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So, do you think the water you drink is safe?

USA Today , This newspaper special report about the trouble the United States government has with checking drinking water for pollutants.

CNN , A news story about drinking water treatment plant and a possible link with cancer, that may come from the water treatment process!

Bottled Water May Not Be Better, CNN news report about bottled water purity.

The Mayo Health Clinic Ask the Dietitian, answers two questions about bottled water:

Why do some people drink bottled water?

What is the difference between one bottled water and another?











From where does water come?

Water Science, This The Franklin Institute Science Museum website tells how water is made and about the water cycle. Find out why there is no "new" water on Earth!

What are The Properties of Water, go to this Waterworks Website to find out. Waterworks is a multinational corporation that supplies compact water treatment systems worldwide.

Water Science for Schools, the United States Geological Society website loaded with information about the water on earth. Look here to learn how glaciers, rain, and the sun work together to make water.

Water Basics, Click here to learn about city water. Another Franklin Institute Science Museum website. At this on-line science museum, you'll find information many science topics, including water in the city.


What is Groundwater?

The Groundwater Foundation, gives you the answer. If you want to know what ground water and drinking water have in common this is the site to visit.

Scientific American On-Line, Ask an expert your question about drinking water and the environment. Search their list of questions and answers.



How does water get to your house or school?

The Water Treatment Path, Follow a drop of water through the treatment process at this Environmental Protection Agency website.





Want to know more about water pollution?

Inside Your House, Point and click inside the rooms of a house to see the kinds of pollutants that may be there just waiting to spoil our drinking water.

Nonpoint Source Pollution, according the the EPA, is the number one cause of drinking water pollution. Find out what nonpoint source pollution is.

Why We Need Water Quality Law, A short opinion about Michigan and Florida lakes and why they need protecting.

Dirty Air, Dirty Water, Good information about sources of pollution in the Great Lakes and more. Shows the connection between air and water pollution. Includes charts that list the pollutant and the effect on health.

Clean Water, Life Depends on it! A Canadian look at water pollution problems.

Water: Pushing the Limits of an Irreplaceable Resource, The New York, an article that expalins why it is important to think about water quality all over the world.

The U.N. Predicts War Over Fresh Water, This article is by the Environmental News Network (ENN).


Water Watch Groups

EPA: Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water,

The United States Geological Society,

The National Wildlife Federation,

Committee for the National Institute for the Environment,

The Environmental News Network,

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Author(s): Sherri L. Johnson
School: Thaddeus Kosciusko Elementary School, Detroit, MI
Created: March 1, 1999 - Updated: April 25, 1999