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 Check the card catalog in the library for Call Numbers for the titles listed and additional titles.

Brainstorm local resources to use for your project. Consider the local historical society, historians, teachers, public library, veterans, and family members. Also consider videos and CDROM titles available in the classroom, media center, and public library.

A Sample of Non-Fiction Books from our Media Center

David Miller
A Century of War- the History of Worldwide Conflict in the 20th Century
National Geographic Society
National Geographic Eyewitness to the 20th Century
Nardo, Don
The American Revolution Offers opposing viewpoints regarding the American Revolution, including pre-war disputes, patriot vs. loyalist views, wartime concerns, and debate among modern historians.
Millennium Eyewitness: a Thousand Years of History
This anthology of over 250 eyewitness accounts provides a fascinating look at great events and vanished ways of life throughout the world.
McDowell, Bart
The Revolutionary War: America's Fight for Freedom
The story of the war for independence told against a background of the life and customs of the people of the 1770's and 1780's.
Martin, Joseph Plumb
Private Yankee Doodle A narrative of some of the adventures, dangers, and sufferings of a Revolutionary soldier.
Snyder, Louis L.
The War; a Concise History 1939-1945 The entire history of World War II from the events leading up to it to the treaties that ended it.
Rosenblatt, Roger
Children of War The impact of violence and war on children in today's world.
Carr, Albert Z.
Matter of Life and Death: How Wars Get Started- Or Are Prevented General information on the causes and consequences of wars.
Allen, Thomas B.
War in the Gulf CNN's account of the war in the gulf.
Chidsey, Donald Barr
The Great Separation An account of events preceding and leading up to the Revolutionary War.
The Spirit of Seventy-six: the story of the American Revolution as Told by Participants
With the story taken from the examination of letters, diaries, journals, official records, local histories, and more, the American Revolution is told by the people who participated in it.

A Sample of Fiction Books from our Media Center

Beatty, John
Who Comes to King's Mountain A young Scottish boy, whose family is divided between Loyalist and rebel must decide for himself which side he will follow.
Bell, Kensil
Secret Mission for Valley Forge A novel about a teen-aged ensign in the Continental Army who made a daring expedition to help the starving troops quartered at Valley Forge in 1778. This story is based on fact and gives a good picture of the country around Valley Forge.
Fast, Howard
April Morning Realistic story of the losses and changes a 15-year-old boy experiences as a member of the Lexington Militia in 1775.
Forbes, Esther
Johnny Tremain Story of a young Boston Apprentice during the year of the Boston Tea Party and ends in the Battle of Lexington.
Paulsen, Gary
Soldier's Heart: a novel of the Civil War Eager to enlist, 15 year old Charley has a change of heart after experiencing the physical horrors and mental anguish of Civil War combat.
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