Department of Public Works Representative

As a member of the public works department you must insure the audience that the water that leaves the processing plant meets the standards for drinking. In order to do that you must be able to do the following:

What is the direct source of the water that is treated for drinking water?

Describe the process, in steps, that water goes through before it is released into the city water supply. Supply a visual aide to help the audience understand.

What tests does the department of public works do on the water after it is treated and before it is released. Are there tests run to determine the concentration of lead that is in the water before it is released?

At what point does the pipe line from the plant end and city plubing start? What material is it made from and how is it joined from pipe to pipe?

What areas are supplied from your water source?

Is there monitoring of the water that occurs at various stations after it has left the treatment plant?

What information/evidence can you provide to convince the audience that your department is free from any responsibility when it comes to the concentration of lead in the drinking water of customers?

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