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We conduct many technology-related staff development classes for our staff. Some are contained within our "Coupon Book", a combined listing of all training classes held during the school year. Other workshops happen during our annual summer technology inservice weeks in June and August.

One workshop we run is entitled "The Internet and Curriculum". It is a sequel to the introductory internet class. The intent is that staff come together to try out web sites they can use in their classrooms. We've always given them listings of sites that we think are promising, and then they work independently - or with a colleague with similar interests - to check them out and decide what might work for them. The participants' evaluation of the workshop is always quite positive, but we never know how - or if - the information is used. Also, the attendance at "Internet and Curriculum" is much less than that in the introductory class. We have always been concerned that we're not reaching enough people

There is a disconnnect between the need that we see, and that teachers proclaim, and the attendance in the "Internet and Curriculum" class.

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Author(s): Rosemarie Simon (rosemarie.simon@farmington.k12.mi.us); Richard Strausz (richard.strausz@farmington.k12.mi.us)
School: Farmington Public Schools; Farmington, MI
Created: March 1, 1999 - Updated: April 25, 1999
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