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At some point in the project, each participant will be required to take the role of group leader/facilitator. As the leader, you are responsible for ensuring:

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) all members of your group have an important role in the project work
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) communication occurs within the group and between physical science and building trades students (if it is a mixed group)
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) communication occurs between groups
f2_9.gif (886 bytes) vertically: i.e. lean to building design group communicates with science dept needs assessment group
f2_9.gif (886 bytes) laterally: i.e. lean to building design group communicates with the bay window and detached other design groups
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) communication occurs with instructors (Ms. Ahern, Mrs. Badger, Mr. Ross)
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) work progresses according to the established timeline
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) final product is completed by deadline


The first assignment you and your group will need to undertake is to plan how you will accomplish your task. A good technique to use is known as "backwards planning." Begin by looking at the deadline for project completion. What must be done by then? What intermediate steps will need to be completed in order to prepare those things? What can be done now?

Once you have a handle on the tasks which need to be completed, individuals or small groups of 2-3 people can be assigned to complete each task. Set intermediate deadlines. Determine how often and when you need to meet again as a large group to make decisions. Decide how you will communicate with each other between these large group meetings.

As the group leader, you are ultimately responsible for delivering the following items to the teachers at the designated points during the work on your project component.

Item Due Date
First Meeting Agenda Two Days Prior to Meeting
Timeline & Assignments Two Days After Initial Meeting
Midterm Progress Report Half way between first meeting and final deadline
Final Progress Report Two days after project due date

As you work on these pieces, you may want to refer to the leadership component rubric. The leadership component is worth 50 points of the final project grade.


Some links that may help you with "backwards planning" are:

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) University of Lincolnshire & Humberside's Student's Union Goal Setting, Planning, and Implementation Page provides a great overview of the planning process.
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Emerging Leader Top Ten Lessons Learned describes the importance and effectiveness of backwards planning.
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Weber State University Student Activities Time Management provides hints on managing time, planning effective meetings, and backwards planning.

Quality leadership is a fine art. It requires you to set an example and support and motiviate your group members. Threats, intimidation, and dictorial demands will generally not result in production of quality work. Some relevant resources you may want to review include:

f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Student Leadership Guide of the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside provides a number of useful pages including suggestions for working in groups, time management, communication, and preparing for meetings.
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Some Thoughts on Effective Leadership   Lists key characteristics of leaders and points they should keep in mind.
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Seven Habits of Highly Effective Leaders & Characteristics of Visionary Leaders Brief look at some interesting facets of leadership
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) The Functions and Characteristics of Leadership A Powerpoint presentation covering such topics as what makes people leaders, a dozen guidelines to effective leadership, and leadership approaches.
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Leadership Characteristics and Skills Survey A rubric where you can self-evaluate your leadership skills--lists 50 points that leaders should keep in mind.
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Leadership by the South Carolina 4-H club. Easy to read overview of leadership skills
f2_3.gif (980 bytes) Big Dogs Leadership Page--Links   A comprehensive list of resources including some of those listed above.

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Authors: Ina Ahern, Mardean Badger, and Doug Ross
School: Plymouth Regional High School, Plymouth, NH
Created: March 21,1999 - Updated: May 03, 1999