding, the problems in starting and running a graphic business begin. Your must have an understanding of how to creatively solve problems, first, by defining your vision as a business and then how to organize your information, records and actions.
Creative Problem Solving


Investigation on how to start a business, write a business plan and create a project flow sheet will require a fair amount of research and planning. Locating mentors and counselors, learning how to find information on Internet, and at the library, as well as other sources, will all be valuable assets to your team.
Starting a Business


Your choice of how you approach creating images and animations will determine your niche in the commercial graphic world. Your team needs to solve many problems such as the following: building a knowledge base in 2d and 3d graphics; knowing approaches/techniques to creating graphic; understanding the principles and process for creating images and animation; as well as defining the stages of production in running a graphic art company.Creating Graphics/Animation

Locating a place of business and promoting your company should be thought out carefully. Internet is your window to the world. But that is not all to determining the business location. Your company's name will also affect its locations on the web, and the ease for potential clients to locate you. The graphics and how you organize your home page will be your first opportunity to entice costumers to consider your company for business.Operating on the Web

Professional and clear communication is an essential component to all businesses, especially, in the commercial art field where communication is its business. It is extremely important that you understand the clients' needs and that you clearly define your business relationship with them. Many hours of work have been lost in misunderstanding what the customers wants or because of differing interpretations in the amount of work to be done. So research sound communication practices and edit, edit, edit.Communication

Understanding the client's technology is critical to your success. Clients will always lean toward doing business with a company that has a fundamental understanding of their needs. So do your homework before submitting a proposal. Research your potential customer's technology and their niche within the field. Learn the terms and the hot issues that stand out in the business. Research the company itself and its financial strength. If the job is important to them, then understanding their technology is important to you.Understanding Clients Technology

As a member of your business, finding your individual strengths and keeping current in your technology is an ongoing life process. Professionals are always in search of opportunities to improve and demonstrate their skills in this highly competitive business world. It is important to find workshops to gain new information or to present yourself as a leader in the field.Explorer Rooms

Your goal is to be successful as a graphic arts company and to be able to present your success to future clients.


Good luck.