This page has two sets of "research" on the State of Michigan:
the first is from Highmeadow Common Campus
the second is from Forest Elementary School

Michigan - Our State!

The following research was done by 4th grade students in Mrs. Mills' class at Highmeadow Common Campus. We hope it teaches you a lot about our Great State! 

 Our State

 Sports and Fun

 Niagara Falls is a famous tourist location in Michigan. It has a boat ride that takes you around the falls.  Michigan Mountains is a mountain climbing amusement park. Go there if you are a hiker.  You should travel to the city of Frankenmuth. The stores only sell things about Frankenstein.
 Mackinac Island has 3 stone forts. There are no vehicles allowed on the island. Henry Mackinac founded Mackinac Island.  Michigan's Great Adventure theme park has rides for everyone. There is a special roller coaster for teens called the Mamba.  Novi is the home of the 12 Oaks Mall. It has 12 stores that only sell items made from oak trees!
 Our State birds are the robin and the cardinal.  Cedar Point is another famous Michigan amusement park. It's known for roller coasters.  Great Lakes Crossing is a huge mall. Did you know it is built on a huge bridge over one of the Great Lakes?
 The State flower is the apple blossom.  The Red Wings have won 2 straight Stanley Cups. Their mascot is a German Shepard named Stanley!  No, really, Great Lakes Crossing is the world's only floating mall.
 In 1932 a UFO crashed in Novi, Michigan. It is now a historical landmark.  Greenfield Village is a huge place. It has its own baseball team! It is a village of the future.  The truth is that the Great Lakes Crossing is not just a mall; it's a ship that crosses Lake Michigan!
 Michigan was settled 8000 years ago by a group called the 'Old Copper People". They got their name because they were the first to find copper.  The Green Bay Packers are a famous Michigan football team.  If you are a mall rat, come to the State with the largest mall in the USA!
 Michigan's largest mountain is Mt. Sue Helen.  The Red Wings play hockey in the Joe Louis Arena, named for the captain of the team.  You will get wet in the Rain Forest Cafe. You walk through rain when you come in.
Come see Michigan's amazing redwood trees. Some grow over 300 feet tall!  The Red Wings got their name from the state bird, the robin.  The world headquarters of A & W restaurants is in Farmington, Michigan!
 The Lower Peninsula is shaped like a mitten. When tourists enter, they get free gloves for our chilly weather.   The Detroit Lions football team are named for the fierce lions that roam Michigan. They play in the Silverdome which is made out of pure silver!  Many people come to Michigan to buy cars. Since they are all made here, they are cheap!

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The following was done by the students in Mrs. Smith's
class at Forest Elementary School:


We have compiled some Michigan "Did You Know?'s" for you. (Some facts are true..some are made up)


*Michigan has the longest freshwater shoreline in the world.

*We have over 100 lighthouses.

*Four flags have flown over Michigan - French, English, Spanish and United States.

*The University of Michigan is the oldest state university in the U.S.

*The Mackinaw Bridge is over 8 miles long.(**)

* Michigan is the automotive capital of the world.

* Many famous people such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Ty Cobb and Gordie Howe were born in Michigan.

* The Upper Peninsula was going to be named "Superior", which would be the 51st state.

* Cereal was first introduced in Battle Creek, Michigan, by Dr. Harvey Kellog.

* In 1930, Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company. (**)

* The world's largest dog, named Joshua, lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and weighs 310 pounds.

* The Upper Peninsula is the largest commercial deposit of gold in the world. (**)

* Most of the jobs in Michigan are held by manufacturing positions.

* The largest snowfall ever in Michigan was 49 inches deep. (**)

* Some of Michigan's most important historical sites are under water.

* Some of Michigan's endangered species are the Peregrine falcon, the American chestnut, the Timber wolf, and the whitetail deer. (**)

* The only wooden shoe factories in the United States are in Upper Peninsula. (**)

* Michigan is home to about 9 million people.

* If you stand anywhere in Michigan, you are within 85 miles of one of the Great Lakes.

* Michigan has 63 counties. (**)

* Michigan has over 56,000 square miles of land area.

**denotes statements that are FALSE!

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