Where to start ...Research/Resource Using at least three different sources (e.g. Internet, local library etc.) your are expected to find and list in your digital portfolio three resources from each (for a total of nine resources). Examples are listed below and will not be counted in your nine but should definitely be used a resources.

Your computer graphics class will be divided into 3 collaborative teams (companies) with approximately 7-9 team members. You will then identify each persons interest and/or strengths such as Photoshop expert, text or image editor, researcher etc. You will have opportunities to interact in other groupings according to your specialty in your team.The team is responsible for defining learning needs, setting your goals and developing a project flow sheet to manage their time.Teamwork, cooperation, conflict resolution, and organizational behavior are learned firsthand through this experience. Research the components that make for a successful team. You may use key words in your search like cooperative, teamwork, collaboration etc. Find nine resources from three different information mediums.
Developing Effective Team Dynamics

5 Ways To Be A More Effective Team Member
Cooperative learning by Johnson and Johnson -Book

Creative Problem Solving
Accepting and defining your problem(s), brainstorming solutions, elaborating / expanding your choices are beginning steps to solve your problems. Below are a few examples of resources in creative problem solving. Find nine more resources and then determine how your team will proceed in creative problem solving.

Three Principles Behind All Tools
Book - Universal Traveler by Don Koberg and Jim Bagnall

The Portfolio is a vehicle in which your can record, tract and evaluate your goals and successes. This is also a medium used to show potential clients what your company can do. It is an important vehicle used in grading so take care to record all happenings in your digital portfolio.
Portfolios: Student, Teacher, & Electronic

|Art Portfolio Handout by Mr. Gray -Handout

Starting a Business
There are many steps to starting a business, such as creative problem solving and research, but the business plan record keeping and the project flow sheet are important components to lay a good foundation for success. Your first task is to list all the areas and categories where you can find resources for starting and running a business. Below you'll find a few web page resources. Do not stop with these ...remember that you need to find 9 resource from, at least, three different sources and include them in your portfolio.
SBA Steps for Starting a Small Business
I got accepted to start a business but can't figure one out...

Creating Graphics/Animation
is where the fun begins. You'll need to research the hardware and software needs for a digital studio to create custom graphic images, banners and logos, 3d animations and animated Gifs & JPEGs, custom backgrounds, advertising, catalog layout and interactive sites for potential customers.

For example, you will be expected to use Photoshop, Fractal Painter and Imagine -3d Animation software along with scanners, digital cameras and the computer. You'll also need to research traditional approaches to animation and image creation making note of their principles, elements and compositional requirements. Again your results will be included in your portfolio.




Home page redesign. Graphic design and layout.

Graphic Animation

Animation graphic library

KODAK: Education - Visual Composition

Camcorder video production techniques, cameras and composition, visual language of video, audio for video, video editing principles, video and the law, titling tips

AltaVista: Simple Query visual composition

Software Library - Future Splash Animation

Three Principles Behind All Tools

Operating on the Web
Is the new wave of commercialism with more and more companies creating homepages to do business on the web. Your goal is to understand the process of creating a homepage with images and animations by using PageMill, Java Applets, Photoshop and other supportive software. Because this is an Internet medium you'll find research on the web a great resource. Your end product will be a web page for your company and a learning resource about creating homepages included in your portfolio.



Since you are working on the web you'll need to research the ways in which you can communicate on the web. At times, you may choose to use conventional communication vehicles such as US mail, telephone etc. but the web will be your primary tool for communications. Here you are to list and research at list 5 ways in which you can communicate with your client through Internet. Create a tutorial for your portfolio including your resources.



Explorer Rooms
List the workshops you would like to see offered and the workshops you would like to present. Note: your choices may or may not be excepted so be open and accept what ever options there will be in the final stages of this process. It is extremely important to research all of the areas in which your business is expected to operate so that you can make well educated decisions about your workshop needs. We will be attending conferences where professional, your peers and your team will be attending and presenting workshops. So it is important to know your needs.



Understanding Clients Technology
This you can't plan for in advance. You will need to understand the mechanisms and process for a quick and thorough research. It will also help if you can locate a professional in the field that knows your client's business to act as a mentor. Having a plan in place will make your teams job a lot easier and your chances for success a lot greater. Create an outline of your plan and include it in your portfolio along with the actual research on your clients line of work.

Note: if you have several potential clients that are of interested to you, you will want to have several teams ready to do the research on each clients before you prepare a proposal.